*826#: How to Use Union Bank USSD Code

*826# union bank ussd

The Union Bank transfer code is available to Union Bank users. This helps them to work without stress. In today’s post, I will review to you how to use the code for Union bank transfers.

You can use the union USSD code to transfer money from your bank account to other union bank accounts. Or send money to other bank accounts in Nigeria.

This avoids the stress of using ATMs or filling out bank receipts to transfer money, with just a few codes that you can fix.

You can request to use Union Bank USSD codes to purchase airtime (recharge your phone at any time of the day), send money, pay NEPA bills, subscribe to DSTV, time start, etc.

No data connection or Internet connection is required for this service to work. It is available to subscribers of all telecommunications networks, e.g., Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, etc.

Features of the Union bank transfer code

Here’s what you can do with the Union Bank mobile banking USSD code.

  • Stay smart and straightforward; pay the bills.
  • Send money to other bank accounts and other bank accounts.
  • Buy this gift for a birthday or anniversary that you almost forgot.
  • Generate a payment code and PIN code for the cardless withdrawal transaction.
  • Buy Airtime for Self and others on all major networks.
  • Control your nascent empire; check your account number, balance, and BVN on the go.

How to Sign Up for Union Bank Mobile Banking

*826# union bank ussd

To connect to Union Bank mobile banking and start taking advantage of the Union Bank shortcode.

  • Registration for *826# is free !!
  • Just dial *826# to register.
  • Registration is only done when you dial the numbers for the first time. This must be done with the telephone number used to open a Union bank account.
  • You can now proceed using the USSD code to get the task done.

How to create a Union bank transfer PIN code

This pin will be used to authorize each transaction you make. The pin will help you protect your mobile banking, make sure you are safe from others.

  • To create a four-digit transaction PIN (personal identification number) dial *826*5#.

How to use Union Bank transfer code (send money to other accounts)

Do you want to send money to other bank users? You can transfer money to other accounts using the Union Bank USSD code.

How to transfer money to Union bank accounts

  • To transfer or deposit funds in a Union bank account, dial *826*1*amount*account number# example: *826*1*2000*1234512345#, you will need a PIN code to make this transaction.
  • Or dial *826# select 1 and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.
  • Be sure to enter the user information correctly. An error can lead to an error in the transaction or the sending of money to the wrong recipient.

Union bank transfer code to another bank

If you wish to send money to other account holders, perhaps the first bank users, or GTbank, follow the instructions below.

  • Simply dial *826*2*amount*account number# example: *826*2*2000*1234512345#
  • Or dial *826# and select a transfer to other banks. Then follow the on-screen procedures to complete the transaction.

Union bank transfer fees

It is money or a feeling that is deducted from your account when executing transactions. This includes sending money from one account to another.

  • The cost of transferring funds to other banks is N10.75 and N52.50 per transaction, depending on the amount transferable.
  • It is free for other Union bank accounts.

How to check your bank account balance

You can check the balance of your Union bank account by simply dialing the code.

  • To take advantage of this service, send an SMS Bal to 20123; the service is billed. Your account balance will be sent as a message.

How to Buy Airtime via Union Bank

Are you wondering about the Union Bank Airtime Transfer Code? A shortcode that allows you to buy airtime from your Union bank account anytime, anywhere.

You never run out of time to talk to the code.

Restriction on the transfer of airtime from Union Bank

The maximum period that you can buy in one day from your Union bank account is 20,000 (available for supermarkets and third parties).

Once it reaches this limit, you will no longer be able to broadcast time for your account that day. Then you have to wait until the next day.

Self Top up Or Recharge

This method is used when you want to top up the phone number that you used to open your Union bank account.

  • Just dial *826*quantity# with the phone number.

How to Buy Airtime for Third-party Phone Number via Union Bank

You can request the use of this method for the Union Bank top-up code for third parties. The recharge phone number is not necessarily registered with Union Bank.

This must be done with your registered phone number.

  • Dial *826*mobile recipient*quantity#
  • You can take advantage of the service by the long method, dial *826#, and select the desired option.


I hope you can now use the codes to transfer banks to the Union? Banking is simple and fun. This service has been available for many years, and I assure you that it is 100% safe and secure. To be on the right, guide the portable needle.

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