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Paula Hitler: a Look at the Life of Adolf Hitler’s Sister

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Paula Hitler was the sister of Nazi Adolf Hitler. She was kept in the background as her brother became one of the worst men in the world.

Due to the name people have begun to show an interest in Paula Hitler and the rest of the family.

Early Life

Paula Hitler was born on January 21, 1896, in the farm country in Austria. Paula was the last of five children born to this family. Only herself and Adolf would reach adulthood. Two of the Hitler children died from diphtheria during this childhood.

One of the children died shortly after being born. Paula’s father died when she was 6 years old. Paula remembered that her father had a short temper. Most of his discipline and anger were aimed at Adolf.

Her mother did her best to care for Paula and Adolf. Her mother passed away when she was 11 years old. There was a large age difference between Paula and Adolf.

While they loved each other, Adolf did not consider Paula to be a friend of a playmate. The Austrian government gave old brother Adolf a small pension for the passing of their mother.

The money was only a small amount and he signed his share of it over to his little sister Paula. Paula moved to Vienna and worked as a housekeeper. She worked in the dorms of Jewish students.

When Adolf would come to visit Paula, he would describe the dorms as something straight from Heaven. Paula moved up and worked as a secretary into the 1930s.

At this time when Adolf was coming into power, Paula lost her job once it was discovered that she was his sister.

She had to get financial support from Adolf. During this time, she changed her name from Paula Hitler to Paula Wolff so no one would know who she really was.

From 1930 to 1940 Paula stated that she would only see her brother once a year. She was able to find work as a secretary in a military-operated hospital.

During the War

There is evidence that Paula Hitler was a supporter of German Nationalism but there was no evidence found to show she was an active member of the Nazi Party. After the war, she was debriefed by US Intelligence Officers.

She told them she was trying to learn English and her home was taken over by the American officers. According to intelligence officers that interview Paula, she reminded them a lot of her brother.

They look very similar and had similar mannerisms. There is still no evidence that Paula participated in any of the Holocaust and she has stated that she could not believe her brother was capable of those acts on record several times.

That was all she would say about politics and her brother. There is no record that she received any special privileges due to the position that Adolf held.

Paula said she did not believe that her brother committed such horrible acts. During the interview, she told the officers that Adolf was deeply affected and saddened by the death of their mother.

She was released by the officers and allowed to return to Vienna. She then moved to Berchtesgaden and lived among former SS and other Nazi members.

In every interview, she did not was to answer questions that criticized Adolf and tried to avoid all related questions.

In 1959 Paula agreed to be interview by a producer at a UK-based new program. At this time, she did not answer any political questions but was willing to talk about their childhood.

This was the only on-air interview that Paula Hitler did.

Death and Remembrance of Paula Hitler

Paula Hitler died on June 1st in 1960. She was 64 years old. Paula was the last surviving member of Adolf’s immediate family.

She was buried in Bergfriedhof. She was buried with her last name of Hitler. In 2005, her grave marker was removed and replaced with another burial. This is not uncommon in German after several decades have passed.

In 2006 her marker was added in this spot. Paula never married and she did not have any children. For the most part, she lived alone.

She only left her home when she had to go to work. She did not get close to many people and did not want others to know who she really was.

While Adolf Hitler did unspeakable things to the world, Paula still has stated that he was still her brother and she had a love for him. She did not believe he was as horrible as the world said he was.

Paula may have lived under the name Wolff, but she will always be remembered as the last surviving Hitler.

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