Simple Rules on How to Win a Lady Over

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Women can be very difficult when they want to but at the same time very easy to win over by a man.

There are a few simple rules that a guy must follow to win most women over.

These rules are not for those stalking a lady or increasingly bothering her. If she says no to you initially, you may want to let go.

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Below are a few rules including Do and Don’t;

  • Do not compliment her on her legs instead, compliment her personality.
  • Show her that you’re a gentleman by just shaking her hands after introducing yourself to her.
  • Do not touch her in invasive spot instead touch her in a non-invasive spot like her shoulder. If she’s receptive, then you can touch her more.
  • You can offer her a seat if she’s standing in a crowded bus. They may say chivalry is dead but not to every lady.
  • You can ask her questions about herself but not boring ones.
  • Be confident when speaking to her and stare into her eyes during a conversation but let her catch you checking her out later on.
  • Feel free to tell her funny stories or jokes that are true not made up.
  • Do not talk about other girls while in a conversation with her and do not look at other girls either.
  • You can ask her about the types of movies she likes and her favourite TV series.
  • Complement her whenever she says something negative about herself.
  • Allow her to borrow your jacket if she’s cold.
  • If you hooked up through a dating app, mention something about her bio, not her picture.
  • Like her selfies.
  • Do not immediately make the conversation sexual it could seem annoying to her, if possible, let her initiate it.
  • Do not make her guess what you want but rather tell her often how much you like/love her.
  • If you have muscles, wear clothes that show them off sometimes.
  • When she hugs you do not let go too quickly.
  • If you invite her over, make sure your apartment is tidy so that she’ll know you’re a responsible adult.
  • Do not forget to let her know that you’re smart by starting conversations on topics you’re knowledgeable about.
  • It’s okay to let her see you’re jealous when another guy looks at her but don’t let her see you get pissed. It’s a huge turn-off.
  • When she sits on a bench or couch, do not sit at the other extreme but rather sit next to her.
  • When you have food with you remember to offer her some.
  • You can tease her playfully in a way that let her know you’re not mean to her.
  • If you have pets could be a dog or a cat, introduce her to your pets.
  • You can give her a cute nickname or play name something personalized not ”baby”
  • Never forget pointless little things about her like her best friend’s name, her favourite snack etc
  • When you’re caught staring, smile at her so she doesn’t get creeped out.
  • Ask her to dance.
  • Introduce her to your friends and parents.
  • When you ask her out, invite her to a dinner where you can actually have a conversation.
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