StarTimes Customer Service Contact and Simple Error Fixes

StarTimes Customer Service

StarTimes has fast become one of Nigeria’s most used cable or digital Pay Tv. Despite its vast customer reach, the company has stuck with only four different subscription-based bouquet or viewing plans, which remain one of the most affordable in the country.

Just like other electronic devices or pay-TV company’s, it is understandable that StarTimes users may have issues with viewing or subscription, and it’ll require the help of StarTime customer service.

This article will equip you with all the possible ways to get through to StarTimes customer care for easy resolution of complaints.

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Here, you’ll find their phone numbers, website, Facebook & Twitter accounts, as well as contact office addresses.

Startimes customer service

1.) Startimes customer service Contact Phone Number: (014618888, 094618888). Kindly note that while you can reach StarTimes assistance center via any of the numbers provided here, you will be charged at regular call rates by your network provider. In order words, the above numbers are not toll-free numbers.

2.) StarTimes Official Email Address: If you prefer to send emails, you can reach StarTimes via the email address However, for faster response, this may not be the best way to get your complaints across to StarTimes in Nigeria. The problem with sending emails is that it takes them hours and sometimes days to send you a reply. However, if you don’t want to spend on calls, you can use mails.

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3.) Startimes Social Accounts: This has to be the fastest way to contact Startimes in Nigeria. They ensure to reply to all social media complaints in minutes and also resolve them swiftly. You can ask the account handlers anything about their available products and services, as well as lay complaints.

4.) Startimes Nigeria Website: (

5.) Startimes Contact Address: If you also feel the need to visit their Nigerian head office, you can do so at the StarTimes office. Visit AFRIBANK House, Fatai Atere Way, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

In case you have any of the common challenges that are associated with subscription or signal, you may find the solutions below helpful.

No Channel Received

Make sure your Startimes Indoor / external antenna is correctly connected. You may also want to change the position of your indoor antenna or look for a higher platform to increase the height of your outdoor antenna.

If the problem continues, then you can call any of the provided hotline phone numbers, and a customer service agent will be assigned to your issue for further assistance.

No Signal

Ensure that your indoor antenna is fixed correctly and placed. Try to adjust the antenna around your TV SET till you find a strong signal. If the problem persists, you will have to get an outdoor TV antenna ( preferably Yagi Antenna).

If you are already using an outdoor Antenna(the suggested yagi Antena), and still do not have a Signal, visit any of the StarTimes business outlets or dial any of the hotline numbers. You’ll have a service agent assigned to you for assistance.

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No Service

Kindly follow the steps below;

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  1. Adjust your StarTimes Antenna until you get signal.
  2. Carryout an AUTOMATIC SEARCH with these steps
    Click on MENU button on your remote control
    Scroll to SYSTEM SETTINGS and press OK
    In the list displayed, scroll to AUTOMATIC SEARCH
    Use the right arrow key to navigate to the YES and NO option
    Select YES and press OK

Call any of the StarTimes hotline numbers or reach out to them via social media

No Access/Not Subscribed

This message simply means that your subscription has now expired. Kindly top up by using any of the methods below:

  1. Buy StarTimes recharge card from Dealers or BHs and follow the instructions on how to top up at the back of the StarTimes recharge.
  2. Top up via Mobile Money account (MTN (coming soon), StanbicIBTCMobileMoney(*909#), and Pocket Moni)
  3. ATM and Quick Teller websites
  4. Bank Recharge

Smart Card Not Paired or Wrong Pairing

This can only happen when a smartcard is wrongly paired or mismatched with another decoder. Simply visit the closest business hall or call the hotline: 01-4618888 / 09-4618888

Decoder refuses to Power

Kindly check whether your decoder power plug is correctly plugged into the AC 220V power jack and also check whether the switch of your decoder is on. If all that is well connected, please visit the closest business hall or dial:01-4618888 / 09-4618888

Auto Rebooting

This occurs when your decoder continues to come up and randomly go off immediately, usually caused by the difficulty your decoder may have with upgrading itself. Please the closest business hall or call:01-4618888 / 09-4618888 for assistance

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Decoder displaying 8888/9999,” C” / “0” on the front panel
Please visit the nearest business hall or call our hotline for assistance:01-4618888 / 09-4618888.

We hope that this article has been useful. Kindly leave any suggestions or questions below.

  1. Hello
    Good day. Our channels @ #950 have almost all disappeared. Rumours have it that prices have been increased, but no messages were not sent. Please what do I do to get my old channels

  2. Pls, I just recharged on the first of August 2020 and a message was sent to me yesterday tht my subscription will expire tomorrow 15th August 2020 the day the subscription will be two weeks, I didn’t do two subscription payments but one month, pls look into this urgently. 02110598794 is my smart card number. Sulaimon Olatunji. Pls, your quick response to this request will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Please I recharged on the 2August for classic ,(N2200). I noticed that my subscription has expired and I paid for one month. Please look into this asap. This is the message I was sent and my decoder no Success.Paid:2200.0.SmartCard:01467026086.Bouquet:DTT_Classic.Estimated Stop Date:2020-08-14.Combo decoder, Dish + 30Days Free Subscription now N8900

  3. Pls, my name is Sulaimon Olatunji from Abeokuta. My one month subscription on basic bouquet has been canceled 2 days ago. I once sent a message on this platform since then and there has not been any response from startimes Nigeria. Look into this urgently and make necessary corrections because I believe there is an error from your end. My smartcard number is 02110598794, basic bouquet, Sulaimon Olatunji.

  4. Please startimes, I recharge startimes on the 10th of August 2020. I got a message yesterday that my subscription will expire on the 24th of August. Please reactify the error. Here are my details below:

    Smart card no: 02110520387
    Name: Ekpeyong
    Bouquet: Basic

  5. Good evening please I need your help august 28/8/2020 I recharge my startime but is not work classic #1900 smart card number is 02027823833 pls help me

  6. I recharged my startimes smart 1900 on 24/08/2020 but it’s not working at all please help
    Smart card number 01831801988

  7. i want to change startimes dish bouquet from Super to Smart. i have called customer but solution was not provided. I couldnt speak with any agent. Smart card number 01831988654

  8. Cld u pls help me check this Startimes no. It showed for olny 8days after subscribing for a monthn went saying I shld subscribe.
    01467315955. Thanks so much

  9. Pls Can u help me to reset my startime am using dish decoder n I subscribe 1800 n i was told dat I have to change it to one package because is on super n d subscription we last for 15days pls I want to change it to normal one Iso dat d 1800 we last for a month dis is my decoder number 02577682975 pls it urgent

  10. I recharged with N2, 500.00 but I am not viewing the channels I paid for.. Smart card no. 02146355822

  11. Pls I just discovered that the stations are in a active state but cannot be watched. Still displaying “pls recharge” after which I had recharged for a month and watched it for about a week.
    Pls restore the stations.I’m getting frustrated. Decoder No : 02110682657

  12. Please my subscription is to last for one month. I subscribed in the first of December how come is just two weeks and they are saying my subscription is not valid again. Please respond fast here is my smart card number: 0257759899396

  13. I subribed to o2146449385 on mARCH27 BY 7PM fo nova monthly plan and as of march28, the subcription has not yet reflected that its sucessful. please help me look into it. the subsciption is succefful from the app use to do sub. I did GOTV sub around the same time and d it reflected within 1 minutes even before i closed the app for doing the sub. Why is that of startimes an hell to subcribe? Even to call customer care the charges are hell while gotv has free call on their customer care line

  14. Gd morning. I wish to delink my decoder from my stolen phone so that I can link it to my new phone. It kept telling me decoder has reached link limit. What do I do.

  15. Please I have recharge but the problem is the card is not displaying and I set it correctly please what is the problem or can I change the smart card?

  16. Pls, my name is Oyewole Tolulope from Iworoko Ekiti in Ekiti State. My one month subscription on basic bouquet on 17/05/2021 which suppose to expire on 16/02021 has been canceled on 29/05/2021. I once sent a message on this platform since then and there has not been any response from startimes Nigeria. Look into this urgently and make necessary corrections because I believe there is an error from your end. My smartcard number is 02110984730. Oyewole Tolulope phone number 07034999844

  17. Pls I subscribe my decoder with basic# 1700 and it Nova that I have access to. My card no is 01467400128

    1. Pls I subscribe my decoder with basic A.of 1700 and it is NOVA package b4 .pls help me is to showing ,it telling me to recharged again ooo

  18. Good evening,
    I requested for an account reset so as to view the channels I paid for via your call line but it’s taking like forever for that to be done. Kindly assist. I did the subscription since on the 12th June, 2021 till now is not showing.
    Acct: 01467154783
    Bouquet paid: Smart
    Amount: N2,200
    Transaction No: 113298143

  19. Good evening , channel 500 ,star life has not been working on my decoder since yesterday,I’ve rebooted and auto searched still same,other stations are working.

  20. Good evening Star life has not been showing since yesterday…i have research it and it is still not showing

  21. Dear team, i subscribe this smartcard no 02146593900 since yesterday till now is not showing kindly help; the beneficiary is not happy. customers name: Paul.

    I need your assistant.

    thanks and God bless.

    Emem James Akpan
    For emmitech data ventures

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