Top Voice Changer Apps for Andriod and iOS

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Sometimes you might just want to alter your voice to prank your friends or sibling, especially when you get a new line or immediately after you retrieved an old line. Due to our lack of in-built voice modulation apps in most Android phones, we feel it’s impossible.

But the Play Store has a number of voice modification apps that can make you have the fun you think you’re missing out from.

Below are some awesome voice modification/changer apps.

Celebrity Voice Changer

If you’re looking for a voice changer app with video recording capabilities and sound effect, then the celebrity voice changer is just what you need. This is one of the best voice changer apps that is available only on iOS.

Although there are a number of restrictions here and it requires a hefty subscription. ?And not all voice effects are unlocked, but however, you can use the app once each minute when you haven’t picked up a subscription. Download here

Super Voice

Do you love animations? or you’re a fan of superheroes? And you probably have a favourite character you want to sound like. Then this is the app you should be interested in. The super voice app contains about 20 famous superhero voice effects and allows you to record yourself as any of the superheroes.

Some of these superheroes include; Groot, Minions, Optimus Prime, Bruce Wayne, and other popular animated characters. Although the voice might sound a little robotic most time it’s a fulfilling experience too. Download here

AndroidRock Voice Changer

This is a voice changer app that allows you to record audio, or open an existing audio and apply effects on it. Although this app can be annoying with ads and popups it is also very awesome as you can watch an ad video to unlock its best features without you subscribing to a pro version.

The app contains over 20 voice effects that you can apply on audio including child, man, robot, twisted tongue, bee, chipmunk, alien and many more. Another unique factor of the androidrock is the sound effect combos like dock+robot, chipmunk+alien etc. Download here

Voice Changer With Effects

This is a fully featured voice changer app that has over 30 voice effects. The app allows you to record phrase or sentences and apply effects on them.

It also allows you to import a pre-recorded sound and create a voice for it. Other features of this voice changer app include; Set to ringtone, share on social media (WhatsApp, facebook etc), save recording, set as notification sound and many more. Download here


Like other voice changer apps, the VoiceFX also offers most of the popular voice effects which include chipmunks, baby, robot etc.

The differentiating features of this app include; Live stream your microphone and change voice live to media players or web browsers, save and share as MP3, live playback your microphone and change voice lives, set your changed voice as phone ringtone or notification ringtone. Download here

Voice Changer Plus

This is one of the best alternative voice changer with effect app for iOS with an easy-to-use Interface and over 50 voice effects. It has a number of sound effects including echo, mosquito, robot, bane, bad melody, bad harmony, applause and more.

Other features of this app include; import local recording and change how they sound, set as ringtone, add pictures to modulated audios, share with friends via social media, trim control etc.

The app also allows you to trim recorded clips to make them crisp and funnier, but this feature will require you to shell out $1.99 for the full version. Download here

Voice Changer Calls Recorder

This is a voice changer app for iOS that do not only add effects to your audio recordings but also add background sound effects to your audio recordings. It has a pretty and easy-to-use UI and also has voice effects such as waterdrops, robot, snoring, boy, shower and many other effects.

Its unique features include; crop your voice, realtime voice recording, instantly share with friends, add customize effects and import audio from Apple music to scene effects. Download Here

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