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5 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android in 2022

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Blood pressure is the pressure the blood applies on the walls of the vessels they use in traveling. There are two conditions relating to blood pressure, hypertension and hypotension.

It is out of place to say that no one suffers from either of these ailments because symptoms like vision problems, irregular heartbeat, fainting, and others are things we experience sometimes.

Blood pressure is normal at 120/80. And anything abnormally different requires the attention of a medical practitioner.

It is advisable to consult your doctor whenever you notice any irregularities in your blood pressure.

Since it’s impossible to have a blood pressure machine always at your disposal, there’s a need for you to have a way to know your blood pressure on the go.

Technology has made it possible where your smartphone can serve as a BP machine.

While they are various apps that can check your BP, we have gathered the 5 best android apps that you can use to check your blood pressure with your smartphone.

1. Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Blood Pressure Log - MyDiary

It’s not only good to know your blood pressure but also to keep track of it. With over 4.7 stars at the Play Store, MyDiary allows you to log in your blood pressure readings whenever you take a reading.

You can import data from other devices, make summaries to know what each reading means.

Besides blood pressure, you can use MyDiary to track your glucose, oxygen saturation, and weight under one app. You can define your range of measurements.

You can filter data input to see only the options. You can also generate reports seamlessly in MS Word or Excel Sheets, which you can forward to your doctor or family.

Download the blood pressure app for Android.

2. Blood Pressure Tracker

This app makes it easy to track your blood pressure. With it, you can add statistics like weight and pulse to every reading and give you the ability to remove details with little stress.

Other key features include arranging and sorting out records ranging weeks, months, and years. You can not only create a backup, but you can also choose where you want to create a backup (MicroSD card, Google Docs, Dropbox).

It supports different languages and gives you the ability to share reports to multiple devices.

Download the blood pressure app for Android.

3. SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Tracker, Log


With this app on your smartphone, you can convert your device into a blood pressure monitor.

It’s not only used to check your blood pressure, but it can also use it to add side notes to your measurements like diastolic, pulse rate, and weight measurements, can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure).

The app supports national and international standards. You can integrate the app with your reminder to remind you of your next test.

You can also color-code your records to know when your pressure has been high, low, or normal.

One of its best features has been generating reports, and you can share your reports with your physician or friends whenever necessary.

You can download the app from Play Store.

4. Blood Pressure

This blood pressure measuring app comes with an easy interface to enable a seamless user experience. Not only can you use this app to record blood pressure, but they can also use it to maintain a journal for multiple users from the app.

Other features of this app include adding descriptions such as symptoms to each report to share with a physician, and it can transfer blood pressure reports in PDF format; tags can be added to blood pressure readings.

It supports dark and light themes based on your preference and a feature to back up your report, so you don’t lose them under any circumstances. 

5. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is an app that can be used for multiple purposes. This app is known for its accuracy, and institutes like UCSF approve it for cardiology research training and UCSF Health eHeart Study.

It has a heart rate monitor, just like an ECG or EKG machine. It can deliver an accurate pulse or blood pressure reading in under 10 seconds.

Its PPG graph helps in maintaining the correct heartbeat and acquiring reading while doing any physical training.

It can be sync with your Google Fit device with few taps. It has an impressive 4.3 stars rating at the Play Store.

Note: This app is not suitable for babies.

While you make sure you have one of these apps on your smartphone, even if it’s clear that you won’t need it, you can always use it on someone else.

Share your thoughts and feedback on this article by using the comment section below.

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I tried all this apps and many other apps but I think My Blood Pressure app is the best.
The app is good quality and beautiful.
The writer of this must include it in the best apps list.
My Blood Pressure app also works on windows.