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Weird Meaning Behind Five of Your Favorite Disney Cartoons

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As a growing child, I saw a lot of movies, especially Disney movies. from Alice in Wonderland to Cinderella I watched them repeatedly until the video cassette player got overheated.

It was an amazing experience, and the thing about re-watching these movies now that I am grown up is that I get a completely different experience altogether.

I find myself noticing some things that I never paid attention to as a child, and some of the things might be concepts that were created to be funny jokes, but right now they just make you go WTF!

In this article I’ll be sharing 5 Disney movies with you that have some really what the fuck moments.

1. The little mermaid

According to Disney, a young mermaid princess feels like she is trapped underwater and makes up her mind to go explore the surface.

She goes on her adventure and finds a handsome guy who steals our heart, and she falls helplessly in love with him. her dad finds out what happened and in anger bans her from ever going to the surface again.

in her desperation she makes a deal with the sea witch and trades her beautiful mermaid voice for human legs. the mermaid princess returns to the surface makes the prince fall in love with her, and they both live happily ever after as a couple.

Well, that’s what Disney wants the children to think. But for us adults, what we see is a horny girl who trades her voice in hopes of getting laid by a handsome young guy she finds on the surface.

2. 101 dalmatians

In the Disney version of this film, a family spect dimensions gives birth to 15 puppies. an evil wealthy female wants to buy all the puppies and offers the family a large sum of money in exchange.

The owners of the dogs politely declined the offer. Cruella Deville being a very evil female decides to go ahead and still all the puppies and take them with her to her mansion.

Inside her mansion r 101 dalmatian puppies that she had stolen from different places. The parent dalmatian dogs and other animals work together to find a way to save all the stolen puppies before Cruella Deville turns them into quotes.

To us adults what we see is merely an evil crazy lady who wants to make a huge for a quote out of helpless little puppies.

3. Aladdin

The Disney version of Aladdin tells a story about a poor boy who goes by the name Aladdin who decides to disguise himself as a prince.

This pretend prince has a genie in a magic lamp that grants in all his lavish wishes. Aladdin finds himself a beautiful princess and falls in love with her. The princess gets her father’s approval for Aladdin to marry her but then have father being the sultan had an evil advisor who goes by the name Jafar.

This evil adviser hypnotises the princess’s father and tries to get married to her. Jafar kidnaps the princes and put her in chains leaving Aladdin no choice but to save everyone with the help of his magic genie, and he lived happily ever after with the love of his life.

What we see as adults is a young girl who falls in love with a silly guy who lies about every single thing but then she gets imprisoned by an evil older man who would do anything to get married to her and probably do every wrong thing with her.

Aladdin does everything in his power to send the evil doer to jail, and he spent the rest of his life there.

4. Snow white

In the Disney version of snow white and an evil queen who is jealous of her husband’s daughters beauty plot to kill her by sending a huntsman to end her life in the forest.

The Huntsman is mesmerised by snow white beauty and decides to let her live instead of killing her. The lucky snow-white runs as fast as she can into the woods and discovers a small house occupied by seven little men who become friends with her.

The jealous queen discovers that snow white is still alive and she decides to put an end to the princess’s life by herself. The evil queen transforms herself into a scary witch and approaches snow white with a poisoned red apple to eat.

Snow white is deceived, and she eats the apple which makes her fall into a state of coma. The evil queen dies when she falls off a cliff. A prince comes from nowhere all of a sudden and kisses snow white who is in a state of coma, and she wakes up, and they lived happily ever after.

What we see as adults is a vain older woman who is jealous of a young girl’s beauty. She decides in her hearts that the best way to become the most beautiful person in the entire vicinity and get all the sex was to get rid of the younger female.

She does everything possible to achieve her aim, but somehow she is unsuccessful. As for the prince who supposedly brought snow white back to life we see him as a random guy who probably wants some action and makes an attempt to take advantage of the girl who had passed out. That’s not good at all!

5. Alice in wonderland

The Disney version of this animation talks about Alice who is a bored little girl. c6 adventure and somehow she follows a rabbit into the forest and discovers a door.

Alice enters the door and falls freely into a strange land. Alice finds different potions, and she takes them to change her size to fit in through a tiny little door. In the cause of her, adventure Alice meets a talking rabbit she meets a cat and even a caterpillar.

Alice also meets a group of guys comprising of a mad hatter and his friends, and she sees every reason to join them for tea. Alice also comes in contact with the queen of hearts, and together they played a game of croquet.

The cat was smart enough to play a prank on the queen, but somehow she ended up thinking Alice was responsible for the prank and the innocent Alice had to be put on trial. Alice was lucky enough to grow back into a giant-sized girl and eventually found her way back home.

As adults what we see is a young girl having the best trips of her entire life magic potions, mushrooms, smoking caterpillars, talking cats, we need not say more than that.

I am sure that after reading this article you would go back to your childhood favourite Disney movies and begin to see the twisted truth behind all of them.

When you eventually do, please feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below. We look forward to interacting with you.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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