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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Women Reveal to Men What It Takes to Raise a Daughter

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There have been much said and written on women raising a man/son, but there have not been much on what it takes to raise a daughter.

Women across different ages took to Reddit to share what they wish their fathers knew when they were growing up and how they wished they were shown more attention.

The women weighed in on some of the things their dads got wrong when they were raising them. The comments show that some men don’t really know their daughters and could have done more.

‘I’m jealous of all that time and money you spent on my brother and getting to know him as a person, ‘I wish you’d just treat me like a person, not some vagina you felt the need to creepily guard until I got married.’ Reddit user wrote.

Others recounted how their fathers reacted when they asked to see a gynaecologist.

‘I have to leave the room or wait for my dad to leave in order to call my OB/GYN office and I’m 23 years old.’ A woman wrote.

Yet others complained about their dads not supporting their career choices or hobbies because they were girls.


Someone else complained that her father had no idea ‘how bad periods can be.’

‘My dad thinks that a period is all about blood, but never understands that I go through an awful pain while on my period.’ she explained


Another woman said she wished her dad knew that ‘the way you treat your wife or girlfriend can teach how I’m supposed to expect men to treat me.’ Many women, however, agreed that even though they knew that he loved them, their father failed to be affectionate with them,

‘Dads, please be affectionate with your daughters. Or they will grow up craving it, thinking any man who shows affection is The One and that any affection is good affection, when instead lots of affection is just sexual in nature. Make sure they know that if they need a hug or some physical affection, they can come to you instead of whichever boy is willing to touch them. Girls who grow up craving physical touch will end up accepting it wherever they can, and don’t know the difference between loving affection and lust.’ some else wrote

Majority of the women though agreed that they were treated differently because they were girls.

‘Don’t tell your daughters they can’t do something because of their gender,’ a user added. ‘Encourage them to try new things even if it doesn’t fit your idea of what a girl should be into.’ a woman shared.

More of these comments and reactions can be found here

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