Be Alert! These 7 Daily Activities Are Damaging Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, mobile phones have become an inseparable thing in our life. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, more and more people are spending their maximum time operating their phones. As a result of this, your Smartphone is susceptible to wear and tear.

Additionally, you get engaged with several daily habits that shorten the lifespan of your mobile phones.


Also, you might be unaware of the fact that you’re ruining their life. So, we’ve listed down seven daily activities because of which you’re damaging your mobile phone.

Buying a cheap charger

Let’s get started with the most explosive habit of yours? purchasing low-priced and off-brand charger cables. Yes, you heard it right. To save money today, you walk on the path of destroying your smartphone.

Many no-name USB cables can permanently damage your device, or worse, put you at the risk of electrocution. You are putting your phone’s life in jeopardy, not gaining anything. Furthermore, never wrap them tightly and avoid yanking.


After all, you may not like your branded charger to get exploded so soon.

Not using a phone case

Generally, people prefer to take the risk to showcase the magnificent look of their caseless phone. But it is not worth taking. A small crack due to falls can ruin the structural integrity of your phone. In the end, you’d require to either repair or replace your damaged mobile phone.


Even small chips and cracks lessen the resale value of your phone when you go out to replace them with a new one. So, don’t let your phone go naked; keep it safely in a good mobile cover. Great here means your case should be of a good warranty.

Phone getting heated frequently

No matter, you’re studying or working, you never put down your phone, and most of the time, and it is in use. It leads to the deterioration of your phone battery, and eventually, its life won’t be the same as it was at the time of purchasing.

Moreover, as many applications you run in the background while using your phone, it will get overheated.

Excessive heating due to frequent charging and use is a disadvantage for your phone’s life. It will wear out the life of its battery quicker. To avoid this, use your phone in moderation and avoid an application that tends to overheat your phone.

Installing too many apps

A modern Smartphone comes up with several superb functions. But there are a few things that they cannot do it? store your years of memories. Still, you might end up taking advantage of your phone to the fullest.

Many of you download the end number of applications, music, or pictures. It would result in the loss of your phone’s memory capacity to a limit where it slows down its performance. To not reach this stage, make a habit of deleting the unnecessary files as soon as possible.

Not updating your software

Typically, developers release a new software update to your Smartphone, which many users overlook. You may often postpone such updates either for some weeks or months.

Sadly, such delaying tactics cause damage to your phone down the road. Plus, your software will become incompatible with every application of your phone.

Moreover, if you avoid software updates for a longer time, then you might face issues in functioning your phone soon. So, update your software whenever asked, and allow your phone to live long.

Downloading suspicious things

While downloading pictures or videos make sure you’re doing it with caution. Otherwise, viruses will corrupt the files and cause a bug.

The best way to avoid damaging your phone is to download from reliable sources. For downloading songs, videos, etc., make sure you choose a reputable website. And for applications, make downloads from the official app store only.

Clicking underwater selfies

Generally speaking, there is nothing like a water-proof phone, notwithstanding the advertisement shown. Do you remember a legal action was taken against Sony for the Xperia fiasco for advertising its phones with an underwater camera?

Well, it could be water-resistant than other smartphones, but there may be chances of water paving its way inside your phone. The more you get exposed to water, the higher would be the chances of degrading its resistance. So, make sure you do not use the phone more underwater.

Know when to bid goodbye

With time, smartphones have become our best friends, so taking care of your friend is vital. Unknowingly, you can shorten the lifespan of your friendship with your phone.

But, we hope, after learning the above harmful daily activities, you will not let your phone leave you so early.

If you have already started observing the random shut off and on of your phone or battery staying for fewer hours, then it is time for a change. Accept your phone’s fate and look for a new device. By the way, iPhone 12 has just launched, so think about it.

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