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10 Free Apps for Dog Owners

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Are you a dog owner? Do you fancy yourself a dog lover? Then this article is for you. It is not an easy task to take care of a dog. It’s actually like having a baby.

They have lots of needs and require lots of attention too. To be a good dog parent, you are expected to be thoroughly hands-on.

You’re worried when your dog falls sick; you’re terrified when your dog goes missing, and it sets you on edge if your dog is not eating.

Yes, those feelings should be reasonable. My concern, however, is how to help you reduce the stress of taking care of your canine.

It’s no news how techs have made loads of things more manageable. If you know how to use your phones or gadgets, you have effectively learned to unburden yourself of many things.

No, your phone is not just to make calls and play games. Your computer is not only to check your work mail. No.

There’s so much more your gadgets can do for you. And in this case, a lot it can do in relieving so many dog-related issues.

There are lots of apps that have been designed for Dog lovers. And if you haven’t opted to take advantage of these apps, you’re still in the stone age, I’m afraid.

Even better, I have taken the liberty of bringing to you some of these totally free apps. That means you don’t have to spend a dime in getting them.

You can thank me later!

Whether you aim to find pet-friendly destinations or locations, track your dog walks (yep, the same way you track yours), or look for professional assistance, there are many options to pick from.

Here are ten(10) absolutely free apps that are guaranteed to make you efficient in raising your dog and having a good time while at it.

1. PetCoach

Ever been worried about your dog developing some strange or weird habits or behaviors?. Or curious as to how you can boost the health of your canine?. Then PetCoach is just perfect for you.

PetCoach allows you to seek consultation with experts as it relates to your dogs.

It provides a 24hours service of linking you up with veterinarians, dog trainers, animal nutritionists, and other experts and professionals who are willing to offer solutions to your dog problems.

2. Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is offered by the American First Aid society to assist you with your pet-related emergencies. If you own a dog, you know for sure that its health is an absolute priority.

So, Pet First Aid offers you immediate or temporary solutions to emergencies in a plethora of options. This, of course, does not rule out consulting your own veterinarian, but it’s a great option to fill in for when you can seek immediate medical help for your dog.

Pet First Aid offers you guidance in multiple situations, including administering drugs, advisory services, and others.

3. BringFido

I had a friend who booked a hotel for a vacation and, on getting there, was told there were no pets allowed. Imagine her frustration and disappointment.

If you have ever found yourself in that situation, and you don’t want to go through the hurdles of finding suitable locations for yourself and your dog, then you have to get BringFido.

This app lets you search for pet-friendly hotels, as wells as other locations that are dog-friendly, like parks and restaurants.

With BringFido, you don’t have to go on Vacay without your furry buddy!

4. BarkCam

Have you been on the net and got crazy over cute pictures of dogs? If you ever wondered how you could get your dog to be all stylish and picture-friendly, then check out BarkCam.

BarkCam helps you get your dog’s attention while you take adorable pictures. Make your dog a model. Turn him into an Instagram sensation.

5. Squeaky Toy Sounds

Dogs are attracted to sound on a large scale. It distracts them, commands their attention, and it focuses on them.

Squeaky Toy Sounds gives you non-stop squeaky sounds for your dog’s pleasure. It can also be used for dog training.

6. Dog Translator

Did you know fairytales exist? Well, in the dog universe, it does. At one point or the other, we’ve wished we could speak to our pets.

As a dog lover, I’m sure you have tried to read meanings into your dog’s barking.

I tried to understand what it was saying to you. Through the Dog Translator app, you can now translate those barks to standard English.

You can effectively record your dog’s barks with the app and watch it translate to a language you can understand.

Although, the programmers list a disclaimer stating that the app is for entertainment purposes. But even so, there’s no harm in playing translator.

7. Finding Rover

As a pup owner, one of your greatest fears is losing your dog. We always wish for the best, but it’s wise when we prepare for the worst. This is where Finding Rover comes in.

You never want to imagine your dog going MIA, but you have to be insured against it in the event it does happen.

Finding  Rover is built with a facial recognition mechanism that enables you to create a profile for your dog with useful information and its picture.

Also, if you find a lost pup, you can upload its picture with the hope of finding its owner.

8. Pet Care Services Finder

This app comes in really handy when you’re in search of resources for your dog. It could be a vet, pet store, dog park, or groomer.

Pet Care Services Finder assists you in pinpointing locations near you for your convenience.

It offers contact information for the service you require and goes ahead to give you the distance of your search from your own location.

You can as well call up these service providers directly from the app.

9. Tractive Dog Walk

This app basically tracks all your daily dog walks.

It collaborates with your phone’s built-in GPS and tracks your routine walks and takes note of your favorite routes, your activities during the walk, and even have a camera feature so you can take pictures of your adventures.

Your pictures could serve as a memory log for when you decide to visit that particular route again or just to friends or share with other app users.

10. RelaxMyDog

The RelaxMyDog app does just that. It helps your dog relax by playing soothing tunes. Embedded in these tunes is a high-pitched frequency which humans can not detect.

And these sounds cause a dog to relax, sleep, or relieve anxiety.

If you need to get your dog to settle down sometimes, then this app will do you lots of good. Was this article useful? We want your feedback in the comment section. Thank you

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