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How to Manage Your Online Portal Password?

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Online security has been a great concern for modern people. In the past, people don’t have to rely on too many variables while browsing the internet.


But things have changed a lot over the past years. The hackers are always trying hard to exploit sensitive information of the users so that they can take advantage.

Think about your email. If anyone gets access to your business email, they hold the power to ruin your business. You will do anything to get back the access. Most of the time, the users end up losing a huge amount of money in retrieving such vital data.

This was just an example, how you can get into trouble by the actions of the hackers. But if you learn to manage your online portal password in an effective way, you don’t have to face such issues.

Let’s find out some of the unique method and tricks which can easily secure your online portal password.

Stop sharing the password

The first thing that you should do is stop sharing your password. Most of the time people use a too common password. In fact, many people use the same password for different online portals.

So, if you share the password with your friends or family members, you risk everything. You might share it with a trusted person but you never know how the password might get compromised.

Let’s say, you have given the password to your friend on a piece of paper. Your friend might keep the paper on his table and others can easily get access to your password. Stop sharing the password, if you want to keep your personal data safe.

Use complex password

Stop setting up a too common password like your date of birth, home town, etc. This makes things easier for hackers.

Try to use an alphanumeric password so that they automated hacking tools fail to predict the password based on permutation and combination. The password should have a minimum of 8 characters or else it is very easy to crack.


But never use too complex passwords as you might forget it. However, if you use a secured PC, you can store the complex password in a word file and use it to get access to your online portal.

Always search in a safe portal

You need to understand the importance of safe search. Hackers often set traps in the online websites and the often create highly informative sites that act more like a private search engine.

The users get carried away by getting vital information and they often input sensitive data to such sites without knowing how their personal data will be used.

To keep yourself safe, you can use a private search engine like Privado, who never stores search data. User sensitive data are often stored by the search engines so that they can improve the user experience.

But this data might be exploited by the hackers. So, it’s very crucial you use such search engines who don’t track the user login details and other sensitive information.

Use password manager

Some people have to deal with too many online portals. For them managing the password becomes a very hectic problem.

Even if you write down the password in the word file, it’s uncomfortable to extract the password every time you log in to an online portal. But this problem can be solved by using a reputed online password manager.

Some of the novice users often go for low-quality passwords manages and expose their password to the hacking community. So, always chose a reputed password manager as they care about the safety of their clients.

Keep your PC updated

Very few people think to keep their system updated. If you use an obsolete operating system, you are actually exposed to the risk factors.

Companies like Microsoft and Apple are always working hard to bring a security update to their OS (Operating System). Try to keep your personal computer free from viruses and other malware.


Always use the latest antivirus since it always tries to keep you secure from the online phishing site. The hacker often creates a replica of the popular websites and try to lure to login into the face website.

If you do so, your password will be compromised. But by using a smart anti-virus, you will get pop up a notification about the potential scam sites on the internet.


The safety of your online portal lies in your hand. If you can follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can expect high-level security for your online portal. And following these simple tips doesn’t require any hard work.

Try to think from the hacker’s point of view. Using a too predictable password and exposing yourself to the phishing site endangers your online portal password. Think smart and take logical steps to stay secure online.


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