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Ayo Makun A.Y Net Worth and Biography

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One of the very big names you hear in both comedy and movie industry is AY Makun, each time his name is mentioned, most times you tend to wonder how it is that he was able to do the things he does in countless movies, then you start asking yourself, who is AY and how did he get to attain this height of achievement in the industry.

This article would be centered on the famous actor and Comedian AY Makun, and a discussion about his net worth and Biography would be brought to the understanding of all reading this.


  • Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun
  • Stage name: AY
  • Date of birth: 19th of August,
  • State of origin: Ose, Ondo State, Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Net worth: $7 million

Who is AY

Ayodeji Richard Makun, was born on the 19th of August in Warri, Delta States, Nigeria. He is one of the biggest, funniest, and creative individuals in the industry today; he is widely known and is an international personality.

He grew up In Warri but hailed from Ose, a small town in Ondo State. While growing up in Warri, he obtained his preliminary education certificates there in Warri, and after which, he went to delta state University Abraka where he studied and attained a bachelor’s degree in theatre art.

Through comedy, AY was able to move up the ladder and got opportunities to act in various movies; he definitely didn’t let these options pass him by, as he is someone who always loves trying new things.

According to him, “Comedy paved the way for all the things he is now, and it helped him try out new things.” Back in Abraka, AY had always hosted various shows, like Miss Delsu, Miss Delta, and lots more.

From his days in school, he was able to build up plenty of experience for himself, so when he met with one of the great Comedian, Alibaba, all his efforts were crowned with success.

He claimed to have taken personal tutelage from the legend himself, and he learned a lot from Alibaba, especially how to stand out in the industry, and this helped him become a professional today.

His fame started when he performed at the Opa Williams show in the year 2006.


Ay is currently married to Mabel Makun, and this union is blessed with a beautiful girl

Awards, Honors, Achievements

AY’s continuous contribution and consistency in the industry have helped him win the following awards In the country and outside the country.

  • He won the award for the Comedian of the year at the Diamond Award of the Year
  • Award for the year at Teens Favorite
  • Comedian of the Year at the NBG Abuja Merit Award
  • Comedian of the year at the National Daily Award
  • Comedian of the year at the Arsenal Award for Excellency
  • Comedian of the year at the Mode men of the year Award
  • 2009 U.N peace Ambassador
  • 2010 Nigerian Entertainment Awards for the comedian of the year at the
  • 2013 CEAN most creative entrepreneur of the year (Comedy Category)
  • His movie won T.V. Comedy show of the year at Creative Industry awards
  • Best comedy film at African Movie Academy 2015
  • 2017 Nigerian Entertainment Awards for the Best supporting actor
  • Nollywood personality of the year at the Sun Award s2017
  • 2017 Golden Movie Awards for the Golden Movie Comedy

Below is the list f the awards he was able to win in his school days in Abraka;

  • Most Fashionable Student on campus
  • Most Celebrated student on campus
  • Best showbiz promoter 2001
  • Jayce club Socio-Cultural Personality Award s2003
  • And Most Celebrated Theatre Art student 2003

Success Stories

A.Y net worth

All he has today, he credits it to god, and claims that comedy paved the way for every other thing to fall into place, below are his success stories.

  • He organizes one of the biggest shows in the country annually. The show takes place every Easter Sunday, and it is a show that is always sold out cause it is a highly anticipated show.
  • In 2013, he Lunched a T.V. show, titled “AY Series” this show is always aired on many television stations in the country and outside the country
  • He organizes a monthly show called AY Open Mic Challenge, and this show is held every third Sunday off at the Marquee Federal Palace Hotels and Casino Lagos
  • He is the CEO of the corporate world Entertainment. ((CWE).

Life as an Actor

With his versatile nature, and multi-talent, he ventured into a comic movie, he became a producer and one of the cast in the movie 30 days in Atlanta, this movie had won several awards and gained tons of recognitions, he featured in other movies like,

  • Being Mr. Elliot
  • The Lodgers
  • The wedding party
  • American Driver
  • Mom at War

Films he produced includes

  • 30 days in Atlanta
  • The Merry men
  • Ten days in sun city
  • A trip to Jamaica

Net worth

AY is definitely one of the wealthiest Nigerian comic actors and with an estimate of $7 million dollars.


AY is definitely one of the best out there, and he never fails to deliver outstanding pieces of work whenever he comes out to do his thing.

Have anything to say about AY’s worth, biography, or any other thing that has been discussed? Please leave a comment below.

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