Beginners Guide to Web Application Development

web application

Web Application is software that runs on the web browser. Besides, you don’t have to download or install it on your working system.

The good thing about web applications is that you can use them on different browsers. Thus, some examples of web applications are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, etc. The best thing about using the web application is that you don’t have to worry about the daily updation.

It is created by using languages such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript. In case you are thinking to avail of the services of Web app development, then this blog will help you in offering the same.

Most importantly, a business can achieve its business goal in a hassle-free manner by the personalized web app. Slowly and gradually, the developers are opting for tailored-made app development to reach a large audience.

Have you ever thought about the need for a website? If yes, then keep reading the content.

Reasons to Build a Website

These are some of the reasons for building a website:

  • Attract new Customer- A well-organized website with a unique UI and UX interface will help to attract more TG. Apart from this, the visibility on Google will help to pull the attention of many customers.
  • Showcasing of products/services- By making high-quality photographs you can definitely attract your T.G. Most importantly, don’t forget to give the complete information about the products.
  • Reviews- To grab the attention of the customers, you can post good reviews and customer testimonials. Again, this will help to boost the website of the company.
  • Customer encouragement- For a call to action, you can place the contact information in a header/footer section. This will encourage the customers to get connected with you.
  • 24/7 Access- The website helps the customer to reach the target groups. By visiting the website, a customer can research the details of the company and services/products.

Reasons to opt for Web Application

  • For the developers, web applications are easy to maintain as they have an option to use the same code.
  • The applications for the web like Mac, Linux, Web can be used on any platform. Besides, all these support modern browsers.
  • Web applications can be accessed round the clock from anywhere and anytime.
  • It is said to be the cost-effective choice for any organization.
  • Web-based apps don’t require any downloading or installation for your website.

Guide to Web App Development

Identify the goal- It is imperative to understand the purpose of making a web app. Until and unless you will not understand the requirement of the client; it is useless to invest the time in developing an app. The purpose of the website needs to be cleared.

Scope of the Website– After deciding the goal for the website, the next step is to talk about the scope of the client project. You need to find out the things which will help to fulfill the goal of the developer.

Wireframe of the Website- The third step says that you need to prepare the blueprint of the website. This will make a developer build the website, without any hurdle.

Creation of the Content- The fourth step is to begin the process of creating content. As well all know that the content is king. You need to be sure about the quality of the app content.

Visual Effects- Working on the content is not sufficient, you need to focus on the look and feel of the website. According to the website, you need to arrange the style, color of the font and be selective for the picture.

Website Testing- After deciding on the visual and content aspects, you need to take a test of your website. You need to go and check every single page of the website whether it is working or not. Also, check that your T.G doesn’t confront any type of issues while visiting the website.

Website Launch- Last but not least, you have to launch the site. You should have an idea of the launching time of your website.

 Furthermore, some people often have not enough idea about the difference between web and mobile applications. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned points:

Basis of Differentiation          Web ApplicationsMobile Applications
Application DownloadYou can run the app without download or installNeed to download & install
App UpdatingThere is no need to updatedThere is a need to update regularly in App store
Approval of app storeDo not need app store approvalHere you need app store approval
Connectivity of the InternetTo use the web application, you need an internet connectionMobile application can be used without an internet connection
User-ExperienceIt is slightly difficult at the beginningIt has a better user experience
ReachWeb applications reach is lesser as compared to Mobile appsExcellent reach of audience
Trustworthiness of AppCustomers don’t trust it much, as it is not approved by app storeHere, users find mobile apps trustworthy. You can  download it from App Store/ Playstore

We assumed that you have understood the basic difference between Web and Mobile Applications.

Need of Web Application

  • It supports all the modern browsers.
  • The customer doesn’t need any approval from the app store.
  •  The users of the web application can access the app anytime.
  • Web applications are quite easier to maintain as compared to mobile apps.
  • To access the data, you can check on the phone as well as on the system.

Final Words

The development stages of the website are mentioned above in the points. We hope you have completely understood the basics of web application. In case you are thinking about web application development, get connected with Artoon Solutions. The company has 11+years of experience in web app development. The developer promises to offer top-class web development related services. Feel free to get connected with us as we are available round the clock.

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Mr Alpesh Vaghasiya is the founder and CEO of Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a young technocrat, an experienced entrepreneur, and a kind leader of our esteemed web app development company. He has led the company to lay its foundation based on professionalism, high-standard quality deliverance, and a results-driven approach.

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