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17 Best Apps For Your Rooted Android Device

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So you have decided to root your Android phone, and you are now looking for the best apps to use.

The benefits of rooting your phone are much and today we’re going to talk about the best Android apps to install on your rooted device

The Best Android Apps For Your Rooted Device

1. Xposed

If you’re looking to customise your rooted android device one of the best apps one would ever have to consider is Xposed installer.

Xposed is one of the most popular root apps back then in 2016 in even until now it is still being used because it grants lots of customisation options that would allow you to customise almost everything.

This app removes the need to install a custom ROM since it gives you features similar to what a custom ROM will grant you. Download

2. Greenify

One of the reasons people root their phones is because many apps are running at the same time and you want to have better management of what is using up their phones resources. Greenify is an app for devices that make it comes true. With Greenify you can see what app is using up your battery and resources and automatically set it to hibernate once you leave the app. Download

3. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is one of the best root app ever made. With this app, you can back up and restore anything on your smartphone or tablet. With the free version, he can set simple backup of your data and apps to the SD card or clean the internal memory.

Using the pro version you can set back up and synchronise all your back up to your Google Drive accounts. Download

4. Diskdigger

Diskdigger is a handy, useful root app from time to time this app is not designed for everyday use. They are both Android and Windows version of this app, and even though the Android version is much weaker, it is still a handy app.

Diskdigger scans all directory of your device for deleting files. This can help with memory issues when it comes to your phone it’s can also recover deleted files in many different formats. Download

5. AdAway

In the history of excellent apps, AdAway has got to be one of the most impressive apps ever made. AdAway helps you do away with annoying, intrusive apps and also filters app to your liking.

The level of Adblocking extends to youtube and beyond. Honestly, I didn’t want to add it to this list cause adblockers deal with our revenue. You might want to allow Techcrub to show you some ads though. Download

6. FK Kernel Manager

FK Kernel Manager is a tool for all devices and Kernels with a rich feature set aimed for ease of use. Whether you are a newbie or a pro user, it combines a series of all the features you need to empower your device. Download

7. Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot allows you to do away with your power button and give you more options. With you your power button, you can only power off or reboot, but with the quick reboot app, you can fast reboot, boot to recovery, boot to safe mode, fast boot and also reboot power off.

8. Tasker

Tasker is one of the most efficient and best productivity app ever made on Android. The only limit this app has is your imagination. While many of its functions don’t require root, other pretty much do. You can basically set up tasks and triggers (like IFTTT), and the app does the rest.

9. Magisk

One of the main disadvantages of Rooting is usually tempering with Google’s SafetyNet. This makes apps like Netflix, Pokemon Go, Google pay and other financial apps from working.

Magisk is the magical app that makes all those problems go away as it. It hides root effectively and allows you to watch Netflix and use your Pay Apps. It is not on Google Play Store and can be pickup from XDA developers or their official site.

10. System App Remover

System App Remover does exactly what the name says, remove system apps. There are so many bloatware and system apps that manufacturers add to our phones that we do not need. It is also annoying that we cannot uninstall these apps.

System App Remover makes sure you only KEEP apps that you NEED on your device.

The app is free, though there is a pro version it is usually a way to support developers as there are no added advantages over the free version. Download

11. Flashify

If you are the type that loves to flash Custom ROMs and ROMs of other devices, then this one is for you. Flashify helps you flash ROM and other files formats like CWM and ZIP. It also assists in backing up the whole device automatically and also restore the kernel. There is a free and paid version of the app.

12. Lucky Patcher

This goes out to all the gamers out there who love extra cheats and those who need to modify their apps a little. Lucky patcher assists in “patching” apps to remove ads and also access in-app purchases for free. This app has different options in its toolbox and was one the reason I was able to clear different stages of candy crush back then. Download

13. Dumpster

Nothing like a recycle bin for android. With the Dumpster app, you don’t have to be afraid of deleting any file as your deleted files are held in Dumpster before they are removed permanently.

So if you mistakenly deleted a picture, then you can find it in Dumpster and recover it. There are no limits to the number of files it can store. Download

14. Root Editor

This app is one of the best apps for navigating your rooted device. With this app, you can have access to text documents, zip folders, system root files etc. and also perform basic file operations. Download

15. Boot Animations

Getting tired of seeing the same animation when you boot up your device? Then Boot Animations app is meant for you. Take control of your device boot up animation and get new animations every time your device powers up. Download

16. Fontster

Though some device now provides fonts, not all are attractive. If you need extra apps and you don’t know how to go about, then Fontster is for you. This app has an array of fonts that you will love and can easily apply once without stress. Download

17. Root Call Blocker

If you don’t need a third party app and want to block calls and MMs/SMS at system level, then this is the app you need. This app runs silently in the background and prevent spam and also, you can use it to auto-reply SMS. Download

17. YouTube Vanced

Modded official apps are trending following the rise of GB Whatsapp. The YouTube Vanced is the modded version of the YouTube app and is very popular amongst the developer community.

It comes with an in-built ad blocker, pinch to zoom, override max resolution, get more themes, use MX Player styled swipe gestures, background playback, dark mode and the rest all without YouTube premium. Download Root Version | Download Non-Root Version

There are so many apps for rooted Android devices, and this list definitely cannot contain all of them. That is why I have selected and compiled a list of the best apps I have used over time.

Different apps exist for different reasons, some are for beautification, and some are for tweaks, so if you feel we have missed any app, please let us know by using the comment box below

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