George Lucas Net Worth and Biography

George Lucas Net Worth

American industry is indeed blessed with amazing, unique and outstandingly creative movie directors, screenwriters , and  producers like George Lucas.

Though many might not be familiar with the name but the award winning movie which he wrote and directed, Star wars, should ring a bell. He has also directed the film Indiana Jones.

George Lucas who is also the CEO of Lucas Film has written and directed a host of award winning movies, which have fetched him millions over the years, this achievements is evident in George Lucas ground shaking net worth.

I am sure that if you are a great admirer of his amazing works you will be excited to known exciting facts  about George Lucas life and Net worth. This article brings to you the biography of the award winning movie director and writer, George Lucas.

George Lucas, you can say is one the most successful and wealthy film makers in history, as far as film making is concerned.

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George Lucas Profile

Net Worth$5.6B
Full NameGeorge Walton Lucas Jr.
Date of Birth (Age)14 May, 1944 (76 years)
OccupationScreenwriter, film writer, film director, and producer.
EducationUniversity of Southern California
Years Active1965 – 2020

George Lucas Early Life

George Walton Lucas Jr was born to George Walton Lucas Sr., and Dorothy Ellinore Lucas on the 14th day of May 1944 in Modesto, California. His parents are of multilingual lineage like; English, Swiss-German, Scottish, French and Distant Dutch.

George Lucas indeed had a very exciting childhood, he even visited Disneyland with his parent in 1955, where he got fascinated by the wonderful sights, arousing his interest in science fiction and comics.

Prior to the shift in focus point, George Lucas had desired to be a racecar driver, in fact Lucas dedicated most of his high school days, racing at fairgrounds and garages, but all of that changed  when he sustained a severe injury in his lungs during racing in 1962, few days to his graduation; causing him to bleed profusely, requiring immediate medical attention. He gave up on car racing after he recovered from the injury which nearly claim his life.

George Lucas, who had targeted becoming a million before he turned thirty, left home to study at a school of arts; even though his father’s plan was on making him run the stationery store which George Lucas father owned, when he (George Lucas Jr) turned 18.

At the Modesto Junior College where he attended, he studied several subjects like; sociology, literature, and anthropology; amongst other art subjects. It didn’t take long before Lucas Jr started shooting with an 8mm camera.

After being recommended by his friend Plummer, George Lucas got a transfer to University of Southern California – which was one of the earliest universities to have a school which focused on motion picture film-where he was enrolled in the school of Cinematic Arts.

George Lucas made some friends in the school where they later became known as The Dirty Dozen which comprised of himself and some of his class mates who were also film students.

George Lucas Career

While in class, George Lucas was exposed to many motivating and inspiring films, written by top film makers like Norman McLaren.

These films and documentaries deepened George Lucas’ love for pure cinema and he eventually became innovative and productive when it comes producing a 16mm no character nonstory visual tone poems and cinema verite which had the titles ‘Herbie’, ‘look at life’, The Emperor, among others.

Because of his love for editing and camera work, George Lucas drifted from the director he was supposed to be to filmmaker, where he took delight in creating abstract visual films which produced emotions strictly through cinema.

In 1967, the passionate film maker and director, George Lucas, graduated from University of Southern California with a bachelor degree in fine arts in film. In 1973, George Lucas established his company, the Lucasfilm, Ltd; where he directed the American Grafiti which became a huge success.

George Lucas subsequently wrote and directed the Star Wars which later became the top-grossing film though it was later outclassed by the film Extra-Terrestrial by Spielberg.

Amazingly, the film Star wars has fetched George Lucas millions of dollars in their hundreds, from toys, licensed games etc; so you shouldn’t be surprised at George Lucas ‘ mouth watering net worth. The film, ‘Indiana Jones’ was written and produced by the great George Lucas, but directed by his friend Stephen Spielberg.

 George Lucas has over the years established himself to be a public figure and a legend in film making, film writing and production as well. However, he had to step down from producing megahit movies, appointing Kathleen Kennedy as the co-chairman of the Lucasfilm Ltd.

Though he had retired from producing smash hit movies, George Lucas still worked as a creative consultant on the movie The Force Awakens, which was the Star Wars sequel trilogy’s first film.

George Lucas was also deeply involved in the production of the Star Wars story, Solo in 2018. Also he worked with J. J Abrams to write and direct a subsequent film of the star wars, The Rise of Skywalker; which was produced in 2019.

George Lucas Achievements/Awards

Over the years, George Lucas’ hard work and commitment has earned him series of awards, they include;

  • Golden Globe Award 1973
  • Evening standard British film 1978
  • Saturn Award 1978
  • Golden Globe Award 1978
  • Hugo Award 1990
  • Gold Raspberry Award 1988

George Lucas Personal Life

George Lucas was first married to fellow film editor Marcia Lou Griffin in 1969 before getting divorced in 1983 where George Lucas had to adopt two more children to add to the one he and his ex-wife Marcia had already adopted.

George Lucas finally found his missing rib in Melody Hobson who was the president of Aerial investments and also the chairman of Dream works animation. The marriage took place on the 22nd day of June 2013.

George Lucas Net Worth

Given all the mega hits movies the Hollywood legendary producer and film writer has directed and produced and also sold, George Lucas, according to Forbes as of 2020 has a ground shaking net worth of  $5.6 billion.

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