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How Can Business Shift to Remote Work Setup? (2020 Updated)

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If there is something essential that 2020 has taught us so far, it is the fact that provisions for remote working should always be made. There could be emergencies and exigencies affecting and impacting the business. Remote working solves a lot of problems.

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The ability to work remotely offers the much-desired flexibility to a business and its staff. People can function from remote locations and still serve the purpose that a physical office does. Laptops can be taken home but what about the office landline that rings continuously?

You can click WeNumber to know the possible solutions for how phones can be compatible with remote working. Further, you can view this article of 0345 number to know why it is most sought after remote working code.

Tips to Set Up Remote Work

At the onset itself, it takes some time to get used to and settle in a remote work set up. It is not blatantly easy. Everyone has a different set of home environment and getting work done from home can be different for many people.

In this scenario, the below mentioned tips can help the business in shifting to remote work set up:

Customer Services

Customers are the key variable of any business. For your business to retain its success and clientele, the relationship with the customers has to be continuous and the business must serve them relentlessly.

Having 0345 numbers not only gives a professional flair to the business owners, but they also benefit both business owners and customers. The calls are charged at very low rates and the customers do not feel the pinch of calling.

Now, the benefit of these numbers is that they are also compatible with remote working. The numbers can be redirected to the mobile phone or landline phone of the concerned employee.

So, when it comes to customer relationship management, 0345 numbers are good alternatives.

Remote Working Guidelines

Shifting the business to remote working can create a lot of unspoken confusion and ambiguity in the minds of the staff. To save time and answer the same question multiple times, all aspects of remote working must be covered under remote working guidelines.



The communication of state of affairs with internal and external stakeholders is important. The redirecting of 0345 numbers is an instantaneous process. Further, these numbers do not restrict or pose any limitations based on geographies. 

Communication can be transparent and instant, irrespective of the location of the employees. Further, any major developments, hardships and gratitude can be expressed by getting in touch with the internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis.

Meetings and Line Managers

When it comes to remote working, there is a sudden lack in actual physical interface. This makes seeking reports or timely updates of work done a little challenging. But aren’t we lucky to live in the times of good technology?

Regular meetings are a good way to ensure that the work is being done. Agendas, action points, milestones, development and reporting are some of the crucial area points that can be covered.

The line managers must be in regular touch with their subordinates to ensure that the reporting requirements are meant.

Recurrent Reviews

Staff in a business work their best around reviews. Everyone wants good feedback. Hence, a feedback driven management approach never fails. There can be monthly reviews so that the staff is inclined to perform their best.

The reviews will create a perennial sense of competition within the employees. They will feel the urge to do better and give better results for a good rating.

Technological Support

While technology will play a very important role in this shift to remote working, it needs to be given the desired importance. A technological team must be intact to troubleshoot remotely the issues faced by the staff.

Such technology and mobile support should be sought that is compatible with exigencies. Laptops instead of desktops, 0345 numbers instead of other numbers, seeking numbers from virtual number providers like WeNumber can save a lot of cost.

Remote Working Practices

Not everyone is an expert in working from home and not everyone has a similar working environment. Therefore, the best remote working practices must be shared with the staff. This will help them combat challenges in a better way.


Wrapping Up

As long as communication is in progress, the business is working. Therefore, seeking right modes of communication in the form of mails, calling numbers and regular interfaces are necessary.

You can check more info about the 0345 numbers to know it can create a positive impact on the business, even at the time of crisis. Further, you can also click WeNumber to obtain such numbers and see operator wise comparison.

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