Importance of Customer Service AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly chatbots, is transforming customer service like never before. Before these friendly bots came about, you could wait in a queue for hours, if not days, to be attended to by customer service reps.

Before chatbots, customer interactions were the only available channels were letters, emails, phone calls, live chats, or face-to-face interactions.

All these required the presence of a human being at the other end of the channel. All these channels require patience, which most people don’t have.

Most customers want their queries addressed within an hour, if not instantly. Chatbots reduce response time to zero and provide accurate answers to customer queries.

Why Your Business Needs Chatbots

Chatbots are smart applications that can shift through huge clumps of data then provide your customers with quick and accurate answers instantly.

For this reason, you can program them to take care of repetitive queries that need simple answers. Surprisingly, it is these simple repetitive queries that burden your customer service representatives. When your reps get such a big relief, they’ll become more productive and efficient.

Chatbots are game-changers that will eliminate redundancy in your company without asking for a salary increase.

Meanwhile, if you already invested a huge sum in customer service, deploying a customer service AI chatbot will lower your operational costs, encourage uninterrupted customer interactions, and improve your sales channel.

More concisely, deploying chatbots will enhance communication, automate purchases, and improve service delivery. All these will work toward boosting your bottom line.

Still not decided whether you need chatbots? Read on and find out why you need to deploy chatbots as early as today.

Chatbots Improve Customer Communication

It is the dream of every business owner to know his customers better to provide customized services. Going to the old school way of customer interactions makes it difficult to know what your customers want and what they feel about your products/services.

As far as customer service is concerned, customer service AI chatbots ADA like have changed everything, especially when it comes to communication.

Chatbots can provide you with a pool of data about all your customers. From this data, you’ll get to know about their preferences and tastes so your engagements with them can be more fruitful.

24/7 customer support

If your business is still relying only on messaging channels such as live chats, emails, and phone calls, you miss a lot. Nowadays, clients are so busy and impatient. They need immediate responses when they want to make urgent decisions. Any delay would mean you lose a prospect.

Customer reps cannot meet this demand. First, because they are only available during the working hours, and the second reason is they may get tired and provide unsatisfactory answers.

On the other hand, chatbots are available around the clock, serving your customers even at odd hours. Chatbots provide consistent responses because they never get tired or emotional. This way, chatbots can easily convert your new visitors into loyal customers.

There Are No Language Barrier With Chatbots

The biggest challenge that customers and employees face in their interactions is the language barrier. You can never have all-knowing employees in your company. So in any instance, there’ll be some communication gaps. The chatbot can come to your rescue.

Incorporating chatbots into your communication system will ensure all your customers are satisfied. Why? Chatbots run on natural language processing (NLP) standards, which allow them to understand a host of languages.

As your customers use chatbots, these applications will store different sentences and words related to the problems solved. It helps the chatbot to increase and develop its knowledge base. Eventually, the chatbots will use their wide knowledge base to deliver accurate and selfless customer service.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence power the chatbots’ self-learning, giving them the ability to pick correct answers to queries. Means you’ll never have to spend money on ‘training’ your chatbots the way you’d do with customer reps.

Chatbots Help You Save Money

Deploying chatbots can help you reduce your customer service cost by up to 30%. It is because they’ll take care of all routine questions, eliminating the need for employing new personnel.

Further to this, hiring new customer service reps as your business expands requires money, not only for their salaries but also for training.

On the other hand, chatbots are scalable and will handle any additional customer service work without increasing your costs. They also deliver better customer satisfaction than customer service reps.

 Numbers Never Lie

SurveyMonkey delivered a comprehensive report that shows chatbots are on the top of customer service delivery, statistically. Oracle also released a report in which they asserted that up to 80 per cent of business owners plan to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations.

With this kind of trend, you don’t need to wait longer. You can take advantage of chatbots to drive your business to the top of the successful businesses’ chart.

The Right Customer Service Rep Will Get The Right Customers

Once in a while, a chatbot may encounter a query that it can’t handle. As stated earlier, chatbots deal with simple repetitive queries. The good news is that chatbot can analyze a query, then raise a ticket with the right customer service rep or the relevant department.

Human beings can then handle such complex queries. For example, when running a hotel, your chatbots will forward them to the reservations department whenever a query arises about booking.

If the question is about food and drinks, it will be transmitted to the officers in charge of that department. This way, all customers with queries will get correct answers in the shortest time possible.

What all this means is that chatbots will not replace your customer service reps, but will only enhance their work. You can choose to keep a small team of customer service reps who you can pay comfortably.

Are you ready to deploy chatbots? Contact ADA, and you won’t regret it.

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