Why Use Social Media as an Online Marketing Approach?

Social Media Marketing

If you have been using SEO and developed a web design that works for your online marketing program, you can’t overlook the benefits of social media offerings.

These benefits have been compiled from statistics and studies from research centres and universities. In addition, this information is supported by data and content from such major media giants as Mashable and Forbes.

Top software marketers, such as Marketo and HubSpot, also have shown how social media can be a boon for your business.

Social media benefits make it possible for a business to create its brand identity and to use advertising to the fullest extent possible.

The following advantages are reasons why you need to make social media an integral part of your company’s online marketing programme.

Establishing Trust

People naturally purchase products or services from company brands they trust. Social media allows you to build up this kind of reputation.

There is a direct correlation between trust, intent to buy, and a product’s or service’s usefulness. When people trust your company’s brand and, in turn, perceive the worth of your product or services, it definitely impacts their intention to buy.

Building Credibility

Using social media services also builds your credibility as a company. If you are going to establish trust, you also need to build credibility. Using consumer engagement and developing a following will help you influence the buying public.

Consumer research shows that just over half of Facebook followers and 67% of Twitter followers are more apt to make purchases from the brands they follow.

Enhancing Your Brand’s Image

When you establish trust and build credibility, you also enhance your brand’s image. Doing so allows you to tell the story behind your company and business.

Communicating the meaning behind your brand enables you to establish an emotional connection with your base of customers.

Increasing Brand Recognition

With close to three billion people worldwide accessing the web and almost three-quarters of online adults using social media, you are assured of increasing brand recognition when you use social platforms to promote your company’s products and/or services.

Making your products or services familiar to the public makes it easier for you to convince people of their worth and usefulness. People are more likely to buy a product or service that is familiar to them.

Growing an Audience Online

It is always important to build connections with your customers. The fans or followers you attract should be part of your client base for the long-term.

As this client base grows, your brand will also influence your sales. This is an ideal way to reach a large group of people without spending any significant amount of money.

Building Relationships On the Web, Locally and Globally

Building a meaningful and solid relationship with your customer base is a primary advantage of social media.

This type of marketing approach allows you to access and engage customers and build a bond. When you have this type of relationship, it, in essence, develops the relationship capital of your company.

This type of communication not only enhances your brand’s voice, but also makes it possible to experience bona fide communications with customers and prospects alike.

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