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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How to Choose a Stack for Web Application Development?

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Are you an entrepreneur, startup, or a business owner planning to build a web application? Are you facing problems deciding what technologies to use for your web app development?

Well, you’re not alone. Lots of entrepreneurs build and launch their web app startups every year. And just like you, they too faced the same problem of choosing the right technology stack.

In fact, many of them didn’t even know what a technology stack is in the first place. So, we’ll start by that and then move forward towards 5 factors to consider for choosing the right technology stack for web app development.

What is a Technology Stack?

A technology stack is basically a set of frameworks, programming languages, and tools used for developing a full-fledged mobile or web application.

Based on the specific requirements of the web app, developers choose the technology stack accordingly.

In fact, choosing the right technology stack is supremely important as it directly influences the performance and overall success of your web application.

So, in this article, I will be sharing the entire process of how web app development companies select technology stack for their clients? projects to ensure its success.

5 Factors to Pick The Right Technology Stack for Web App Development

Identifying the right tools, frameworks, and technologies is quite confusing these days, especially because of the wide range of options available in the market.

So, how does web development companies filter through the options by analyzing project requirements and select the best technology stack for every client?

The answer lies in the following factors that need to be considered while selecting a technology stack.

Let’s move forward and discuss the factors in the right order.

1. Project Size

Let’s face it. All projects come in different sizes. And depending on the complexity of each project, developers form a technology stack.

Now generally, all projects can fall under one of the following three categories.

  • Small: Small projects often include small web applications with core 1-3 features, presentations, single page websites, digital magazines, and portfolios.
  • Medium: Medium-sized projects generally refers to applications with some complex features such as Internal enterprise applications or online stores.
  • Large: Large-scale projects basically includes applications with most complex features like social network applications, global marketplace apps, or any application that requires fast speed, high scalability, and maintainability.

2. Time to Market

Time to Market basically means the period of time from a project idea turned into a full-fledged product.

And the choice of the technology stack heavily influences the time to market of your web app project.

For example, the right frameworks and tools will speed up the development process, while the wrong selection can slow down the process drastically.

So, if you want your web app to be built and launched as fast as possible, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right technology stack for your project.

And while you’re at it, you can also consider the MVP development approach for your web app project.

MVP basically means Minimum Viable Product in which you develop only the core features of your mobile or web application and test your idea in the market.

3. Security

Security should never be ignored, especially when the number of cyberattacks is on a rapid rise. According to reports, financial losses due to cyberattacks reached nearly $2.1 trillion USD in 2019.

And since you’re probably going to be spending thousands of dollars on your web app project, you definitely don’t want to take any chances.

Now building a web app that is completely invulnerable from hackers is impossible, but you can certainly choose to use the safest tools and technologies for developing your web application.

To make your web app safer, you can hire a web development company for professional help and make sure that the developers are following all security guidelines while developing your web application.

4. Scalability

The scalability of an application, be it mobile or web, is the ability to handle the load.

In other words, the technology stack used for developing your web application should be able to serve all users smoothly when the number of users goes up exponentially.

So, you must choose the best technology stack according to your project requirements to ensure that it can easily handle both vertical and horizontal growth.

Vertical growth refers to the ability to add new features and functionalities, while horizontal growth refers to the ability to handle the exponential rise in the number of users.

5. Development Budget

Lastly, when finalizing the technology stack for your web app development project, you should also consider your budget.

You see, the more advanced tools and technologies you choose for your web application, the higher the development cost will be.

So while modern technologies are definitely recommended, but you also need to make sure that their cost is not exceeding your pre-defined budget.

One way to make sure that your web app development cost does not surpass your budget is to embrace open-source tools and technologies for developing your web app.

Today, most of the open-source technologies are highly-secured and are heavily used by not only startups but large-scale organizations as well.

Concluding Thoughts

So, this is how you should choose the technology stack for your next web application development project.

But remember, only the selection of the right technology stack does not ensure the success of your web app project. You also need to hire developers who have in-depth knowledge of each of the selected tools and technology.

In other words, the success of your web app project does not solely depend on the choice of the technology stack but also the people working on your project.

So, pay equal attention to hiring the right web app developers along with choosing the technology stack for your project.

Author Bio:

Sandeep Agrawal

Sandeep Agrawal has more than 2 decades of experience in creating world-class teams and driving innovation through cutting-edge products and mobile app development solutions. He is passionate about creating new technology solutions and delivering a Great Customer Experience by evangelizingUbiquitous Mobility.

Being the CEO of Web App Development Company – Credencys Solutions, Sandeep helps clients to bridge the execution gap with services including Consulting, Design & Architecture, Product strategy, software development, DevOps, Managed Services. With the motto of Go Digital, Sandeep delivers an Extraordinary Customer Experience to its every client. Connect with Sandeep at sandeep@credencys.com.

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