How to Move Data From Old iPhone to New iPhone?

Wondering how you are going to move your contacts and files from your old iPhone to your new iPhone? Here is how to move EVERYTHING easily
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So you just got yourself a new iPhone, and you are wondering how you are going to move all your files, apps, contacts any other important data from your old phone (Android or iPhone) to the new iPhone.

Without playing around here, let us start and get your device running:

Option 1: How To transfer All Apps and Data from Your Old iPhone To New iPhone.

Follow this step if you haven’t started using new iPhone yet. In case you are using your new device already, check Option 2 two.

The first thing you would want to do is take a backup of your old iPhone. The backup can be created in iCloud or in iTunes. Backing up on iCloud guarantees easy accessibility while using iTunes gives better speed.

Step 1: To back up your device using iTunes.

You have to plug your iPhone into your Mac or PC. Open iTunes on Mac or PC. If your iPhone is locked, you may need to unlock it before you can access it via iTunes.

You may see a warning “Do you want to allow this computer to access information on iPhone?”. Click Continue and if required enter your Passcode on your iPhone.

If the software is outdated, you may be required to update on your Mac or PC. If that’s the case, click Install.

How To Create iTunes BackUp To Mac or PC

This should open iTunes and show your iPhone device in the Devices section in the column on the right. You may also see the iPhone icon beside the Music drop-down menu.

To continue, Click on the iPhone icon. This will show you information about your iPhone and also a section titled Backups. Here you can choose to back up to This Computer.

If you wish to create a full back up of your iPhone to your Mac or PC, choose This Computer. Click ‘Back Up Now’ to make the back up happen.

To Create Back Up To iCloud

Creating backup to iCloud requires internet connectivity, and if your data is past 5GB, you will probably need to pay money for more space. Creating a back up to iCloud means you can access your files backups without any need for your Mac.

How to create iphone backup to icloud
  1. Navigate to the Settings app on your old iPhone and open it.
  2. Next, you have to tap on your the name or picture at the top and then tap iCloud.
  3. Next, you check the list of Apps using iCloud to make sure that all the apps with data you need are backed up.
  4. Then you scroll down to iCloud Backup option and tap on it.
  5. Make sure iCloud Backup is turned on (the slider should show green).
  6. Now tap Back up Now to force a backup.

In older versions of iOS, head to Settings > iCloud > Backup and tap ‘Back Up Now.’

Step 2: How to Activate and Set Up iPhone if You Are new to Apple

With your data on the old iPhone all ready to be transferred to your new iPhone device, you should be ready to get set and start the setup process.

First, you turn on your iPhone by pressing the On/Off switch. You will see a welcome screen, displaying a Slide To Set Up slider that rotates between different languages.

Pick your language and country, and whether you would like to enable Location Services. Allowing location services allows Apple apps (and third-party apps) to access your location via your GPS (Global Positioning System) location and Wi-Fi networks.

Your iPhone will check for available Wi-Fi networks in your area so that it can connect to it; if there aren’t any, or if you would rather use your cellular network service, tap the Next button.

Here, you can set up your iPhone device as a brand-new phone or choose to restore back up. Set up might include setting up a passcode, Face ID or Touch ID, depending on which iPhone you have.

Step 3: Restore Back Up

Once you have set up your device and logged in with your Apple ID, you will be presented with an option to set up your device as brand new iPhone or restore an existing backup via iTunes or iCloud.

Select Backup from iCloud (if you backed up your data to iCloud) or Backup from iTunes (if you backed up your data to iTunes).

To Restore From iTunes

If you are using Itunes, connect your device to the Mac or PC you backed up the old phone’s data to. iTunes will ask if you wish to restore from the backup or set up as a new device. Select “Restore from this backup option.”

The restore process will take place but may take a while depending on the size of your backup. Wait until the process is complete and your phone will start up. Keep the device connected to sync your media files.

To Restore From iCloud

To restore from iCloud, you may need to connect your device to a power source and then to a Wi-Fi network. As with the step above, when prompted with the Restore option, select Restore from iCloud Backup

NOTE: for Apple Watch users, switching phones would require you to reset your Apple Watch device. Your apps would be backed up on the watch app but health information won’t except you create an encrypted backup using iTunes.

How To Transfer Data From Old iPhone To New iPhone You Are Already Using?

So you are already using your new iPhone, and you are wondering if there is any hope for you, well there is. This method should transfer photos, notes, contacts, calendars and Safari passwords from your old device to the new iPhone.

Step 1: To transfer the data, connect both devices to a Wi-Fi network (use cellular if you have enough data), on your old iPhone go to Settings App and sign in with your iClud Account/Apple ID. Click on your Apple ID information which is located at the top of the page and click on iCloud.

Here you toggle on everything you want to transfer to the new iPhone and your data will automatically start syncing.

Step 2: With everything in the old device synced, head over to Settings on your new iPhone, log in with the same Apple ID/ iCloud Account and toggle on everything you wish to download. This will automatically download your old data.

To get old apps you used in the old phone, head over to the App store and check the Updates tab and also find the Purchased page. Here you will see a list of all the apps you have downloaded.

While this method will give you back some of your data, the only way to get third-party app data, health data, text messages and Settings, Wifi Logins etc. will be to erase your device and use the first option in this tutorial (using an iTunes backup)

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