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6 Important NYSC Orientation Camp Information

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The NYSC Orientation camp exercise is one if the four core activities on the NYSC scheme with the other three being Community Development Service (CDS) and Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development (SAED)

NYSC Orientation Camp Information

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For Prospective Corp Members going to camp, the following are some of the important files and personal stuff you need;

1. Files

  • Original Statement of Results or Certificate and about 6 photocopies. Most camps don’t use more than 4 and in case you need more, there are photocopying centres in camp mammy market.
  • For Polytechnic graduates, that includes your ND Certificate or statement of results

Check your dashboard for other documents needed and proceed to make 4 photocopies.

  • You may need 3 coloured copies of your Green card and about 3 photocopies too. One of the coloured copy and the three photocopies will be submitted at the Camp during registration. Another copy will be used for registration at the NYSC Secretariat in the Local Government Headquarters where you will be posted to serve. If you are aiming for relocation, the third will be used at the NYSC State Secretariat where you will be relocated to. Make the same amount of photocopies for other documents too.
  • Your School ID card is very important. Make 4 photocopies back and front. If you have submitted yours when collecting certificate, go and make a photocopy and have it certified by having your registrar sign on it (or find another way),
  • For most camps, you need either a Medical certificate or a Medical report. A medical certificate states that you are fit for the orientation exercise while a medical report states that you have a medical condition that demands attention (and also means you can be sent home depending on the severity).
  • About 20 Red background passport photographs for files.

2. Personal Belongings

This list includes things you can buy at the camp but for a much higher rate.

  • Padlock for your box/bag to deter thieves
  • Enough snacks (trust me, you can’t rely on the kitchen every day)
  • Waist Pouch (your personal bank and vault)
  • 4 white shorts
  • 4 white shirts
  • 3 coloured shirts/dresses for Sundays
  • 1 white rubber shoe
  • 2-bed sheets
  • 1 small food flask
  • 1 rubber cup
  • 2 spoons
  • 1 rubber plate
  • 1 water can
  • 1 hot water flask (if you can afford it)
  • a white sweater
  • 3 long white socks
  • Bucket for bathing and probably a pool for toilet affairs
    *mosquito net
    *anti purge drugs and antibiotics.
    *Liquid Antiseptic to disinfect bathing water
  • Permanent marker to inscribe your State code on your belongings especially your khaki, crested vest and boots with cap/ In fact even your bag.

3. The minimum amount of money you are expected to spend

  • Money for phone charging ₦2000 for 21 days (₦100 daily)
  • Feeding ₦15,000 for 21 days or ₦6,000 weekly (this is for those who want to make the mammy market their kitchen)
  • Payment for carnival shirt ₦2000
  • Platoon contribution about ₦2,000

Total amount ₦21.000 minimum

*Laundry fee negotiable ₦100 daily (some pay ₦1500 for the full orientation period)

4. Expected Cash

  • Transport allowance ₦1500
  • camp transportation allowance ₦1000
  • First NYSC Allowee ₦19800 (Don’t squander it as it will be useful for life outside the camp)

Total ₦22300

5. What To Expect In Camp

If you want to reduce the stress that comes with registration, report early (if possible go a day) to camp. This allows you to easily fill the book for accommodation, pick a nice foam and also pick a nice bed spot. Also, this category usually gets the best hostels.

If you don’t report early, well, stress and long queues await you at the gate. Accommodation registration process won’t be easy, and you get any foam you see. To make things worse, you must file out for registration immediately.

Your Khaki and Boots may be too small or too big. There will be people around to swap with but inspect their own clothes and boots thoroughly before you swap. Do not totally slim fit your clothes. Remember the stress will make you lose weight and they may not fit when you gain fat, they may be too small. Also, they may tear during Man O War exercises.


If you have any pre-existing medical condition, please report to the camp clinic for check-up and treatment. Depending on the condition, you may be considered for instant relocation to a state closer to your residential state.

For the first few days, you will be stressed but it gets easier as you learn to wake up before the beagle, SAED lectures are nightmares but you must attend. Evening parades aren’t cute either. The queue for food is also tiring and the only solace you have is going to the mammy market in the evenings.

The easiest way out of most of this stress is to join a group. There is Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) which is in charge of information and cool music (very active in Northern camps). Also, there is the Red Cross, and the Band. Also, respecting the soldiers will reduce the stress alot too.

In the second week, you would have gotten used to the system, and camp social activities will kick in. Here is where the fun is. Inter-platoon activities are awesome. Try to catch as much fun as you can (do not take hard drugs, smoke marijuana or partake in sexual activities. If you are caught, you will be sent out of the camp)

Also, the application forms for relocation should be out in the second week. If you wish to relocate, get it, fill it and write a relocation application letter. Be careful though, those who try to apply for relocation and fail the relocation screening exercise may end up in the worst area of the state.

Those who camp during the rainy season will have more free time but those who camp during the harmattan period feel the extreme sides of both nature and man.

6. Life After NYSC Orientation Camp

Well, there isn’t much after camp, in fact, real NYSC fun ends after camp. Your real journey begins. You will be posted to a place where you will have to obtain an acceptance letter (You will be guided by your Local Government Inspector.

The NYSC Official placed to oversee your affairs). You will also be placed in the Community Development Service subgroups. Read the instructions on your posting letter well and ask your LGI for guidance.

If you need any information, kindly drop a comment and I will reply as soon as possible. If you are applying for remobilization, check here.

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    • There are no provisions whatsoever. You will either get a small bucket to serve as pool or you will have to use the bushes if there are any.

    • Hello Vera, pregnant women and nursing mothers will be allowed to register and them go home. Honestly though, they are not supposed to serve outside their state of residence

    • People with such health challenges are to report immediately to the camp clinic and present their cases (and probably medical reports).

      If you have been visiting a clinic before please take your clinic cards alongs.

      Those persons will be granted an exeat to go home and in most cases, will either be given instant relocation to their states or a state closer to theirs.

      Asthmatic patients who wish to remain in camp must carry their inhalers with them at all times.

      Camp is fun, but it is also stressful. Don’t add to doctors stress cause the clinic will always be full at most times

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