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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Which One You Should Buy: Apple’s New Airpods vs. Old Airpods

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Apple launched its second-generation of Airpods which came with new updates and features compared to the previous generation.

You must have seen different articles highlighting the characteristics of the new AirPods.

In this article, we will be making a comparison between the original and the old one. Let’s see which is worth your money.


The design of the new AirPod is similar to the original AirPods except that they concluded the LED light at the front of the charging case.

This indicator will notify you about the charging level of the AirPods when you kept them on Qi-compatible charging mat. The first generation charging case had this LED in the middle of the lid where the earbuds were placed for charging.


The new Apple AirPods make use of the new proprietary chip known as the H1, though the previous model of AirPods runs on W1 chip. Both the chip are capable of on-tap pairing process, but the company claims that the new version of AirPods chip is 1.5 times faster than the original ones.

The H1 chip is also responsible for better stable wireless connection to devices like iPhones and iPads.

Siri Accessible

Siri is always a favorite for all iPhone users, with the new H1 chip, the company has introduced the latest feature through which you can call on Siri while wearing your AirPods. The first-generation AirPods also can invoke Siri but for that users were supposed to tap twice on the earbuds.

Furthermore, the new AirPods allows you to say ‘Hey Siri’ and talk to the personal assistant. This is also done for people who are extremely busy and can’t get hold of their phone to make calls all the time and change tracks.


The newly launched Apple AirPods comes with the same battery life as its predecessor. The Cupertino-based company claims that it’s capable of delivering five hours of battery in a single charge and over 24 hours while in the charging case.

The company claims the second generation AirPods are capable of delivering over 50 per cent more talking backup because of the new chip (H1). New AirPods can give two hours of talk time in one straight charge.


Currently, the original Apple AirPod is available for sale with the price tag of $159. The newly launched AirPods starts with the same price point, but now customers have the option of purchasing the earbuds with the wireless charging case which cost $199.

This makes it even cheaper because if you go ahead for the previous version, you will need to buy the wireless charger separately.

Moreover, if you already have the original earbuds, then you can buy the Wireless Charging Case at the cost of $75. The wireless charging case also comes with a lightning port so that you can use it to your preference.

You can now grab the newly launched AirPods on the company’s official e-store and Apple Stores from March 26, 2019. Also note that the previous models of AirPods are removed from Apple’s website, but you can still lay hands on them from other e-commerce websites.

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