How to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Lifespan?


Your smartphone battery is one of the most important components inside your phone. If you think I am blabbing, remove your smartphone’s battery and try switching it on.

With that done, you will realize that a malfunctioning battery will make using your mobile phone an uncomfortable experience.

Because your smartphone is an important part of your everyday life, and like everything that’s important to your life, your Smartphone is worth any amount of care it can receive from you and the battery shouldn’t be left out.

More especially, when your smartphone has an in-built battery. It is more stressful and expensive to replace a damaged non-removable battery.

While using of your Smartphone, you unknowingly do things that rapidly reduce the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery. We all know that batteries don’t live forever, but that doesn’t mean the battery should be used in a way that its lifespan should be cut short.

In this post, I have listed 5 actions you might be doing that is damaging your Smartphone and ruining its lifespan.

Charging your battery overnight

Charging your phone overnight will not cause any damage to your Smartphone battery by means of overcharging it. The latest mobile phone technology has made the word, overcharge go extinct.

Today, smartphone has a chip that automatically disconnects the phone from absorbing any extra electric charge once the battery is fully charged.

Does charging your phone overnight ruin the battery?

No, but the main problem with charging your phone overnight has to do with the amount of charge/discharge cycles a Smartphone battery can go through.

Businessinsider reported that the companies that make your smartphone batteries say they should barely last a year. The thing is, the cells in your smartphone battery were not built to last forever, but at least, two or more years of being in perfect condition is okay.

Smartphone’s lithium-ion battery have at least a lifespan of 300-500 charging cycles. And the more you use and recharge your battery, the more this cycle ticks down.

If the normal daily charging and discharging of the Smartphone battery over time can wear off the battery leading to a reduction in the amount of charge it can hold. Charging and discharging more frequently will quicken the death of your smartphone battery cells.

That’s just the problem with charging your Smartphone overnight, when it drops 1% your charger will fill it back up immediately, reducing the charging cycle by one.

Charging and using the phone at the same time

We should all learn to desist from this practice. While you will not notice any immediate damage to your Smartphone’s battery as you engage your smartphone in such a stressful situation, the damage will come over time.

First, the battery will start overheating and when it does, your battery starts swelling up gradually and a swollen battery is never as good and healthy as its previous self.

Secondly, every Smartphone battery has its designated time to charge to 100%. A 2000mAH battery will take around 1hr to be fully charged.

If you are charging your battery and using it at the same time, it will take longer to charge. The result is that the battery heats up and its components heat up too.

I will talk about temperature and how it can damage your battery later on this post.

Using any Charger that comes your way

There are so many fake and original chargers in the market today, and while the original chargers meant for your phone can be very expensive to replace, you might be tempted to go for the cheaper fake ones.

Whether lower or higher than normal, the charger takes in any amount of power presented to it and outputs the absolute amount of power your battery needs to charge and function properly.

This is because your original charger was built with your Smartphone’s battery in mind, but the fake charger out there wasn’t and it will not feed your battery the optimum power it needs and in some cases, this might cause the slow and steady death of your Smartphone’s battery.

Leaving the battery without charge for too long

If you are going to leave your phone for a very long time, don’t leave it with a 0% or a 100% charge. Try to leave it at around 40-50%. And here is why.

Li-ion batteries tend to drain at about 5-10% a month when not in use. If you leave the battery completely discharged for a very long period of time, the battery may eventually become incapable of holding a charge whenever you come back to it.

Some people believe that leaving a battery 100% charged for a very long time might make the battery explode, no proof has been drawn up to back up this belief but I think this is possible if the battery is kept in a place that the temperature will rise beyond normal.

To be on the safer side, just leave the battery with 40-50% charge, Li-ion batteries retain charge a lot at that level.

The effects of low and high temperature on Smartphone batteries

Let me start with how high temperatures can damage your Smartphone battery and maybe your Smartphone too.

These days; all the Smartphones around the world must have either one of the two types of batteries found on smartphones; a lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) or a Lithium polymer battery.

Smartphone brands that want to embrace the new revolution of technology and produce slim weightless smartphones will always go for the Li-ion battery; this is because the latter adds more weight to your pocket when used in a Smartphone.

But, the Li-ion battery with all of its advantages doesn’t fare well with high temperature while Lithium polymer batteries don’t have any problem with high temperature unless it is frying.

The Li-ion battery was cursed with a problem whereby a rise in temperature will promote even more excess heat and finally leading to overheating issues. This process is called thermal runaway and I will elaborate more on it in another post.

Well, not just a rise in temperature. A drastic fall in temperature can also cause severe damage to your Smartphone battery.

Smartphone batteries were designed to fare well at low temperatures more than high temperatures, but a temperature as low as -40 degrees will cause so much damage to a Smartphone battery.

Smartphone studies have shown that Android phones perform better in the cold more than its Apple counterparts.

In cold temperatures, your battery will always drain out rapidly and when this repeats itself, it might damage the battery very fast. The device may shut down spontaneously with a drained battery. This is because the cells are not at the normal temperature that will help them function properly.

Final Bullet

While you can’t stop your Smartphone battery from losing its lifespan, you can use the information on this post to make sure that your battery stays with you as long as it was destined to stay.

Charge your battery when necessary and if the battery’s cell becomes weak, hurry and replace the battery. Don’t try to manage a malfunctioning battery.

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