7 Paramount Academic Transcription Software in 2022

Academic Transcription Software
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Many spheres have been greatly affected by modern technologies. The education sphere has also got modified significantly with the implemented up-to-date tools and software.

These days, the study routine differs greatly from the previous decades’ reality. Modern students and tutors use information technologies widely.

The professors provide various study materials online and allow students to use numerous education platforms for studies.

With the possibility to record a lecture, students do not even need to make notes anymore. They can simply record a lecture, and listen to it when they need to learn it.

Still, even with the recorded lectures, you may need to have the most important information from your lectures documented. In such a case, you should transcript your recordings.

It is not easy to transcript audio or video files. You can think it is a child’s play from the very start. Still, this task takes a lot of time and nerves.

Besides, there can be many preventing factors. You can have a recording with a noisy background or the speaker can have a very difficult accent.

There are many reasons why transcribing academic papers can be a challenge. Fortunately, you always have an effective solution.

You can use a paramount academic transcription service and get your perfect scripts in a few clicks.

Academic Transcription Software: Benefits and Usage

There are many situations when you need a script for a certain video or audio file. These days, students like to record lectures.

They also record or capture on tape conferences and other meetings. Once all the information is recorded, they may need to use certain quotes or core arguments in their academic papers.

In such a case, they need to have a proper script of their recordings. If you need only a few quotes from an entire speech, you can transcript a text yourself.

If you need a whole speech transcribed, getting advanced academic transcription software is the only logical solution.

University professors and tutors often need their lectures to be documented. In such a case they also look for the transcription service to get their recordings’ transcripts fast.

You get lots of benefits once using transcription software and human transcription services. First, you get expert assistance with your recordings.

Thus, you can get content transcribed in about 12-48 hours. The turnaround period can be even smaller if you negotiate a deadline with the chosen transcription service.

Second, once using transcription software, you can get your audio or video files transcribed in a few clicks. Finally, you can also edit your scripts to deliver flawless final text.

Many modern transcription services also offer translation and subtitles services online.

Best Academic Transcription Software

Check the following list of the most popular academic transcription software to find reliable transcription assistance with your academic recordings.

1. Transcriberry

Transcriberry is a contemporary transcription service that brings extra benefits for users. It offers both advanced transcription software and human transcript service.

You can get your audio or video files recorded in seconds once using the automated software at the website. Also, you can order the assistance of certified transcriptionists.

They can prepare flawless scripts due to an arranged deadline. In general, it takes specialists about 48 hours to deliver your script.

The platform is known to offer accurate and fast transcripts. What is more, the company provides expert assistance with subtitles.

You can order subtitles for your videos in various languages. The service is quite affordable for users worldwide. The automated software transcripts cost $0.25 per minute. The expert assistance of transcriptionists costs $1.25.

The service works with different recordings, including the ones with noisy backgrounds and difficult accents.

2. Sonix

Sonix is an up-to-date and very accurate transcription software. It can be used to transcribe any amount of audio and video files.

You can transcribe lectures, conferences, meetings, podcasts, etc. This is an automated software that has probably the biggest user base. It has over a million users worldwide these days. The automated software is very accurate.

The background noises, difficult accents, or problems with a sound do not affect the transcription results. The users always get accurate scripts they can download in any format. The software also supports multiple languages.

It has custom dictionaries and word-wise timestamps. There are a few main plans the users can select from. It includes a Standard plan that costs $10 per hour and a Premium plan that costs $5 per hour with an extra $22 of a monthly fee.

3. Rev

Rev is a modern transcription platform that brings qualified assistance and translation services. The service works with a wide variety of recordings.

You can order your audio or video file to be recorded fast. In the end, you get a properly formatted and well-written script.

You can download your prepared scripts in any desired format. The service is very convenient for users with its easy menu and proper navigation.

You need to upload the file, and talented international transcriptionists will transcribe it for you. The platform offers effective built-in tools.

The transcriptionists need about 12 hours to prepare your script. The price for a script is $1.25 per minute. Rev works with various types of recordings. It includes audio or video files with background noises and complicated accents.

4. Transcribe

Transcribe is the exact transcription service that focuses on the accuracy of the scripts and the user’s privacy. The service brings advanced software.

Thus, the users can use all the benefits of automated transcription software. The service is easy and convenient for users to use.

You simply need to upload the wanted file and transcribe it in a few clicks. What is more, the Transcribe platform offers a unique audio player. You can use it to decode any file. You can also get professionally prepared subtitles if your video requires ones.

The service does not require a fee to be paid per minute. If you want to use the platform, you should subscribe to services. The yearly subscription costs $20.

5. Descript

This transcription software is very convenient and efficient. It is easy to transcript tons of academic recordings with this AI-powered tool.

Besides, the Descript allows transcribing a variety of audio and video files. There is nothing difficult in maintaining the tool.

You need to drop your file into the editor. Once the file is transcribed, you can edit it to the flawless final script. Descript is called one of the top tools used by modern companies. It is a very convenient instrument to use in collaboration.

A huge team can work on a single project once using the tool. Descript can be used for free with limited features. If you want to use all the features available, you can choose one of two pre-paid plans. They cost $12 and $24 correspondingly.

6. Trint

Trint is the transcription service mostly chosen by Mac users. The Windows users can select the service as well if they have no problems working with a tool without installation.

Trint is an advanced transcription and editing platform. It offers accurate transcripts and a chance for users to edit them.

The editing tools allow improving transcripts if required. The fast turnaround time and a huge selection of languages make the platform very appealing for users.

The clients who appreciate quick automated transcription services prefer this service. The AI-based transcription allows transcribing the needed files in seconds.

To pay for the services, you need to select one of the available payment plans. You can select monthly or yearly payment plans. The starter plan costs $48 monthly, and the Pro plan costs $68 respectively.

7. Express Scribe

This transcription software offers free options for users. This is a free player you can use on mobile devices or personal computers.

The transcription software is efficient in both transcription and editing. The tool operates properly on both Windows and Mac.

The top features it offers include automated file management and multichannel control. You can use the tool when you need to deal with both analog and digital recorders. There is an option to use the service for free.

However, you will be able to use only its limited features. If you want more features available, you should subscribe to services. You can select a Basic or Professional plan. They cost $39.99 and $49.99 correspondingly.


There is no need for modern students to write down their lectures these days. Even college professors can skip the part by preparing handwriting for their lectures beforehand.

With modern devices and advanced software, it is easy to record a lecture or a conference. In case you need it documented afterward, advanced academic transcription software is always available for users worldwide.

When you need the most efficient academic transcription software, checking all the familiar tools is necessary. You need to find the best software that can allow you to transcribe tons of recordings in a few clicks.

Check all the features the up-to-date transcription software provides and choose the best transcription tool that fits your academic goals the most.

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