Rise of Wi-Fi Protection


Wi-Fi is used everywhere in today’s age of tech. Wi-Fi is found in cars, at restaurants, schools, and pretty much everywhere else. As Wi-Fi shows up everywhere no one stops to think if there are any negatives to using Wi-Fi.

Using Wi-Fi has its positives and negatives, obviously being able to access the internet anywhere is a blessing but there’s more to it than just internet access.

For instance, if someone is using a hotspot to create or obtain a Wi-Fi signal they’re more at risk to be attacked. Having a network being out in the public like that can give any potential attackers victims but can also make the person hosting the hotspot a victim too.

The attacker can get their hands on all sorts of information creating a messy situation for anyone getting targeted. On top of this attackers can create fake networks for anyone searching for a nearby one.

This can be used to directly hit any devices that may connect to the network, giving more access to valuable information in a more direct manner. Having this information handled in the wrong hands by getting targeted by a Wi-Fi attacker can put more than just your phone’s health at risk.

Now using any form of unsecured Wi-Fi can be risky for everyday people, business owners, and people from all walks of life. Being targeted can put someone at risk of fraud, theft, invasion of privacy, and so much more.

As fake networks get better and better throughout the days the risk of being hit by a Wi-Fi attacker increases too, putting more than just your data plan at risk. Just in October, there was a major storm of information talking about android phones are susceptible to a certain devastating Wi-Fi attack.

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With word like this going around the interest in Wi-Fi security and protection begins to rise creating a demand for safer Wi-Fi access and use.

As the need for Wi-Fi protection increases companies are taking advantage of this and starting to offer such services, aiming to give all customers a software that will ensure a safe Wi-Fi experience.

Certain companies seem to be at the forefront of this service showing that they want all users to have a safe Wi-Fi using experience, free of threats and viruses that may be sent through.

Having services like Wandera that offer not only safer Wi-Fi use but also offer virus detection and threat targeting shows just how important this issue can be.

No one wants to deal with viruses or phone software damage that can put money, identity, and much more at risk, creating a higher demand for services like this. As paranoia of Wi-Fi attacks raise, so will services offering to protect against it.

Wi-Fi is used day in and day out by almost everyone. The need for the protection of Wi-Fi attackers is present, and now the protection is there at the disposal of all. As there are clear positives to using Wi-Fi, there can be major downfalls with it too.

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