The Software Behind the Gaming Platforms

Gaming Platforms

Since 1994, internet-based casinos have slowly taken over the gaming arena from their land-based counterparts.

Companies like Playtech, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil came up with an idea to provide gamblers with a fantastic gaming experience on the go, even though mobile and internet infrastructure then is nothing compared to what we have today.

Your favorite gaming platforms and casinos operate by leasing software from companies that develop different versions of casino games.

The software you normally encounter as you play in a casino has great graphics, soundtracks, and animations to give you a real-life casino experience from the comfort of your home.

Player preferences vary but these are some of the essential elements that every software provider needs to guarantee in order to be successful:


Your safety is one of the most important things a casino considers when selecting software. You will input personal details such as your name and address and financial details for deposit and withdrawal of funds.

The casino will ensure that any new game it enlists is from a reputable supplier and that the security of the application is solid. However, you are advised to do your own research to find out more about your casino software’s reputation and safety.

Ensure that the casino is fully licensed, is PCI compliant, and has the eCOGRA logo.

Mobile responsiveness

Casino software must work well not only on laptops and desktops but on mobile devices as well. It goes without saying that now that mobile technology is almost at its peak, for the casino to be profitable, the software it offers must play well on smartphones and tablets of all screen sizes.

Playing a casino game on a mobile device is often more convenient and comfortable for the user.

Types of software

While some players will prefer to play their favorite casino games via their browser for convenience and to maximize on storage and RAM, others will prefer downloadable games for the full experience they offer. Not all software versions offer all the games, however.

If for example you are desperate for slots or bingo, you should check and find out more about whether these are available in both download and instant-play versions.

Below are the main differences between download and instant-play casino games.

Download software

This software will require you to download the application files from your respective app store or casino website, then install them onto your device.

Before selecting this type of software, ensure that your device has sufficient space, hardware, and system requirements so that the game runs smoothly. Casinos that are downloaded often provide a better array of games than instant-play ones.

Instant-play software

No-download or instant play software is the in-thing today. They are secure, space-effective, and a better alternative for players that do not play that often.

They are built via flash, Java, or HTML 5 technology such that you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player or Java plugin to play games built with the former two methods.

HTML 5 games are the better technology as they do not need you to install any plugins and are available to play on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Graphics and appearance

Players today perceive graphics and game appearance as a huge part of the gameplay. The visual element is essential in impressing the younger players, who want to be impressed by crisp, vibrant graphics and dazzling animations.

Before, online casino software came with 2D graphics that did not require the use of graphics cards, but now, players are more than willing to purchase all the hardware needed to make today’s 3D graphics pop.

Even better is the introduction of VR/AR casino software, where putting on VR headsets and eye wear will transform your living room into a virtual casino. Any casino today that does not consider the aesthetic value of its games is losing big time.

Multilingual ability

Casinos also run on software that must allow the use of more than one language. This way, players can easily navigate through the websites or apps and have a smoother experience. You should not have to suffer if English is not your mother-tongue.

The player will decide

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to the characteristics of effective casino software. Bottom line, it comes down to user experience, and whether players will look forward to signing in again for another gambling session.

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