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Top 7 Amazing Tips to Speed Up Titanium App Development ? Now and in the Future

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Titanium is probably the most loved and the most used development environment to create a native, interactive application in the developer’s community. The titanium mobile development platform is well known for its libraries, modules, and ease of development and time efficiency.

However, no matter how good the platform or the developer is, there is always scope for improvement, especially if you are working under the pressure of meeting deadlines. To ensure that you deliver your titanium mobile development projects on time you need to speed up the things.

If you don’t know or are confused about how to speed up things then don’t worry. Here we have got some amazing tips that would help you boost your Titanium development not now but also in future. Take a look.

Use Single Code Base

Using different codebase is just going to make the development process more confusing. So, it is always recommended to use a single code base for all your applications.

This can simply be achieved by using some simple scripting languages, through which you will be able to use a single code base for most of your code.

We would suggest you make use of alloy for this purpose, as alloy can be used to partition the code and whenever necessary. This way you will be able to keep only the necessary file and codes in the main build of the application.

This is helpful and convenient as this greatly reduces the overall size of the application by keeping the file sizes smaller as compared to classic Titanium.

Navigation Window

Now, we all want to include the navigation window in our application. However, we all face deadline issues when we have to write different code for the navigation window for different platforms. But not anymore as Titanium allows you to use XP.

UI through which you can go for cross-platform development. This way you have you only have to write the code for the navigation window once and it for all the platforms namely ios and android.


This is the basis of the communication of every application to the worldwide web. All the information requests that are sent to the server is done through HTTPS calls. However, this small section code increases the development time.

But while using titanium for development there are certain things you can do to through which you don’t have to write the logic of the code again and again.

Titanium comes with some pretty amazing libraries and modules that help you set up HTTP calls and the best thing is to standardized the whole process. So you can try out one of these libraries or modules which will greatly influence your app development time.

Over Bridge Calls

Its always recommended avoiding over bridge calls. And with titanium as your development platform, this can easily be done by using .applyproperties to apply multiple properties to a single call.

Optimizing The Fonts

Let’s just say that you have just finished working on a certain application. However, now you need to update the font style because of some reason. Now because you haven’t unified the font, you will have to change the whole source code for the application from scratch just to change the font style.

Situations like these can be avoided through simple measures to be taken during the development of the application. For instance, you can make use of app.tss that allows you to apply multiple classes to the label.

Another easier way to do this is by using the configure. jason file to structure the code and name the font styles, so that you can change it in the configuration file whenever you want.

Unifying Colors

The mentioned methods can also be applied to colours, however, it’s a lot tricker and difficult to do so. While unifying the colours make sure that the naming tag implementation is perfect or else it’s going to cause a major error and increase your work.

Just the opposite of what we want. Also, keep in mind that if you are trying to use the same colour for two different elements of the application. Then its always better to create a new property of class for this.

Directly changing the colour of the will just increase the colour confusion and the number of errors. So, make sure to properly follow every step during the process to avoid the red angry text.

Smaller Controller Code

It’s a standard practice to keep the controller code smaller as much as possible. So we would recommend you to move most of your functions to the library. This has a direct impact on the performance of your application.

Author Bio:

Merry Waren is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Node Js Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on titanium mobile development and Game Design Development etc.

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