What is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)?

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UFO, also known as a flying saucer, is any object sighted in the atmosphere or in the outer space that is not easily or immediately identifiable to the perceiver.

UFOs became a significant concern as the suspicion shared by some scientists that UFOs could be some intelligent lifeforms from outer space visiting earth.

The first famous UFO was sighted by a businessman named Kenneth Arnold in 1947, who claimed he saw a group of about nine flying objects close to Mount Rainier in Washington, while he was flying on board in his small airplane.

He reported that the objects were shaped like a new moon, and they flew at a very high speed of thousands of miles per hour- according to his estimation.

He stated  that they moved like “saucers” skipping through water, and the new papers mistakenly reported that the objects were shaped like saucers, hence the name “the flying saucer.”

The Project Blue Book

The Project Blue Book was one of the collected scientific studies carried out by the United States Air Force (USAF)

In 1952, the study was conducted and compiled as the third study after the project sign, and the grudge was collected in 1947 and 1949, respectively.

In December 1969, a termination order was issued against the project blue book, and in January 1970, all activity relating to the bluebook under the official aegis was terminated as well.

About 12,618 reports about UFOs, gathered, evaluated, and recorded before the termination of the blue book, had the following summarize investigations published by the Air Force after they reviewed the project blue book, which leads to its termination. They are as follows:

There was not even the slightest harm imposed or threat to national security indicated by any reported Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) analyzed and evaluated

No evidence was gotten to prove that the UFOs observed were anything like the suspected extraterrestrial craft

No evidence was ascertained moreso published to the Air Force proved that any of the reported UFOs had technological improvement better than our modern scientific and technological developments

Although the Project Blue Book was terminated following its review by the National Academy of Sciences, the report had two goals, and they are:

  • To ascertain whether any UFOs could be a threat to national and global security
  • To systematically and scientifically analyze and evaluate data relating to UFO

Since the Project Blue Book’s first and primary goal was defeated because there was no proof that any of the reported UFO could be a threat to humanity, hence its termination.

Mistaken UFOs

Conventional aircraft, clouds, stars, other planets, etc. were misidentified objects in the atmosphere. They were once believed to be alien lifeforms and crafts in the outer space

Investigations on UFOs

Rigorous investigations were conducted on all of the reported UFOs to ascertain if any poses as a threat to humanity.

A few engineers, scientists, and astronomers most especially J. Allen Hynek, an astronomers l, who was actively involved in the studies – The project signs, the grudge, and the project blue book, carried out resolved that only a small portion of the most reliable reported UFOs gave a clear indication that they might be extraterrestrial lifeforms in the outer space.

Many investigations carried out by the Hynek’ established center – Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) were America’s efforts towards investigations conducted on UFOs.

The Canadian National Research Council made contributions to the research carried out on UFOs, other countries such as China, France, etc. as well.

Possible Explanations For UFO Sightings And Alien Abductions

Any flying objects which most times seemed unnatural with high speed, lack of sound, color, brightness, and weird shapes. Somehow, our minds and eyes can play tricks on us; most times, we get confused and claim to have seen something supernatural.

Astronomical human-made and natural phenomena such as the cloud, balloons, military crafts, haze, fog, etc. May be difficult to identify without any specialized aid such as the telescope

Venus is a planet that was once classified as a UFO until confirmed otherwise. This is because of the human eyes, un aid, Venus seems to move apparently.

Other astronomical objects to a person in a moving vehicle might think that those objects move too and apparent speed and distance of a UFO cannot be trusted as they are on the biased basis of an assumed shape and size most times the assumptions of the objects are made against a blank or dark sky.

Reflections from glasses – glass doors, glass windows, glasshouses or skyscraper, etc. make up overlying views and a complex ocular system like a camera lens, which can make point light-sources appear like a saucer-shaped object. This is all to “Optical Illusion.”

Again, it is believed that the psychological desire amongst people to identify and interpret images contributed to many apparent UFO reports.

Radar is used in some sightings to know whether they are hoaxes or not. Psychologists claimed that Sleep Paralysis, which is a common experience people experience.

At the same time, they are asleep (this phenomenon is also characterized by helpless immobility, unpleasant confrontation by a being or a feeling that they are being watched) could be responsible for the beliefs amongst those that believe in alien abduction.

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