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How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

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StarTimes users must be super excited about how easy it has become to get their cables subscription done. All you need in 2019 is your cell phone and access to internet.

There are a couple of ways you can renew your startimes subscription and those ways include bank short codes, mobile applications, QuickTeller, ATM, and even via Jumia.

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The modes of payment available in this article gives you the ability to pay your startimes subscription 24 hours of everyday and that includes public holidays and weekends.

Startimes Bouquets or Packages

If you are an old startimes subscriber, you probably already know that they have a wide range of subscription package options for both their decoders that use antenna, and those that use dish.

Also, each of these bouquets has daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions. Below are all startimes packages, merchant codes, USSD subscription codes and their prices in Naira.

Also, StarTimes has decided to make things more affordable by making the options of daily and weekly subscription available asides the popular monthly subscription plan.

Both antenna and dish decoder users are allowed to subscribe to the nova bouquet.

Other bouquet available for antenna decoder users are basic, classic and unique bouquet, while for dish users, there is the super and smart packages.

Daily Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code

This plan is the first on our list because it is the cheapest available plan. However, it will last only for a day (24 hours).

StarTimes Nova

Subscription fee: 60 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617928.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617928*60#.

StarTimes Basic

Subscription fee: 90 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617931.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617931*90#.

StarTimes Smart

Subscription fee: 120 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617934.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617934*120#.

StarTimes Classic

Subscription fee: 180 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617937.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617937*180#.

StarTimes Unique

Subscription fee: 240 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617940.

Subscription subscription Code: *322*1*240617940*240#.

StarTimes Super

Subscription fee: 240 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617943.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617943*240#.

Weekly Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code

These subscription plans is valid for a total of 7 days (one week), and after that you will have to redo your subscription.

StarTimes Nova

Subscription fee: 300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617929.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617929*300#.

StarTimes Basic

Subscription fee: 450 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617932.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617932*45

StarTimes Smart

Subscription fee : 600 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617935.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617935*600#.

StarTimes Classic

Subscription fee: 900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscriptionCode: 240617938.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617938*900#.

StarTimes Unique

Subscription fee: 1,300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM Subscription Code: 240617941.

Subscription chat Code: *322*1*240617941*1300#.

StarTimes Super

Subscription fee: 1,200 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617944.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617944*1200#.

Monthly Plans Price, Merchant Codes & Subscription USSD Code

This is the usual plan everyone is used to. This one month subscription plan lasts for 30 days. You have the option of recharging before or after it the subscription expired.

StarTimes Nova

Subscription fee: 900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617930.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617930*900#.

StarTimes Basic

Subscription fee: 1,300 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617933.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617933*1300#.

StarTimes Smart

Subscription fee: 1,900 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617936.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617936*1900#.

StarTimes Classic

Subscription fee: 2,600 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617939.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617939*2600#.

StarTimes Unique

Subscription fee: 3,800 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617942.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617942*3800#.

StarTimes Super

Subscribe fee: 3,800 Naira.

Merchant/ATM subscription Code: 240617945.

Subscription short Code: *322*1*240617945*3800#.

How to Pay for Startimes Subscription Using Quickteller Website

You can get your subscription renewal done on startimes Nigeria via the quickteller website, ussd, and mobile app.

Before you go ahead to make any form of payment, ensure that your startimes decoder is active and on.

Visit the startimes payment page on the quickteller website using your PC or phone browser.

Select the subscription plan you wish to pay for from the options in the drop down menu.

Type in your smartcard number, email address and registered mobile number.

click on the continue button.

You will be automatically redirected to a payment page.

Select your preferred debit card type ( Master, Visa, or Verve) then type in your card details.

Click on the Pay option to complete your payment transaction.

Your will have your subscription renewed and you can go back to viewing in 0 – 10 minutes. This transaction will attract a fee of 100 naira by Quickteller.

Renew Startimes with the Quickteller App

If you have not installed the quickteller mobile app on your device, navigate to your android or Iphone app store and search for the quickteller application. Download and install only quickteller by interswitch limited as you may find other options.

To pay using the QuickTeller mobile app, follow these steps.

  • Launch the newly downloaded quickteller mobile app.
  • Click on the Categories tab.
  • Click on Pay bills.
  • Search for cable TV bills from the listed options and click on it.
  • Click on startimes payments and choose the subscription plan you would like to pay for.

Type in your smartcard number and click on Next. Don’t not worry about typing in the price and your email address as they will already be auto-filled as you type.

Fill in your debit card details and click on the pay option to complete the subscription .

Your Startimes viewing will begin in a few minutes. QuickTeller will charge you 100 Naira for this transaction.

How You can do a Startimes subscription Using ATM

This method may not be so common, but it works just fine. You can renew your startimes subscription via an atm.

Visit the nearest ATM (Any bank at all).

Slot in your debit card, punch in your card PIN Number and select your account type (Savings, current or credit).

Search for the Quickteller option on the ATM menu screen and click on it.

Tap on Pay Bills.

Select Others, type in the merchant code of the startimes bouquet you wish to subscribe for (check merchant codes above) and Press Proceed.

Type in your smartcard number when customer reference is requested e.g 05xxxxxxxxx and click Proceed.

Follow the on-screen step by step guide to complete your payment.

How to Pay Startimes subscription Using USSD Code on your mobile devices

With the interswitch ussd code based payment option, you have an opportunity to renew your startimes Nigeria subscription with any mobile phone.

Please note that this can only work when you make use of the phone number registered with your bank account.

All you need to do to renew your subscription is to simply dial the code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile device.

Check above for the code for each bouquet plans.

This USSD option works for all Nigerian mobile networks (Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile), it also works on Verve, mastercard and VISA of every bank supported by the interswitch network.

How to Renew Startimes Packages with Gtbank 737 Mobile Banking option

You can also renew your startimes subscription using gtbank’s *737# mobile short code.

Simply dial *737*37* Subscription Amount*SmartCard Number# on any mobile device with the phone number linked with your gtbank account.

The amount part should carry the price of the subscription plan you wish to pay for. The Smartcard number is your unique 12 digit number written on your startimes card.

Complete the transaction using the last four (4) digit of your gtbank Naira card or 4 digit 737 PIN.

There are several other ways to get your startimes subscription done, but the above are amongst the easiest options available for your use.

Leave a comment below if you found this helpful.

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