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*7799#: How to Use Unity Bank USSD Code

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If you are a Unity Bank Account Holder and you want to start using a bank’s services with a USSD code, for example, for your money transfer, over payments, account balance checks, and other similar transactions, this guide has been prepared according to your needs.

Please read carefully and resolve your issue without visiting any of the bank’s affiliates and avoiding accepting the opinions of these hostile banking staff.

How to register a Unity Bank USSD Code

Step 1. Dial *7799# from your registered phone line, and you will receive a message; Welcome to Unity Bank USSD Banking, you will be asked to register for this service, do you have a Unity bank account 1. Yes, 2. No.

Step 2. Select “1” for “Yes” because you have a Unity bank account

Step 3. You will need to choose a four-digit PIN code; you need to know it yourself, as you will need it to make transactions from time to time. After selecting the PIN code, click on Submit, the registration was successful.

How to transfer cash Via Unity Bank USSD code

To transfer money to Unity Bank via USSD banking, you need to understand the processes involved.

  1. Transfer to a bank account in Unity (bank transfer)
  2. Transfer to another bank account (an interbank transfer)

Follow the instructions below to make a transfer to your Unity bank account

  • Dial *7799*1* NUBAN NO * Quantity #; Suppose you want to send an N5000 to a Unity bank account holder. 7799 = transfer code, 1 = role ID, NUBAN = 10-digit account number, quantity = how much you want to send.
  • Suppose you want to send an N5000 to a Unity bank account holder with the account number 1020334569. It becomes *7799*1*1020334569*5000#; after clicking on the send button on your phone, you will be charged . to your previous account and an accredited user.

Follow the instructions below to transfer funds to non-Unity Bank bank accounts

  • Dial *7799*2* NUBAN * Quantity # As already mentioned, the only difference here is the function ID “2” and the account number to be modified.
  • Consequently *7799*2*3322658974*5000#; Click the Submit button. Once this is done, the amount of your transfer will be debited from your account. You are responsible for choosing the bank to which you send money.

Note: transfer fees apply. You will be charged N21 for the transfer of money to a Unity bank account and N52.50 for the transfer to a non Unity bank account.

Remember to use a line registered with Unity Bank to execute this transaction so that it is not activated.

How to buy transfer time with the USSD code from Unity Bank from your line registered with Unity Bank

  • Dial *322*215* Quantity #, for example, if you want to recharge your N2000 phone with airtime, dial *322*215*2000# and tick the send button and your invoice and invoice will get the value of your phone

Unity Bank airtime compensation for third parties

You can buy or recharge the phone of your friends, family and loved ones with a Unity Bank recharge code; follow the steps below

  • Dial * 7799*Recipient’s phone number * Duration # eg *7799*07034847616*2000# where 07034847816 is a third party phone number and the amount N2000 is credited.

Unity Bank Unique Exchange Rate Daily Limit using USSD

It is important to note that the daily limit on this platform is N100,000. This service is available on the MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9Mobile lines connected to your account.

How to check your bank account balance using Unity Bank USSD Code

  • As the owner of the registered account, select *7799#
  • Select the option “Check account balance.”
  • To confirm the request, enter the last four digits of the ATM or USSD PIN to approve the request.
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