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Vultr Review: a Comprehensive Review, Features and Price

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Do you really think you have enough space on your personal computer or your local server to store and save all your data? Think again. With millions of photos, music, videos and other data going into several volumes, the above two will not be enough for storing your data. This is where cloud storage comes in.

Cloud storage enables you to save your data on remote servers that can easily be accessed from the Internet. A cloud storage service provider generally controls, manages and operates these clouds on servers that are built on the foundation of visualization techniques.

What is Vultr?

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In the world of cloud business, Vultr is a name to be reckoned with. Launched on February, 2014, the Vultr team has over 20 years of experience across various complicated hosting atmospheres and its mission is to simplify data storing in clouds for its clients. Its spread across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

We believe in being reliable, responsible and scalable – that is why we have set up over 5 million cloud servers in just over two years. We have clients from over one hundred and fifty countries and our dedicated staff responds to over twenty-five thousand requests per month. This just shows the level of commitment that we have and the trust that are valuable clients have on us.

What makes Vultr different from the others?

We know you’re wondering why you should choose us over the others… let us make it simple for you:

  1. We have calculatedly planned our presence in fifteen important cities throughout the world. This means that wherever you are, chances are that you can easily save your data in our clouds that are close by.
  2. You can launch your blogs, working environments and many more things using our one-click apps that streamline the process, simplifying it for you.
  3. You don’t have to get into any long term contracts with us. We have an hourly billing mechanism in place for our products and services.
  4. There is an unlimited number of operating system operations waiting for you on Vultr.
  5. Linux distributions, free BSD and Windows 2012 server are some of the operating systems supported by us.

Features that Vultr offers:

Cloud computing:

You can easily have the Vultr Compute as it is spread across America, Europe, Asia and Australia. So you have the possibility of putting up your infrastructure near your customer base without getting involved in any long term contracts. So go ahead, deploy your servers in just a few clicks, wherever you are!

Block storage technology:

Make your space management more flexible by using our block storage technology which enables you to mount superior performance. It is easily available and backed by SSD to give you the top-notch performance that you deserve.

High performance cloud:

With our dedicated cloud we allow you to rent 25%, 50%, 75% or even the entire server and you still get it at the advantage of hourly billing services. However, this facility of high performance dedicated cloud is only available in New Jersey and Japan at the moment.

Strategic locations:

This is one of the biggest advantages that our clients have. You can now scale a low dormancy infrastructure solution, irrespective of your or your client’s location.

Numerous possibilities:


Vultr gives you a customized ISO so that your image can be placed and run through the booting and setting up processes that are similar to a bare metal server. We also give you direct access to the console so that your install can be tailor made even if the network connectivity is not available.

Easy re-deployment:

While using the custom ISO, there is no need to go through the set-up process of the operating system in order to deploy more servers. We have a feature called the snapshot feature to make the image of the server you deployed to launch more instances with the same setup wherever we are present around the world.

Troubleshooting possibilities:

The custom ISO feature protects your valuable data from automatically getting lost. You can upload your own rescue ISO to retrieve your data and thereby fix your system configuration.

Pricing packages:

We have a huge range of hourly as well as monthly packages for you to choose from! Have a look at some of the offers that we have in both the categories:

Hourly package:

  1. $0.007 which gives you 15GB SSD, 1 CPU, 768 MB memory and 1000 GB bandwidth.
  2. $0.015 that gives you 20GB SSD, 1 CPU, 1024 MB memory and a 2000 GB bandwidth.
  3. $0.030 that gives you 45GB SSD, 2 CPU, 2048 MB memory and a 3000 GB bandwidth.
  4. $0.060 in which you get 90 GB SSD, 4 CPU, 4096 MB memory and a 4000 GB bandwidth.
  5. $0.952 in which you get 700 GB SSD, 24 CPU, 65536 MB memory and a 15000 GB bandwidth.

This is just a few of the plans that we have. Please check out our website at vultr.com for further information.

Monthly packages:

  1. $5 in which you get 15 GB SSD, 1 CPU, 768 MB memory and a 1000 GB bandwidth.
  2. $10 in which you get 20GB SSD, 1 CPU, 1024 MB memory and a 2000 GB bandwidth.
  3. $20 in which you are given a 45GB SSD, 2 CPU, 2048 MB memory and a 3000 GB bandwidth.
  4. $40 in which you get a 90GB SSD, 4 CPU, 4096 MB memory 4000 GB Bandwidth.
  5. $80 in which you could get 150 GB SSD, 6 CPU, 8192 MB memory and a 5000 GB bandwidth.
  6. $640 in which you are entitled to 700 GB SSD, 24 CPU, 65536 MB memory and a 15000 GB bandwidth.

There are more packages available at different monthly charges. Have a look at our website at vultr.com to know more.

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