Why Tonor Is Best for Your Podcasts Live Session


The world of live streaming and podcasts has improved dramatically over the past decade. In the start, the majority of people were using amateur equipment.

You could expect to hear pops or hissing noises even in the most loved podcasts. However, things have changed since then. Nowadays, audiences are expecting a lot more.

If you look at the most popular podcasters and Tubers, they’re all using high-end equipment. If you’re looking for the content you post to have relevance, you’ll need to buy a quality microphone.

If you’re a musician, then this information is outdated. You’ll need an excellent microphone test to create your finest work.

The type of microphones that work best for stream-of-motion games could be a music disaster. The crystal clear sound you receive from a top-of-the-line microphone aimed at musicians could offer more fidelity than you’ll need to stream podcasting.

We’ve tested several USB microphones to determine which best suit different situations and budgets.

A Few Tips Before Buying a Microphone

Before spending your hard-earned money, make sure you’re buying what most closely suits your requirements. Here are a few tips before making a purchase;

Need for the Mic

You must ask yourself the main reason for buying the mic. Either you’re planning to go for live streams, youtube videos are your priorities, or you want to sing some hip-hop music.

You might be finding a separate high-quality device for all these requirements. So, you must have a clear idea of your microphone requirements. 

Your Budget

Every good thing has a certain price, and every human being has some financial restrictions. Before opting for any microphone, always look for the options that best suit your budgetary needs. 

Your Work Environment

This is one of the most crucial aspects that most of us miss while selecting a microphone. Any seasoned technical person will tell you that your work environment is as important as your gadget, if not more! 


Whether you’re recording in an untreated room or in a nice-sounding acoustic place, your gadget requirements may vary accordingly. 

Once you’ve considered all these aspects, it’s time to find a perfect suit matching your needs. After rigorous testing, we have hand-picked a microphone that you must consider;

Tonor TC30 USB Microphone for your Every Need

Tonor is famous for producing high-end music devices irrespective of your passion or profession. Whether you are a musician or podcaster, live streamer or a gamer, YouTuber or voice-over artist, Tonor has always kept something for you.

Developers at Tonor know every string of music; that’s why they are well-known for making nearly perfected budgetary devices for every type and category. 

If you’re looking for an all-around champ USB microphone, then search no further as Tonor TC30 is just designed for you. 

Tonor TC30 Specifications

For daily workflow, TC30 is perfect as it captures flawless audio without affecting your vocals. It’s a condenser-type USB microphone with the cardioid polar pattern of pickup. 

It comes with a premium matte black design that quadruples its significance when compared to cost. On top of that, a magnificent desk stand, pop filter, and shock mount accompany the mic. 


After putting this device in varying environments and conditions, we can confidently mark it as the most versatile yet perfect device for all basic needs.

Whether you’re a gaming guru, podcast lover, voice-over artist, live streamer, or daily content creator, TC30 will never disappoint you for your entry-level needs. 

Even your daily zoom communication can flawlessly be enjoyed with this gadget. Crystal clear and crisp calls ensure a loving experience for users. It covers a wide range of frequencies starting from 50Hz to a might level of 20kHz.

This versatility makes it compatible with most general sounds, including humans, instruments, and others of such kind. 

TONOR Mic TC30 1

Additionally, Tonor TC30 is a plug-and-play device as it requires no software or any kind of installation to start working. 

Before saying anything any further, let’s take a quick look at some of the prominent pros and cons of this gadget;


  • Comes at an excellent price point 
  • Offers an unparalleled sound quality 
  • Suits every initial level needs of content creation 
  • Comes with 2m long detachable USB-C to Type-A cable
  • Shock mount avoids low-frequency rumble generally known as structure-borne noise


  • The microphone itself comes in a plastic body. Still, at this price tag, Tonor has added some high-quality metal accessories with it

Final Verdict

Although some parts are made of plastic material, plastic quality is absolutely stunning at this price point. If you have a restricted budget— like under $50— then unquestionably, Tonor TC30 is just meant for you.

It’s nicely designed, eloquently tuned, precisely crafted, and perfectly equipped with all the required accessories to offer you a stress-free experience. 

If you are planning to start content creation, then look no further and jumpstart with the Tonor TC30 USB microphone, and your wallet will thank you later! 

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