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Mechanics of Instagram: How to draw more Likes and Followers?

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I’ve never been an Instagram user but something motivated me to probe into it. Want to know what? I thought that 100 million users are just not stupid to spend an average time of 53 minutes on it every day.

Well, it turns out to be true. This app is not just a fun place for fashionista’s but is also a great place to market your brand.

Instagram not only helps you in promoting your personal brand but you can also use it to improve your conversion rate. Want to know how you can attract the audience and increase your visibility then read the article till the end.

I’m writing this article out of personal experience and I hope you all actually benefit from these little tips. My detailed research has helped me gather these points very carefully. And they do work trust me.

Creating an Instagram account is quite simple. But attracting people towards it and motivating them to follow and like your content is where things get tricky. Follow these simple tips below and see what wonders they do for you.

Do Connect your Facebook account with Instagram’s

First and foremost you need to connect your Facebook account/page with the Instagram account. Why is it important.

When you connect a social media account with your Facebook, it gives you the opportunity to cross-share the content so that users from both the accounts develop interest and start following.

Stats have shown that at least 3% of your Facebook friends or followers do follow you back on Instagram. And asking your Facebook friends to follow your Instagram account increase your followers on Instagram by 5%.

Though Hashtags were introduced over Twitter but they are now being utilized on other social media platforms too. Instagram prefers a few hashtags over the others. There are a few hashtags which can maximize your visibility over Instagram.

Wasn’t aware of them?

Well, no worries. We have got you covered. Use the following hashtags to tract the maximum attention.

  • #instagood
  • #love
  • #me
  • #tbt
  • #OOTD
  • #photooftheday
  • #instamood
  • #iphonesia
  • #tweegram
  • #iphoneonly
  • #bestoftheday
  • #igdaily
  • #summer
  • #follow
  • #instadaily

Hit on the right time on right spot

We all know Timing is everything. There are specific times when the competition is low and you have better chances to showcase your content.

As far as I have noticed that 5 PM, PST on Monday proved out to be the best time for me to post photos. I gained a huge number of likes and comments at this time and I have tested it several times. 3 PM, PST on Wednesday and Thursday is also a great time to put up your content over Instagram.

So have your posts and internet connection all ready to not miss a second of these high times. I remember on Christmas my beautiful post got missed because of the poor internet connection and I started hating my internet connection. I hated it so much that I switched to Cox Internet and haven’t experienced any problem since then.

Just so you know, first three hours after you put up your content is the time in which you will get most of the comments and likes. 46% of the comments come within an hour the content is uploaded and 69% of comments come within the three hours after the posting.

So if you don’t see likes and comments in first three hours then you might not see it down the road.

Show off your personal life

I know it sounds negative but it is what it is. Because we people are interested in knowing what a person is actually doing, what does he own or what is actually happening in his life.

So yeah, showing off your personal belongings, costly Prada bags, Jimmy Choos, and how much your boyfriend loves you, can actually gain you the attention. Sad but it actually intrigues people.

The most common example of this is Kardashians. Their show actually gained recognition because of the family drama, affairs and lifestyle.

Instagram has a few favorite filters which it prefers over others. Just like the hashtags. I know you guys didn’t know about it. But no worries, we are here to keep you guys updated. Following are the filters that Instagram likes the most.

  • Normal
  • X-Proll
  • Valencia
  • Hefe
  • Earlybird
  • Lomo-Fi
  • Hudson
  • Brannan

Instagrammers enjoys to comment on Posts over Liking

A simple rule to get engagement is to start interacting with people. Surprisingly Instagrammers likes to comment rather than just simply liking posts. Comment on other people posts and in return they will also follow and comment on your photos.

Interacting make your presence visible and if any of your savage comment gets clicked then you’ll be the king on social media platforms. So it’s a Win-Win situation anyways.

Instagram has become a major marketing platform. If you try out the above stated simple tricks I assure you that you’ll see a significant increase in your followers and likes. Drop your concerns in the comment section so that we can address them.

Author Bio:

Robert James is an MIS with vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He also writes on Cox Contour Packages. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets.

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