How to Make a Logo? Know the 7 Essential Keys

The logo design of your business has a significant impact on the trust you convey to your potential customers.

And indeed anyone can make a logo, but I assure you that not everyone knows how to make a good logo, the correct one, and that is precisely what makes the enormous difference.

So this post will give you some minimum requirements that a logo must meet to be effective, and the use you give it, it only depends on you if it is to try to do it yourself by graphic tools.

Now that you know the different “logos” that exist, this post is going to tell you the essential requirements so that you know how to make a professional logo.

Meeting so many requirements is a real challenge, but as in any process, it is necessary to know the rules well, and then be able to break them successfully.

1. Simplicity

This is undoubtedly rule number one. If your logo meets this requirement, it surely will meet many of the others. Less is more, engrave it in your mind.

Simplicity is key so that a logo is also versatile, and that it can be used in various media, from cards to billboards or as an icon on the website.

Also, if a logo is simple, it will be much easier to recognize, which will make it more likely to be remembered by the public.

Some tips to achieve simplicity

  • Use a maximum of 3 colors
  • Choose an easy to read font
  • Avoid recharging it with unnecessary elements
  • Don’t use effects like gradients or shadows

2. Relevance

The logo must be appropriate for the business it identifies. Its design must be relevant to the sector, and for the target audience, so it will be necessary to investigate these aspects thoroughly.

For example, if we think about how to make a logo for a law firm, we will rule out a playful or childish approach, since such a design would not be appropriate for the type of business.

Some tips to achieve relevance

  • Be aware of the target audience
  • Think about the values of the sector

3. Timelessness

Longevity is critical in any logo. It must be a design that does not go out of style, and that lasts the same as the business it represents.

Obviously, after a while, it could be updated to give it some freshness, but the core idea should remain enduring and remain intact.

Some tips to achieve timelessness

  • Draw on history
  • Based on relevant traditions or facts

4. Distinction

A distinctive logo will have a unique style and will accurately represent the perspective of a business. Being unique, you can easily stand out from the competition.

Special logos are almost always simple enough to be easily described or explained.

5. That it be printed in the viewers’ mind

A logo is really effective when with just a single glance, someone can remember it, recognize it and keep that image.

As a general rule, that is usually all the time you have to make an impression with your logo, that of a quick look.

Some tips to keep your memory

  • Simplify as much as you can
  • The concept must be understood immediately

6. Versatility

Think small. Do not forget that the logo should fit on small objects, such as a zipper pull or the temple of an eyeglass, so it must be adaptable and scalable.

Some tips to ensure versatility

  • It must always be the vector to be able to scale it without losing quality. 

7. A single attribute

The logo design should only have one feature, one thing that sets it apart, one thing that we want the public to remember, nothing more.

As you will see, it makes sense, because what happens if we fill a logo with a thousand allusions, metaphors? Well, it would violate the first of the principles, simplicity.

How to make a logo with the help of logo makers?

Do you wish to get a logo for your business or website? Then after learning these general rules, you would get some inspiration when you design your logo.

Do you want to create logos by yourself? Though compared to designers, you could not communicate your needs with designers.

However, you can make logos with graphic tools online or offline. Here DesignEvo is going to show does this kind of program works.

Like most online logo makers, DesignEvo is driven by templates, assisted with a massive stock of design elements and dragging-dropping operation, so that everyone could do logo design so quickly.

The concept of this kind of service is to allow every non-designer to design logos in minutes without any design skills.

So here is good news for you if you do have not any design experience and want to get a logo for free or inexpensively.

Then let’s get started to learn how to design logos with DesignEvo. As said, DesignEvo is template-based, so if you want the speed, then you can customize the logo directly by choosing the logo, and then editing upon the template.

It has more than 10,000 templates so choose, so pretty massive choices. Also, if you wish, then you can choose to start your design from a blank canvas.

An icon stock that offers a million searchable icons could be selected and applied, so you could according to your needs to use any suitable icons. Alos shape available to add.

After that, it has the possibility that you would not have a clear idea about your logo when applied to the real condition.

Then you can use the DesignEvo preview function to check your logo shown on various mockups like T-shirts, websites.

So that all are prepared ready, then you can download your logo on your PC. Also, you can save its cloud storage to edit whenever you want.

That’s a brief tutorial to create a logo on DesignEvo. Other programs are going go the same for DesignEvo, generalize a template, edit upon the logo then preview, finally download.

If you, however, want to get tools beyond logo templates with colors and fonts in harmony, the animated logo maker by the globally recognized VistaCreate graphic design software is what we can vouch for.

Animated logos are getting more and more popular simply because they catch the eye better, are more memorable and engaging. VistaCreate gives you a range of templates to create awe-striking animated logos for Youtube thumbnails, brand logos, and any other need.

With VistaCreate, you get started with loads of creative templates; choose from themes, various layouts, colors, backgrounds, and typography. Download the final result as a video, GIF or share it via email and social media.


Sincerely hope this post has helped you. And if you happen to need a logo, then you can try DesignEvo with these rules to create your own logo.


Rita is a Partnership Manager at DesignEvo, a logo designing platform that allows everyone to create logos in minutes.

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