Top 5 Autonomous Delivery Machines

Autonomous Delivery Machines

Autonomous delivery machines are electric-powered machines which learn, analyze and react to their environment to make deliveries.

Usually are most of these are powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier which is the world’s leading platform for energy-efficiency and high-performance.

Uses of Autonomous Delivery Machines

  1. The use of automated delivery machines has increasingly gained popularity in the recent past as evidenced by many companies opting to adopt using these machines as the last mile delivery method to its customers.
  2. By making use of automated delivery machines, the customer’s experience is improved hence making the customers utmost satisfaction.
  3. These machines are used to deliver goods even during times when the city is very congested or late into the night consequently making them very convenient.
  4. Lastly, the use of automated delivery machines is done when a company wants to ensure the delivery of its goods is done fast thereby leaving all of the company’s customers clients satisfied.

Below are 5 of the best available autonomous delivery machines, though some are still in trial phase, but they have performed very well.

Serve by Postmates

Postmates Serve

Recently, Postmates launched its new innovative and revolutionary last mile on-demand delivery machine, the Serve, a device that has its personality with its primary goal being understanding people.

The Serve navigates itself through sidewalks at walking speed to get your delivery right to your doorstep, whatever it is you ordered, thus making it practical especially if you crave for a bite late at night.

Its sensors ensure it safely navigates away from crowded streets as well as fire hydrants while on the sidewalk.

Some of the features of the Serve include;

  1. It is an all-electric machine which can travel up to 30 miles while carrying 50 pounds on a single charge.
  2. Having a socially conscious navigation system makes the Serve bring together design and technology in an entirely new way to all the sidewalk rovers.
  3. Has dynamic lighting in its eyes and light ring, thus assisting the Serve in communication.
  4. Serve has the Velodyne Lidar along with other advanced sensors which help it create a virtual image of the world in real time. Additionally, present on the Serve is an NVIDIA XAVIER processor.
  5. The Serve communicates by utilizing its cameras as well as its interactive touch screen.

Amazon Scout

The Amazon Scout is a new release by Amazon as it aims to improve its last mile delivery and hence ensure the customer’s overall experience is heightened.

These electric delivery machines usually roll along the sidewalk at speeds like that of human walking and its size is identical to a small cooler.

It is in Seattle where the research and development of the Amazon Scout were carried out, and residents of Snohomish County, Washington will be the ones first to enjoy the services of this autonomous delivery machine because the Amazon Scout is still in its trial run.

Moreover, the deliveries are only done during daylight hours Monday to Friday whereas being accompanied by a human who observes it as it is carrying out the deliveries ensuring it does not get involved in an accident.

Some of the features present on an Amazon Scout include;

  1. The Amazon Scout has cheap and innovative sensors which assist it in safely navigating through the neighborhood, this consequently minimizing the chances of this autonomous delivery machine getting involved in an accident.
  2. Amazon Scout handles easily, thereby making Amazon experience minimal difficulties operating this machine.
  3. It utilizes electrical energy to power its tours around the neighborhood while it is making its deliveries.



This company advertises itself as being the first self-driving store in the world. Unlike other autonomous self-driving machines which deliver goods which have been pre-bought online, Robomart is a vehicle which moves with fresh produce.

Therefore, you get vegetables delivered right to your doorstep, and you get to pick on the spot whatever you need.

Features of the Robomart include;

  1. These self-driving machines are entirely electric as well as having the benefit of charging via wireless EV charging.
  2. To request for a Robomart, you use an app like that of Uber and other taxi apps, by tapping a button to request to get supplied the goods by the closest Robomart roaming your locale.
  3. Usually, after the Robomart notifies you when it arrives and you need to go out and shop for the goods you want and when you are done, sending it on its way.
  4. The machine detects what the customer has taken by using the grab and go check out technology which currently is still patent-pending after which it charges them then sends the customers a receipt.


zipline drone

It is an independent delivery start-up in San-Francisco which aims at developing a secure and quick delivery system for medical supplies, for instance, blood, medicines, and vaccines.

Moreover, its intended use is in the African nations which presently have unsuitable delivery chains and infrastructure with this company marketing itself as an enabler by making lifesaving deliveries by drone.

Subsequently, they have become an integral part of Rwanda’s medical professionals.

Features which are clear on the Zipline include;

  1. These drones have a design like that of an aero plane, thus travels faster than other drones with the aim being to assist it to make timely deliveries of vital medical supplies across thousands of miles.
  2. Because they are powered by electricity, these drones can only travel within a 46-mile delivery radius.
  3. Instead of landing, the Zipline directly swoops in low, close to the ground and drops off its supplies by parachute before speeding back home.



Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla, two members of the original team which started Skype, are the founders of Starship, with their goal being to make the last-mile delivery have “zero environmental impact, zero cost and zero waiting time.”

To achieve this, they would come up with practical, safe and electric independent delivery robots which would consequently make Starship have one of the most innovative automated delivery machines.

Moreover, this company has offices in the UK, Germany, Estonia, and the US, with over 100 robots presently found in the US and eight cities in Europe.

Some of the features of the Starship include;

  1. Can travel up to five kilometers from the retail outlet or the local hub while carrying grocery bags weighing about ten kilograms.
  2. Has an integrated obstacle and navigation software which allows this autonomous delivery machine for most of the time to deliver goods on its own. However, these machines are accompanied by a human overseer to guarantee it is always safe.
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