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What Is the Bermuda Triangle?

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Bermuda triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley, is an area in the North Atlantic Ocean off North America, where it is believed that more than many ships and airplanes mysteriously disappeared into.

This area has boundaries marked in a triangular shape by the coast of Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The term “Bermuda Triangle” first appeared in a magazine known as Argosy, written by a writer known as Vincent Gaddis in 1964.

Although Vincent first coined the term, there has been an article suggesting the strange occurrences at the Bermuda triangle on September 17, 1950.

Charles Berlitz also suggested that this could be as a result of a paranormal. Berlitz conceived and indicated that there is a mythical place called Atlantis, but it is also connected to the Bermuda triangle in some unexplained way; maybe Atlantis could be existing beneath the Bermuda triangle.

This was a theory he proposed through his bestselling book called “The Bermuda Triangle” in 1974. This mystery and speculation have since been pushed in many books, articles, websites, magazines, and television shows.

Known and Not Known Facts About the Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains unresolved until now. Although, there are reports of strange and unexplainable events about the area as far back as the mid-19th century.

Stories on some abandoned ships that the “wreckage” would best describe, some other ships, air crafts, and even rescue missions that disappeared without any signs.

Theories upon theories propelled to explain the recurrent mysterious events are somewhat notional than logical.

Even though there are theories that suggest supernatural reasons behind the unexplainable occurrences and disappearance, and it is believed that there are geophysical and environmental factors that contribute to these occurrences; thus the there is they consider “logical.” One of the proposed theories include that pilots

Theories on Bermuda triangle

Theories upon theories have been written to explain the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle. Many writers have elaborated on Berlitz’s concepts about Atlantis’ existence.

They actively believe and suggest that the mythical city – Atlantis exists beneath the Bermuda triangle and with its esteemed “crystal energies,” which the inhabitants possess to draw and sink ships and aircraft.

Other notional theories include the following:

  • The time portal: Believed by many scientists and writers, the Bermuda triangle could be a portal to a particular time either in the past or the future.
  • Extraterrestrial life forms: There are rumors that they could be alien life forms making a living in the bottom of the ocean beneath the Bermuda triangle.

While many believe in the above theories, others believe that there could be some kind of explanation to account that the phenomena are perfectly normal and natural yet majorly rare and entirely unknown or hard to explain due to limited knowledge about it.

They believe there is some kind of geological or hydrological explanation regarding the Bermuda triangle. For instance, maybe the ships and aircrafts got destroyed because of pouches of explosive methane gas given off, and this gas is known to exist in vast amounts beneath the sea.

Probably a bolt of lightning or an electrical spark could ignite a large pouch of methane or multiple bubbles of methane given off to the surface at that time, close to a ship or aircraft, resulting in their sinking, leaving no trace.

Criticisms directed towards this theory shows that this theory is lacking with a few obvious rational issues such as;

The “bubbles” of methane surely exists naturally all around the world, but such an incident has never occurred to other parts of the world.

Some believe that the cause of the ships and aircrafts disappearance could be immediate strange tidal waves that could get ships and aircraft destroyed and sunken without a trace.

Again, some believe that this could be as a result of some incomprehensible anomaly about geomagnetism, which can create navigational issues to confuse pilots ing in their plunge and sinking into the bottom of the ocean.

Again, this theory is lacking as it fails to explain the disappearance of ships. Therefore, the Navy debunked this theory on the notion of “compass variation,” the fact that “pilots” are trained in case of loss of electronic navigation, and this theory does not apply to the disappearance of ships.

The Mysteries Explained

Scientists are highly skeptical about the paranormal occurrences at the Bermuda triangle, especially with all theories flying about. Therefore, they question the assumptions, but they specifically ask the most basic question, “Is there any mystery to explicate?” before they could accept any explanation.

A journalist known as Larry Kusche sought out to get the answer to that fundamental question, and he got an answer, which is highly surprising because the occurrences are considered “supernatural.”

Larry thoroughly re-examined the supernatural phenomena and then discovered that the stories and theories are fabricated out of mistakes, mystery hucksters, or just a little attention.

He published a definitive book called “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved,” in which he noted a few writers on the topic concerned to do any relevant investigation.

This is attributed to the fact that Charles Berlitz’s facility did not carry out credible research on the topic. Berlitz’s books on the paranormal were full of errors, and unscientific theories.

Somehow it is currently considered that the paranormal of the Bermuda Triangle is majorly conceived by Berlitz’s mistakes.

Larry had later noted that Berlitz’s research and theories were highly notional.

In many cases, there was no record of the acclaimed lost ships and planes because they were all as a result of a writer’s imagination. In contrast, in some other cases, the boats and planes were real.

Still, Charles Berlitz and the others of paranormal beliefs ignored to state that the vessel and aircrafts “mysteriously disappeared” during violent storms. Then again, there are times the ship gets destroyed and sank far beyond the Bermuda Triangle.

It is highly necessary to note that the regions near and around the Bermuda Triangle are still navigated by many cruises and cargo ships; rationally, by chance, most ships do sink there than other less-navigated areas which include the South Pacific.

Even though the notional theories and stories of the Bermuda Triangle are debunked, they are rather highly fascinating to many because they love believing in imaginative stories and gravely strange explanations. Still, skeptical people and scientists have a whole other perception about the region.

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