Catch Up With Some Of The Latest And Most Unique Tricks That Make Online Videos Viral

Videos Viral

Social media is an avenue that is undergoing constant change with every passing minute. Amidst this, it is difficult to navigate these changes and keep up with them while also being at the top of your game. 

Despite this, there are some tricks that are evergreen and will always work, no matter what. While you are trying to keep tabs with new developments, divulge into these tried and tested hacks to be on the safer side.

This is why we have compiled a list of things that will always work, especially if integrated with video marketing and revamp your branding completely.

1. Contests

Popular brands with a considerable following are often seen doing this at regular intervals. They come up with a contest every few months with an objective to interact better with their audience. 

The contests usually have a prize attached to them and lucky winners can avail of these by entering the contests and if they are picked from the many that apply, they are chosen. 

The fact that most users will have to enter the contest means they look through the page and the content on it. This is a great way of pulling more audiences towards your brand and displaying your content to the best of its capabilities. 

2. Video marketing

This trend is in, and it is here to stay. Videos are highly effective not only because they have a good visual appeal but also because they are much easier to take in. 

Short videos that are catchy along with suitable voiceovers and infographics can be very impactful when it comes to reaching a mass audience. 

Videos also have unlimited scope for being creative and with the advent of online editors, any person can now create and edit their own videos like a pro, without any external help! If you are looking to make good intros that stick with your viewer, you can even use websites like VideoCreek to get your work done easily.

3. Testimonials

User testimonials work especially well because they give a personalized touch to your otherwise not-so-personal branding. It shows your user a side of your existing customers and how satisfied they are with your products and/or services. 

Besides, testimonials are extremely easy to arrange for. You can ask some of your regular customers or clients to record their experience with you so far. All you need to do then is edit and refine it and upload it. 

Another advantage of having testimonials is that without even realizing, you might get a variation of sorts in your content through the different experiences your customers have had. It can help you get a twist from your usual content and be a good refresher for your page.

4. Stories

Instagram stories have taken the platform to a whole new level where users and brands have found a new way of interacting and keeping engagement up. 

Stories are short and quick and stay on your feed for 24 hours, after which they disappear. Brands can do a lot of intriguing marketing on stories, right from quizzes, short video clips to polls, and simple, smart-witted content. 

Most people even use stories to highlight a new post and garner attention towards it. This ensures that your post does not get lost in the swarm available online and actually stays in the mind of your consumer. If you have a good story, it might also end up getting shared and have a high recall value. 

5. Cross-platform content

Cross-platform content means reposting content from one platform on another one. This is commonly seen on Instagram. A lot of trends are known to first originate from Twitter and then move on to Instagram. This is possible only because of cross-platform content. 

When a post gets extremely viral or popular on one platform, it is shared on others by means of taking screenshots and then reposting it with credits. Due to this, one can find a lot of content from Twitter go up on Instagram. 

Similarly, for videos, most of the videos you see online have first been uploaded on Instagram or Youtube and shared from there. Hence, to have content that is shareable in this manner, you need to make your videos highly relatable and easy to share.

6. Interviews

Interviews of customers, clients, experts from the field, your own team, or influencers can benefit you a lot. It can help answer the queries of the audience in a creative and interactive manner. 

It can also give your viewers insights into how you operate as a company and what your morals are. You can even do interviews with an AMA twist. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, where you take questions on the spot from the audience and answer them live. 

This technique has a high engagement value and can help you get in touch with your audience better. You can do this in the form of a live video or even though direct messages followed by posting the answers on your story.

7. Live videos

Much like interviews, live videos can again help give your content a fresh take from the usual posts you put up. But it is important to be on your feet at all times and not make the stream dry and boring. 

Live streams can extend for as long as an hour, and users then have the option of uploading these on Instagram in the form of an IGTV video and a regular video on Youtube. 

Having a video that runs for so long has to definitely be edited in a creative manner to make it more watchable. You can even use a quirky invitation maker to make your video entertaining. Look at here now. Learning how to use it is very easy and the user interface is convenient to handle as well. 


These trends if used correctly can be made into tools that help you become successful on social media and give your page the traction it needs. But it is up to you to decide what works best for you and what doesn’t. 

There are some techniques that work for your branding due to your reach, audience demographic, and content restrictions. It is best to identify these early on and work in an appropriate direction so as to avoid confusion. 

This will help you be clear about a strategy, come up with a calendar accordingly, and make new strides in the world of marketing online through videos. 

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