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How To Choose The Right Career When You Are Undecided?

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Whether you are just about to graduate or just entering your professional life, it’s all important to decide your career path first.

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Choosing a career is one of those significant decisions which set the direction of your professional life. And with a number of options available, it’s not easy to decide which one is right for you. Not only you have to look at what you can do for the rest of your life, but also look at the gains that come with it.

If you are deciding what career to choose but don’t have any idea, you will find it as an insurmountable task. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Sufficient information regarding different careers and self-examination can help in increasing your chances of making a good decision.

Anyhow, to make things a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a few tips that you should consider when choosing a career, especially when you are undecided.

Perform a Self-Assessment

Self-assessment is a valuable factor when it comes to finding the right career for oneself. Before choosing a career that you think is right for you, it’s important to learn about yourself first. In this step, you need to know what your values are, where your interests lie, what soft skills you have and what your personality type is.

When trying to learn about yourself, you may also want to write notes. When kept it side-by-side with different career options, notes on your personality can help you to analyze a career option in an effective way. They can help you find appropriate occupations that match your traits and skills.

Fortunately, there are a number of self-assessment tools available that can help you generate a list of occupations based on your personality type. Generally, these self-assessments help you find key soft skills, technical skills, natural aptitude, and interests. That’s why it’s important to perform self- assessment first before finding the right career type.

Write and Explore All Occupations in the List

Once you have self-assessed yourself, it’s time to make a list of occupations that match your personality type. At this point, you should list down all occupations generated by the self-assessment tools and leave a blank space between them.

Next, fill the space with some basic information about each occupation on our list.  The list may include occupations that you already know a bit and others that you know nothing about.

Once you have a broad list of occupations with their detailed descriptions, go through each of them separately, and highlight those that appeal you must. This will help you narrow down to only 10 to 20 career options, from which you can pick the most suitable one yourself in the later stage.


Narrow Down Your List

Once you have a small list of preferred job occupations, start to narrow down the list even more.  At this point consider only jobs that sound interesting or desirable to you.

Cut the occupations from the list that you don’t want to pursue, based on what you have learned about them already. And while doing so, make sure you are going through their roles and not just the title. As at times, the title doesn’t represent the actual job perfectly.

To help you in the process, you can use one or more of these following factors.


Check out the average compensation for a particular job role regardless you have salary specific requirement or not. It will help you determine the demands of professionals in a particular job role.

Job Requirements

Take a look at the type of academic credentials required for a job role. In the process, you may find different roles that don’t match your academic credentials. So it can help to narrow down your career options.

Growth Opportunities

It’s important to choose a career that offers growth opportunities. This means you will have a chance to progress ahead in your career, learn new things, and enjoy higher compensation benefits as your career advances. Learn more about different career options so you can easily find about their different growth opportunities.

Job Outlook

With all other key factors t, it’s equally important to learn how a particular career option stands in the job market.  Analyze whether a job role has steady hiring, career enhancement opportunities, and other benefits.

Get In-depth Information Regarding Roles

By now you probably would be left with only a few career options that are most relevant, suit your personality style, and perfectly matches your needs.

At this point arrange to meet people that already work in the profession you are interested to get into. Connecting with these professionals and obtaining firsthand knowledge about their roles will help you to finalize between 2 or 3 options to build a career in.

Make a Career Choice

Finally, after spending a long time researching about different career choice, it’s now time to decide which career path you want to pick for yourself. Be wise when making a decision. Keep all those factors in mind that are important to you.


Pick that option which you think will give you the most satisfactory professional career for life. Keep in mind you can’t switch careers often in your life. And It’s tough to change careers once you are in it for a few years.

Identify Short Term and Long Term Goals

Once you have picked up the right career for yourself, you need to identify for goals to work effectively in your chosen field. Let it be a digital marketer, a copywriter or a lawyer, these goals will help you reach a good position in your field.

Typically short-term goals are usually for six months to three years, while long-term goals are for three to five years. In case you find it tough to identify them, perform some research. In fact, the research you did for picking the ideal career path will help you identify these goals.

Anything from completing your education and training can be a long time goal. Meanwhile, internships and applying and improving a skill set can be a short term goal.

Put Down Your Career Action Plan

Successful careers always have action plans behind them. They act like a road map through which people can reach their career goals.

Write down a career action plan that will help you reach places in your professional life. And while doing so, don’t forget to anticipate different barriers that can come your way and ways you can overcome them to get your goals.

Choosing the right career is not an easy task for many. Some struggle and some find it impossible to find just the right career for them. However, these steps can help you find out and decide, which career is right for you to pursue.

Author Bio:

Anna Marsh is an academic writer and editor at a premium assignment help UK company. She is also an inspirational writer that contributes articles on different platforms from time to time. She likes to write on topics related to education, career planning, and entrepreneurship. When she is not writing, she reads and seeks a better understanding of the professional world.

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