How to Copyright Digital Photos?

In today’s digital world, copyright registration for the images has been critical. Theft is prevalent online, so you need to defend yourself and your career.

Read on to find out why the photography should be copyrighted and how. But before that, let us have a look on a brief introduction to copyright & its importance…

What is copyright?

Copyright preserves the civil interests of the owner of a piece of art or intellectual property. Copyright is in literal terms, the right to reproduce.

As artists, this ensures that we are the only ones with the sole right to print or otherwise reuse our images, as the original producers of our images and those to whom we grant permission.

You own the rights on your photos the moment you press the shutter on your camera. Your photos are covered by statute, regardless of your level of expertise, or whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Bear in mind that regulation on copyright differs from country to country, so the data in this article is general.

Why do you get your copyright registered?

That your pictures would be hacked is an unfortunate by-product of living in today’s world. Chances are that some would be stolen at one time or another if you share some of your photography online.

Part of this theft is attributable to the public’s negligence, and others take the pictures intentionally without your consent, without applying for licences for use.

There are four things the copyright owner has the right to do (called proprietary rights):

  • Reproduce the work being copyrighted;
  • Publicly view the copyrighted work;
  • Prepare creative works based on the work under copyright; and
  • Mass produce to the public copies of the protected content by lease, renting or loan, and/or to display the picture.

Sadly, several big corporations practice this, and there have been numerous high-profile cases where photographers have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for misuse of copyright. The best solution is to sign a photo copyright form.

Many of such forms can be accessed from CocoSign. So check this site today & get your digital photos copyrighted!

CocoSign: The Best way to Copyright your Digital Photos

When it comes to non-reusable images such as promotional product photo shoots or something that does not offer any additional value in the long run to the photo owner, this sort of release is always signed.

One of the easiest ways is to access online copyright release forms for photography. There are a range of web apps & SAAS providers providing various downloadable photo copyright models to be used for free. One such SAAS provider is CocoSign.

From any device with an account and Internet connection, you can use the model picture release form provided by CocoSign. This cloud-based technology ensures the signatures are relevant and legal, as per the regulators. CocoSign brings the best Copyright Photography Forms that can be customized as per the need of the user. 

Through CocoSign, you will prepare photo video release form, agreements, contracts, and release photography copyright within minutes. For a few editions and taps that can be used as a contract or arrangement, you can have a legally-binding agreement.

How to Start Using CocoSign?

In this step, we are going to use the same site to sign PDF documents online. Take these basic measures in order to mark all your documents electronically.

Step 1: Create an Account

You will need to create a free account on CocoSign to begin customizing & signing your photography copyright release form. Visit the website and register for an account on the homepage. Enter your email and a strong password to create your account. Note that any person with your password will access your account.

Stage 2: Upload the form to Sign

Following that, you will create your signature on your online account. It can be achieved with a laser pen or your mousepad. You just need to sketch your signature on your machine’s computer.

Your scanned signature can be submitted if you encounter trouble creating a signature.

Similarly, you must upload the file that needs to be signed. Uploading your signature can take a bit of time and paper on CocoSign will take a few seconds. This way you can license your work as a photographer & save it.

This signed document can be saved on the dashboard of CocoSign & used when the need arises.

Wrapping up

When it comes to images, presume that it is entitled to copyright when in question and do not use it without the required permission.

What it comes down to is that if you need to use the profile of another person, if there is a substantial expenditure of money or time in the initiative, make sure it blends directly into one of the covered uses or seek legal advice or simply use CocoSign’s Copyright Forms.

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