How to Gain More Fans, Likes, Followers on TikTok?

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TikTok has become one of the most popular apps among youths across different regions. It’s also an addictive app whereby people can compete for recognition using video uploads.

That aside, you can also enjoy scrolling through hilarious videos that last for a few seconds. To gain recognition on this platform, there are different procedures and steps to take to impress your audience and anyone coming across your videos.

Take note that the app management team keep track of users who are making attractive and good videos. This article will talk about the different methods you can use to attract more fans, likes and followers. Let’s get started.

Your Profile should be on point

Putting yourself out there, first, you need a killing profile that says a lot about who you are and the content you are creating.

With a catchy profile, you can catch the eye of visitors for the first time. A killer profile doesn’t mean you have to put too much information out there, take note.

To attract an audience, it’s expected that you utilise trending hashtags and songs because videos are featured by the hashtags. Think about producing a video that corresponds to a popular hashtag and maybe add them to your captions.

TikTok is like a battleground, some people make viral challenges using different trending hashtags. So it’s an ideal opportunity for you to make a video that would gain grounds in front of many people.

Select a proper Soundtrack for your video

Choosing good music for a video plays a crucial part in attracting people’s attention. The product (video) you are presenting cannot be perceived, nor can anyone touch it but the only way it can be felt by listening (audio) and watching.

Different soundtracks are made ready in the TikTok library, so choose the best or use your unique soundtrack to bring life to your video.

Go Social

You can use different social platforms to draw attention and promote your TikTok videos. This will help to gain fans and followers. You can share the trailers to your videos on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Create a clear description of your personality and the videos you share. You can also ask your fans to promote your videos on their social media pages. If they love your videos, then others would love them too.

Join Forces (Collaboration)

Collaboration with other creators will always drive traffic from them to yours. Find someone within your followers reaches and collaborate. Search for others who are producing videos on similar topics or the same audience base as you.

Your fans will love it that you are bringing them exciting collaborations. If it’s possible to create a combined shoot physically, make the shoot.

Diversify your Video Content

To gain more likes, followers and fans, it’s best you diversify your content. Original content is in high demand in TikTok. So don’t just stick with creating only lip-sync content, get out of the closet and try out originals.

You can get ideas on how to go about original contents by watching TikTok videos from a different part of the world.

Viewers? Engagement (Go Live often)

Once your fan base has grown, pay a lot of attention to your viewers, inspect on your followers, watch their videos and seize every opportunity to engage with them. You can go live often to interact and give a performance on previous content if need be.

Engage them with a reply comment and take note to treat every comment with importance (both good and bad).

Reach out for shout-out

You can ask your viewers to give you a shout out and you can also visit TikTok shout out the page on Instagram to ask for a shout out. I will recommend you introduce shouting out to other creators which will give room for other creators to give your account a shout out.

Ratings on TikTok are done by ByteDance AI, ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok. The ratings are done on how active you are on the app. The rating increases if a user watches your video more than twice and likes it. Once your ratings increase, your video will be featured more on the timeline.

If you followed the tips above properly, then you are on your way to increase in your fan base, followers and more likes coming your way and soon enough a verification badge.

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