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Meet The Big Brother Naija Season 6 Male Housemates

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Big Brother Naija season 6 ShineYaeye premiered today, Saturday, July 24th, and it’s all about the guys.

Unlike previous seasons, in which both male and female housemates were introduced, only male housemates were introduced at the start of the show.

The ladies, on the other hand, will be brought inside the house tomorrow, July 25th.

For this season, which will last 72 days, there will be no SMS voting. This year’s vote will be by the Big Brother Naija website, mobile site, the MyDStv, and MyGOtv apps.

According to Big Brother Naija, the 10-week reality TV show winner would walk away with an N90 million grand prize.

Big Brother Naija season 6 ShineYaeye male housemates include:

Boma, Saga, Yousef, Pere, White money, Emmanuel, Yerins, Jaypaul, Niyi, Sammie, and Cross.

1. Boma

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host, welcomes Boma, the first housemate, on stage. He grew up in Yaba’s streets. He’s single and ready to mingle. He’s a masseuse, mixologist, and actor. Who says he’ll keep things interesting.

2. Saga

Saga is 28 years old, but he thinks he’s 21. He is an engineer who gets along well with the younger members of the group. Saga was interested in the arts but ended up studying physics. He wants the audience to anticipate his vibes. He Is the second housemate. According to his Instagram bio, he is a fitness coach.

3. Yousef

Yousef is a Jos native. He’s self-assured, and he knows how to have a good time. Yousef is a Biracial and works as a teacher and model. He stated that he would be on the lookout for a soulmate.

4. Pere

Pere takes the fourth position on the new entry list. He is a fitness fanatic as well as an actor.
White money: he is the fifth housemate to be welcomed into the Big Brother Naija season 6 ShineYaeye.

5. Whitemoney

He’s an entrepreneur who imports and sells shoes. White money despises dishonest people. He’s bringing the heat and the entertainment.

He claims that he is the reason why people will be interested in watching the show. He’s in it to win it.

6. Niyi

Meet Niyi, the sixth housemate to enter the competition’s sixth season. He used to be a basketball player and is 6 feet 6 inches tall.

He is also a businessman who owns a firm that organizes events.

7. Yerins

Yerins is a 27-year-old native of Bayelsa state. He is a polymath and a medical doctor. Yerins is infusing the house with innovation, inventiveness, and drama.

He’s interested to see whatever aspects of himself appear on the show.

8. Jaypaul

Jaypaul, a native of Cross River, considers himself a certified entertainer who will undoubtedly give BBNaija a run for their money.

9. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a former Mr. Africa and a 24-year-old model and entrepreneur. He is a fan of fast automobiles and detests hatred. People should expect a little drama from him, he said. The young man is single.

10. Sammie

He is a Kaduna native pursuing a degree in Guidance and Counseling at ABU Zaria. In his spare time, he works as a filmmaker.

11. Cross

He is the last guy to enter into the Big Brother Naija season 6 ShineYaeye. Cross is adventurous and unpredictably creative. He enjoys going to clubs and dancing. In the house, he’ll be himself.

He claims that he wants to see a lot of drama. Cross hates wickedness. He is the owner of a fitness center and spa who claims to live by “the rule of love.”

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