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A Look at Michael Jordan Yacht

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Michael Jordan is a very popular man on the planet, and from playing basketball to his investments, his life is a dream for many.

Immediately after he left his NBA career, he joined the lucrative business industry and also became the first billionaire athlete in 2015.

According to Forbes, Jordan falls into the category of the top 5 rich celebrities.

And he started 2019 on a high note with an $80 million yacht off the coast of St. Barths. Though he didn’t purchase the yacht but rather rented it, it’s quite an expensive machine as it costs $840,000 per week to charter it and maintains his lifestyle.

The typical Jordan’s life includes sipping fresh margaritas and sniffing premium cigars while staring at the beautiful Cuban girls.

This yacht has all the luxuries you will need, including a dining room, full gym, cabins, deck Jacuzzi, and even a basketball court.

MJ’s yacht is an 80-foot Viking that has helped him win several marlin fishing tournaments in North Carolina and other states.

His bodyguard Dwayne Bacon was the first to leak the photos via a tweet during an annual holiday party. Looking at this yacht, it’s an embodiment of class and modern amenities when you look at its design.

Yacht Features

230 Feet Long

For starters, you could have considered the MJ to be a baby yacht if not for its size. And as you dock this ship into the Caymans Coast and enjoy the Mardi Gras Festival Party, you will know why it’s worth the bucks.

8 Cabins

This yacht also comes with many rooms compared to the average house of a middle-class family. You can host your family, colleagues, and friends during voyages, and you won’t encounter any inconveniences.

Big Rock Fishing Tournament

Also, Michael Jordan took his yacht to Moreland city, North Carolina, because he would participate in the Big Rock Fishing Tournament.

This tournament was MJ’s first, and it was meant to raise money for a local charity. It is called “Catch 23,” which was his jersey number in the field.

It is very detailed on the panther on the stern and along the side, and its graphics match those of his plans, making it easier to make the connection. Right?

And during the tournament, he carried a 442 lb. fish in his boat. And though he took the sixth spot, it was still a good try considering three days left in the tournament.

MJ is hunting gold, and the front runner “the Predator” from Hatteras, NC, is on the top with 492 lb. fish.

For those who have seen the Netflix documentary “The Last Dance,” MJ is very competitive in the sports cycles. He has had many wins, and his 21 tales of brutal games with his teammates speak volumes.

The Big Rock Fishing tournament will award $1.1 million to the winning boat, and there is $5 million for other contestants, and MJ will likely add more upgrades and customizations to his boat.

It is no secret that Michael Jordans is enjoying his retirement, and his fans are hoping he will participate in Space Jam 2.

But he seems to be more interested in fishing reels than movies, though, and he also has other big catches.

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