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7 Ideas to Make a Virtual Birthday Party More Interesting

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Colorful decorations, quirky birthday cakes, and cute inflatables to pop them later, birthday festivities are really fun and memorable.

However, in a period like this, when social distancing has become the new norm, individuals are trying out several virtual birthday ideas to make the party interesting.

We are, all things considered, a society that loves to spend time on the Internet. Presently it’s really crucial to stay at home and celebrate using the technological tools that we have at our disposal. 

Innovative Ideas To Make Virtual Birthday Party Interesting

Your BFFs don’t need to feel alone on their birthday when there are numerous ways to make them feel special. 

From tips on the most proficient ways to create a compelling Zoom party to fun and simple treats you can send your companions for their birthday, these virtual birthday ideas are here to assist you with bringing the celebrations online.

Plan A Zoom Party 

Gather your buddies and plan a Zoom party. It’s simple: First, pick a theme, pick a Zoom background (For a birthday, we recommend using photographs of your friend!), get your beverages ready, and have a good time celebrating the night from the solace of your lounge chair. 

Themes will get everybody in the vibe of celebrating. You can request everyone to wear their favorite shirt, dress in a particular style, wear clothes that resemble their favorite cartoon characters, or make their own party cap.

Since you’ll be seeing everybody on-screen (and the other way around), having a visual theme gives a “stylistic layout” to the party. 

All things considered, a birthday party is not complete without a cake. Remember about the birthday candles too. Remind your guests to have their own treats handy, so they can enjoy them along with the birthday boy or girl. 

Thanks to a plethora of multiplayer options on practically all computer games, you can have a good time playing video games with your buddies on birthday eve. 

Despite the fact that you can’t have a game night face to face, there are a lot of fun virtual games you can play with your friends. From playing Cards Against Humanity to make up your own virtual drinking games, there are endless ways to have a gaming session online. 

A ton of comics are going live on their Instagram to keep viewers engaged all around the globe. You can even stream hilarious stand-up shows of your beloved comedians on Netflix. 

Have A Celebrity Do A Birthday Shout-Out On Cameo

Does the birthday boy or girl have a celebrity or reality TV star they’re crazy about? Chances are, they’re on Cameo, a platform that allows you to do a customized shout-out for a little fee. 

Envision the expression on your friend’s face when they see their favorite star wishing them happy birthday. It’s a virtual gift they’ll never forget about, and you can send it from any place. 

Create A Video Montage Of All Your Favorite Moments 

If you have run out of creative ideas for your friend’s birthday celebration because of e-commerce platforms causing delivery delays, you can create a video montage using an online slideshow maker within just a matter of minutes.

You can dance, sing something, or put in a heartfelt narration in the video to make an emotional impact. Things like these are a definite way to bring happy tears! 

Mail An Attractive Gift 

Because you can’t be there for your buddy’s birthday in real life doesn’t mean you can’t send them a little treat! Utilize this occasion to give your friend a gift from a business you need to help during this time. 

Or then again, if your budget is tight at this moment, you can make a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) present they’ll cherish. It’s an opportunity to get innovative and creating something fun that your BFF can use when they are spending time at home. 

Have Friends Send In Videos 

Virtual Birthday

Ask all your friends to send in videos of them saying happy birthday with a cute little message for the birthday boy or girl. This is an incredible way to create a memory for your friend’s birthday that they’ll appreciate for years to come. 

You can ask them to use a new online video editor, that allows you to edit and merge the birthday wishes from multiple people effortlessly. Additionally, on the off chance that they’re home alone, it will remind them that someone is thinking about them. 

Host A Virtual Movie Night 

Gather your loved ones for a virtual birthday film night. You can all hop on a Zoom meeting and synchronize when you press play or try out the “Netflix Party” app to not worry about synchronization issues. 

Eat popcorn, put on pajamas, or dress as your favorite movie characters. You can also watch virtual tours of your beloved fictional worlds and film locations to get into the eclectic vibe.

Since you can’t take your companion out to their favorite caf for dinner, have it delivered to them. Not only will this fill in as a great treat for the birthday boy or girl stuck at home, but you can also immensely support local caf’s while you surprise your buddy. 

Start A Karaoke Party

Karaoke is a combination of the best things of everyday life: music, mingling, and making a fool of yourself with your companions. Just because you can’t go to a karaoke club right now, it doesn’t mean that the show is over. 

Utilizing video conferencing software like Zoom with YouTube, you can bring the party right to your computers. Choose a few melodies with lyrics on YouTube so that you can sing together.

Bonus: Virtual Throwback Party 

Host a virtual get-together with a theme revolving around whichever decade is closest to you and welcome your companions to groove to 80s music with you, ridicule 90s fashion, or drink retro milkshakes from the comfort of their homes while old-school music is playing in the background.


Keep up with your friends and family now that you have figured out how to plan a virtual party. Time spent together virtually can be as extraordinary and fun as a real-life party with these virtual party ideas and tips.

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