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Tecno Android Phone Problems and Solutions

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Tecno Mobile has recently provided thousands of customers with the most recent Android Smartphones that offer the best of features when it comes to technology.

Right now, even though thousands of customers are patronizing Tecno smartphones and other newer devices, we cannot deny that these more modern phones quickly develop issues no matter how expensive or how technologically-advanced they may be.

While this article is focused on the problems that are common with Tecno smartphones, you can find the content of this article helpful if you use other smartphones that are not Tecno products.

As you read further, you would find out that some of these issues can quickly be resolved in the comfort of your home instead of giving your phone to a phone repairer to have it fixed.

Common Tecno Android Phones problems and fixes

Now, we shall begin with the most widespread issues people have with smartphones before proceeding to complex issues.

Question 1: How to make your Tecno smartphone run faster?


1. Have your App Cache cleared (this takes only 30 seconds): Go to your phone Settings — Storage, then Cached data (You can also use a third-party app such as App Cache Cleaner)

2. Disable Animations ( this takes 60 seconds): Go to your phone Setting — Select About phone — Select Build number — Select Developer Options — Select Window animation scale– Select Animation to off — Click on Transition animation scale & Animation duration scale and change each of them to off

3. Disable Bloatware ( this can be done in 60 seconds): Go to your phone Setting — proceed to Applications Manager — (choose all the apps you want to get rid of)

4. Disable Lock Screen Animations ( This takes only 30 seconds): Go to phone Setting — select Lock screen — select Unlock effect — select None

Question 2: How to repair your phone if it dropped in water?


Take the following steps;

  1. Take your phone out of the water immediately.
  2. If the battery is removable, don’t press any button and take out the battery.
  3. Give the outside of the phone a thorough dry with a dry tissue or towel, never try to use a hairdryer to get rid of the water or baking your phone beside a stove.
  4. Fill a bag or a container with enough dry rice to cover your phone and bury the device in it, after two days you can turn it back on and see if it works.

Question 3: Has your device stopped charging well lately?

Answer: Remember to check inside the micro USB port and clean up the debris that maybe there, also clean the charging cable, and do not charge your phone near water or in very hot or humid conditions.

Question 4: My phone does not ring for an incoming call what should I do?


Try the following tips:

  1. Make sure that your phone is kept on and that there is good signal strength.
  2. On every smartphone, the signal strength is displayed by the signal indicators located on the left side of the phone’s screen. These signal indicators typically move up as the signal strength increases and go down as the signal strength decreases.
  3. To have your signal strength increased, try to move your phone slightly to find a spot with a better network, or move close to a window if you are making a call from inside a building.
  4. You need to check if the phone’s profile is set on Silent, Offline, Flight, or any other profile that makes ringing silenced, your phone will not ring.
  5. Change the phone profile to Normal or General as instructed in the phone’s user guide. Also, check the settings of your phone’s active profile, especially the Ringing tone, Ringing volume, and Ringing type.
  6. You can also try a different Ringing tone, for instance, a built-in tune, to rule out any possible corruption of your assigned ringing tone.
  7. Make sure that your call diverts is not activated. Check to be sure that a headset is not attached to your device. For some smartphone models, the phone ring will not come through the phone speaker when the headset is plugged in.
  8. Ensure that your device is running on the latest software.

Question 5: What exactly is an IMEI number of a mobile phone, and how can I get it?

Answer: The IMEI number of a phone is a 15 digit number that is unique to a smartphone that can assist you in tracking your mobile phone if you lose it. Just type in *#06# on your mobile phone, and your IMEI number will be displayed. Write it down in a safe place.

Question 7: How To Turn Off Auto-Correction?

Answer: Do you hate the fact that your smartphone is acting as an English teacher when you type? Turn off auto-correction immediately and take back control of your keypad when texting.

  • Go to Settings > Language & input.
  • Tap on the Settings icon next to the keyboard you use, e.g. TouchPal.
  • Search for Auto-correction and click on it.
  • Select Off to turn off auto-correction.

Question 8: How can I change my Default Apps in The Settings Menu?

Answer: If you have ever wanted to change your default web browser and other defaults, you can do so by navigating to Settings, then over to All, and tap on Clear Defaults.

Question 9: How Do I Fix the Problem of Syncing error

Answer: There are several steps you can take to solve problems with syncing. First, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection, and see to it that the service you want to sync with, such as Dropbox or Google, isn’t down.

Double-check to make sure your password is correct and try to sync again. Still having issues syncing? Remove the account from your phone and add it again.

Question 9: Some Quick solutions For Connectivity problems?

If you’re having issues connecting with Bluetooth, your cellular network, or Wi-Fi, all you have to do is enable flight mode for 30 seconds, then toggle it off and try doing a reconnection.

Sometimes, you can solve problems like this by simply toggling the particular connection. If you still have the challenge, try to set or repair your Bluetooth device or try reconnecting with your Wi-Fi network.

Question 10: My Phone Gets Hot, how do I fix it?

Phone overheating is one big problem that lots of Android phone users complain of. This problem is not only specific to Tecno phones, but phones such as Infinix, Itel, and even Samsung have this problem.

The primary concern in this issue is that something may be physically wrong with your device battery, and that thing is causing it to overheat. This would, in turn, make your battery drain fast or even make your phone start acting funny.

One of the easiest ways to have this problem solved is by taking the battery out of your phone and checking for a bulge. If you noticed a lump, then all you have to do is get a new battery.

However, if you use a phone with an in-built battery, it is best to take it to an authorized repairer to have it checked and fixed. You are advised to have your battery issues fixed before it causes further damage to your phone.

If you have checked and confirmed that your phone battery is good, the next thing you want to check is if your apps and phone are updated. Go to the more section of your phone settings and click on the device to find out if your phone is updated.

From the more section on your settings, proceed to software update and click on update. Once that is done, move to your app Play Store and update all your outdated apps. Your phone should stop overheating after these fixes.

Question 11: How do I Check For Android System Updates?

Answer: For Android users who are making use of stock ROM, you likely want to search for new updates to your system. This is how to check for updates:

  • Go to Settings > About phone.
  • Tap on System updates.
  • Click on Check now to look for system updates.

Question 12: How Do I Cut, Copy, and Paste on different apps?

Answer: This may look like a straightforward thing, but it can be very tricky when you try to use different applications. Generally, you can use these steps on your notepads, Email, or some other apps:

  1. Touch-and-hold or Double-tap to select a specific word.
  2. You can drag the handles to adjust the area if necessary, then tap Copy or Cut.
  3. Click on an insert point, then drag the handle to modify it if necessary.
  4. Select Paste

Question 13: How do you extend your battery performance?

1. If your device has an AMOLED screen, just like most Samsung phones, always use a dark-colored background, this is because AMOLED screens are designed only to illuminate the colored pixels. Because black pixels are unlit, automatically the darker pixels or, the more black pixels you have, the less battery will be needed to light them up.

2. Using a more colored app background or theme and a darker launcher theme will also prolong your battery life.

3. Do not use display auto-brightness. Auto-brightness may sound like a good idea, but it is usually a lot brighter than you really need. It is a lot better to set a super low brightness level manually that is still comfortable with your eyes and then just increase it when necessary.

4. For people who are used to having their phone vibrate, if you do not need that extra awareness, then there is no need to put your phone on vibration. In case you’re unaware, your phone uses more power to vibrate than it does to ring. It is also useful that you turn off haptic feedback if you want to save battery. It does feel good to use, but it drains your battery fast and adds nothing special to your experience.

5. Use only original batteries or opt for respected third party manufacturer batteries if you can’t find original batteries. Everyone wants to save a few bucks, but if you do so on a battery that will likely damage your smartphone, it is a wrong choice and will most likely deliver sub-standard battery performance.

6. Have your display screen timeout set to time as short as possible but still practical for you. Set it to a few seconds instead of 1 minute or longer. Your battery life is sure to be prolonged.

Question 14: How do I stop my phone from annoying me with notifications?

Answer: This is a pervasive issue that can be solved in a few steps:

1. When any of your unwanted notifications show up in your notification bar, all you have to do is long-press on the notification till a message box appears.

2. Click on App Info > Untick the Show Notifications option > click on OK.

Question 15: Why is my phone getting slower every day?

Answer: There are several ways to speed up your phone when it starts getting slow.

1. Do not use live wallpapers

It is very refreshing to have your wallpapers continually changing, but that is one of the fastest ways to have your phone work at snail speed look for a static wallpaper that accurately represents your personality

2. Get rid of some apps

One reason why your phone might be working slow is because of the number of apps you have installed on it. You should run through the applications you have on your phone and get rid of those you do not make use of often. It might be a little difficult because at that point, you may feel like all your applications are useful, but the easiest way to filter them is to decide which ones you occupy the most space and do the least work.

3. Turn off background applications

Sometimes, background applications may make your phone begin to run very slowly. What you can do is to turn off such applications when you’re not making use of them. That way, you can even save some memory on your phone.

4. Restore factory settings

Everybody wants their phone to look perfect and wants all the applications that make life easier and faster for them. However, because of many personalized settings, your phone speed may begin to decline. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is to restore factory settings.

5. Move your data to a backup computer

If you have lots of files, pictures, music, and videos on your phone, you may consider moving them to a backup computer. This will create space on your device and should make your phone work faster.

Question 16: Why are my downloaded apps missing?

There is a simple fix to the problem of missing applications, here it is:

Go to your phone, “Settings-Storage.” Click on the “Unmount SD card.” Once the phone is done with the unmounting process, tap on “Mount SD card.” After this process, you will find all your new apps reappear in the Menu~

Question 17: My phone does not pre-install the T-band application. How do I use the T-band bracelet with my phone?

Answer: You have to download the T-band application from your GooglePlay or PalmPlay app stores. Kindly search for “T-band,” then you will be able to download and use it.

Question 18: Can all of the TECNO Android phones make use of T-band’s all function?

Answer: The simple answer is no. TECNO smartphones that come with Android 6.0 or 7.0 can enjoy all T-band functions. However, Android 5.x devices cannot use the remote control camera function.

Question 19: Why doesn’t my eyeball unlock work?

Answer: If you are wondering why you can’t use your eyeball to unlock your techno phone, then you should note the following basics:

  1. When you record eyeprint for the first time, be sure not to wear any glasses;
  2. When unlocked, see to it that holding the box on the screen is blue;
  3. When you are scanning the eye, keep your Tecno phone steady;

Question 20: Why do I always fail whenever I do a super screenshot?


  1. You may not be doing anything wrong. The interface which you are trying to snap must support a super screenshot for it to work.
  2. Glide your screen from the top, then choose Screenshot,
  3. Choose the super shot icon, once the screen-roll for a bit, tap the screen to stop the roll, then you will see the super screen picture you want.

Question 21: Why do I always fail whenever I try to set a split-screen mode?

Answer: This is because not every application can support the split-screen mode. If the app does supports the split-screen mode, whenever you tap on the multitask button, it would automatically translate from the Square; you are used to doing a double rectangle.

To get the split-screen mode, you have to click the double rectangle or simply drag the application to the top.

Question 22: I feel the metal body of my Techno phone is scalding! And I am afraid the phone will get damaged.

Answer: Pay attention to the feeling of the human body under different temperature:

  • Below 35ºC: feels normal
  • 35-37ºC: feels a little hot
  • 37-40ºC: feels very hot
  • Hotter than 40ºC: feel scalding
  • But a bulk of the electronic components can endure a bit more than 90ºC, so don’t bother about overheat.
  • If you think that your phone is too hot, we strongly suggest that you launch Hi-Manager, and then optimize memory. Once part of the background app is terminated, the temperature will get lower.

Question 23: The metal body is scorching!

Metal conduct heat more efficiently than plastic, so any smartphone that has a metal body is not as prone to overheating, crashes, and other phone failures like plastic ones.

If you live in West Africa, it is very possible that your phone will get hotter than when you are in other regions of the world that are cooler. West Africa is known for its warm temperatures, which can get to a crazy high sometimes.

Question 24: I do not like Tecno phones with a metal body. I prefer phones, the ones with a plastic shell.

The advantages of the metal body:

  1. Because of the high strength of metal, the metal body of smartphones have more tensile, compression, and kink strength; and the mobile phones they protect have a longer life.
  2. Because of the high hardness of a phone’s metal body, it can resist as many scratch & grazing as possible than other phones.
  3. When compared to the general plastic shell that looks sleek, the metal material body can also upgrade the style of your phone.

Question 25: Why do I always fail when I want to do a fast capture by double-clicking the volume key?

Answer: This is because you can only realize this function when the screen of your phone is extinct. If your phone screen is alight, do not expect anything to happen when you double click the volume- key.

Question 26: Why do I always fail when I try to take photos by fingerprint?

If you want to take pictures by fingerprint, make sure to switch on the function and proceed to launch the camera, then put your finger on the phone’s fingerprint sense for a short while.

Question 27: Why does the Tecno L9 series not support 4G LTE?

Answer: 1. The techno L9 Series strongly supports 3.9G technology. The speed is really closed to 4G, and you will enjoy using it. If you play videos with an L9 series, it will be run smoothly like you use LTE phones.

2. Africa has more 3G network coverage that it has a 4G network, therefore if you always find yourself under the 3G network, you will enjoy more power saving, and your phone will last longer.

Question 28: How do I set wink emoticon on my techno phone?

Answer: Go to your phone Settings —> Tap on About Phone —> Quickly click on Android Version for a few times ( This is suitable for all types of Android Phones)

Question 29: How do I identify if my techno phone is Genuine?

Answer: Go to Play Store and Download [QR Code] application, [Scan] Scan the QR code printed on the battery of your phone. Click on [Open in Browse]. You will see the identification result immediately.

This is an up to date list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers that you can find on the official Tecno FAQ Page. However, if your problem isn’t on this list, you can post it in the comments section and will find your answers.

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