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Outlook Keeps Crashing in Windows 10? – Quick Way to Fix It

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Is your Microsoft Outlook still crashing on windows 10? or Business contact manager for outlook is crashes when opening. Are you facing weird popups like: “Outlook not responding“, “Stopped working“?


Don’t have to take worry cause I got the solution. Here is the way to fix this problem.

Before we go ahead, here is some little brief about Business Contact Manager (BCM) for outlook and how the outlook is crashed in windows?

Short Brief:

Business Contact Manager is a very important customer relationship management CRM ) tool for small based businesses. However, it is the small business, BCM for outlook is very large scale base for them.

Because they are using outlook to improve their company by selling, marketing and customer services as well. Therefore, the outlook is very useful and very important.

But sometimes, it gets crashed  in any windows OS and, After upgrading to windows 10, Outlook keeps crashing when opening.

Why does Outlook Crash?

There are many reason to crash outlook. But, here is the main reason. Microsoft Outlook is connected with .Net framework and it’s updates and features.

To run outlook properly, you will have to install .Net framework. In windows vista, XP, 7 and 8, .Net framework is automatic downloads while installing windows. But It may crash in windows 10.

Because windows 10 does not install .Net framework. It downloaded and install separately. The team of Microsoft have been working on that query and finding the solution to fix outlook crashes.


How to Fix If your Outlook keeps crashing?

First, general troubleshooting step is that don’t start to analyze to your outlook if outlook starts crashing. It may be in technical issues that are stopping to start outlook mailbox.

Many major problems can be solved by very easy deduction. If you aware about some IT related subject you will definitely find the solutions.

Using a bit of logic, you will find that basically Outlook works in Outlook Safe Mode, that means the issue is caused by add-in and corrupt dat-file. You might don’t know what is the actual problem.

For Fix that, Do some activity. Click here to correct add-in, Click Here to repair corrupt dat-file. If it is already changed as per the solution, don’t do anything.

If your Outlook keeps crashing again then go ahead to the next solution.

Another solution can be found here.

As we talked about .Net framework, It is important for the outlook. The guys, who are using Business contact manager(BCM) for outlook, they can use this technique to stop crashing outlook. But who do not use BCM and even who are use outlook normally, they can also use this solution.

As I mentioned above, .Net framework installed with windows 7, 8. Sometimes it does not work properly just because it gets updates. So we have to update or reinstall. We will see that process.

The Process to Reinstall. Net Framework

Follow these steps to uninstall, then reinstall Microsoft Chart Controls for latest Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click install/uninstall program.
  • From the list of programs, select Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Click Uninstall and remove it totally.
  • Now Reinstall .Net framework.
  • Click the link below to download .Net framework from Microsoft website.



This is the whole thing to the solution of outlook which gets crash. If you are still facing problems like that feel free to say and comment me and reach out to facebook and twitter.


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