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7 Easy Online Methods for DStv Subscription

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Have you been in search for a faster and more convenient way to pay your DStv cable bill? We are here to help you that as there are so many ways to get this done online.

As you must have guessed, the easiest way to get your DStv bills paid online is via the DStv Easy Service. This service is one that allows you to not only pay your cable bills but also that of anyone else.

The good part is that you do not have to be in Nigeria to use this service, so if you are outside the country you can easily renew your DStv subscription on the go. If you do not know how this service works, here’s a chance to know all about it. Just read further.

DStv is one of the oldest satellite TV service that operates in Sub-Saharan African. They began operations back in 1995 and have managed to stay relevant till present.

DStv not only provides Nigerians with the best of entertainment in terms of offering a wide range of television channels, they also have created jobs for hundreds of Africans.

Most of the channels on DStv are for entertainment which means they offer the best of music, movies, sports, documentaries, and news. With more than 8 million subscribers in Africa, there is no stopping the growth and reach of the services they provide.

Most of DStv subscribers are South Africans and Nigerians, but they have mobile apps and internet platforms that alloy you watch all your favorite channels from almost anywhere in the world.

For most people who do not know how to go about paying for DStv services online, the option they opt for is visiting any Multichoice Africa branch.

However, with the tips below, you need no more than five minutes to get your bills paid and have your cable service up and running. Simply choose the best and most suitable option for you from the list below.

Of course, you must have guessed that the first option of paying your DStv bills is by simply visiting the official DStv website and following the available steps.

The following steps should be useful:

  • First, on your device, visit the DStv website.
  • Next, proceed to select the country where you reside and input the specific Smart card number of your decoder and Click on VERIFY.
  • After this step, what you have to do next is to simply check the payment summary page by clicking on the option of VIEW BALANCE AND PAY. What you should see next is the amount of money you are required to pay for your subscription.
  • Click on the PAY button. Immediately you click on the button, The Payment Subscription page then appears with your DStv account information.
  • Select the eTranzact option of payment and BankIT and then enter proceed to enter your bank account number.
  • After that, you should get a generated 6-digit password on your device which you are expected to fill in. After you fill it in, proceed to click on submit.
  • Then the final step requires you to dial *389*00# on the phone number that is connected with the Bank account you are paying with and receive the unique OTP code.
  • Enter the OTP code in the appropriate blank space and then click PAY.
  • After this step, the payment response you get should state that your payment transaction is successfully completed.

1. PAGA e-Pay

There are many online payment platforms that have become very popular these days. PAGA e-Pay platform is one of the easiest online platforms to use.

It can be used to send and receive money, as well as pay your DStv subscription. Wonder how you can do this? follow these steps.

  • The first step requires that you go visit the official page of PAGA e-Pay eazy.dstv.com and then log in.
  • Once you log in successfully, you should see a list of different online payment methods that are available for use in your country of resistance.
  • Proceed to select Paga e-Pay and then continue by following the displayed instructions.

2. Global Pay

If you would rather make your online payments using GlobalPAY, then you may consider using it also for paying your DStv subscription.

  • The first step requires you to create an account by visiting eazy.dstv.com and then you must log in your account.
  • Then the next step, you will need to switch to the PAY page on the website and simply choose GlobalPAY.
  • After you have done that, you must fill in the information required to complete your payment. The information includes your First and Last Names. Also, you will have to enter both your Customer ID and your Smartcard numbers, then your e-mail address and also your cell phone number.
  • Only after completing the previous steps will you be forwarded to complete your DStv payment on GlobalPAY.com.
  • After that, you will be directed to the GlobalPAY website, and that is where you will have to select your Card Type, and fill in your ATM Card Number before you finally click on the “Pay” button.

Once your cable payment has been successfully completed, you will then be shown your account info on the DStv Eazy website.

3. PayU platform

If you are one of the many people who use a MasterCard or VISA card for online payments, then it is only fair that you consider using thePayU platform for your DStv subscriptions.

The steps are easy just follow the instructions below:

  • The first thing you have to do is visit the eazy.dstv.com/pay website.
  • Once that is done, you will be needed to type in all the information of the credit card you want to use, such as the cardholder’s number, the credit card number, the CVV number which is usually at the back of the card, and also expiry date.

After that, your payment transaction will be successfully completed.

4. Quickteller

If you need a more common and easy to use payment option for your subscription, then you may need to consider QuickTeller.

This is one of the online platforms that is easy to navigate and also connected with the integrated billing system. Let’s take a quick look at how QuickTeller works:

  • To begin with QuickTeller for DStv payment, you must first switch your decoder status from connected to disconnected.
  • Next step is to visit www.quickteller.com/dstv, then log in and select the option of DStv.
  • After that, is done, you need to type in your e-mail address, your mobile phone, and your smartcard number.
  • Next step is to Click on NEXT. Type in your name, as it is written on the DStv subscription and then confirm your smartcard number. Then you must click on PAY and choose the type of debit card you want to make payment with (MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve card).
  • Fill in your debit card details – your debit card number, the card expiry date and also the 4-digit PIN of your ATM card.
  • The final step after you have clicked the PAY button, the subscription purchase will be completed successfully, and you will get access to all the DStv services.

5. eTranzact

Another very simple payment option to make purchases and even do your DStv subscription is to use the eTranzact system. With this payment method, you can pay for your cable subscription directly from your account using any device.

6. Eazy Money

Nowadays, to pay for items online using the mobile wallet called Eazy Money has become one of the many options people use.

For your DStv subscription payment, it is pretty easy via this platform. How can you get this done? very easy.

  • As with every other online payment platform we have explored, first, you have to visit the eazy.dstv.com/pay website on your laptop or mobile phone.
  • Then you can fill in your phone number and your Eazy money PIN number.
  • After you have filled in the required details, follow the instruction that appear to proceed and further complete your subscription payment.

Other available Methods to pay for your DStv subscription online

7. Payarena

With the Payarena platform now available, all DStv subscribers have the liberty to make subscription payments using their gadgets online or simply by visiting the nearest POS or mobile money stand and ATMs.

However, because people usually want to save time, the online payment method is the most used. If you are considering paying your cable bill online via Payarena, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit www.payarena.com
  • Look out for the “DStv” logo and click it.
  • Select your desired DStv bouquet, type in your smartcard number, your email address and proceed to submit the information in a single click.
  • After that, you have to choose your desired payment option (Visa, Verve, or Mastercard) and then fill in the required card details.
  • The last step you have to take to complete your transaction is to input the authentication code, like your Pin for Visa card or your Securecode for Mastercard users.
  • After this step, your payment is successful if you have enough funds in your account.

These are only a few online payment methods. You can also make use of Your bank mobile application or your bank short code for DStv payment.

Leave a comment below if you have questions or you want to contribute.

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