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Why Choose Offshore Web Development Company in India Over a Freelancer?

When businesses decide to look for an offshore the project to India, they had a mixed experience. 72% of the businesses who outsourced the project to India were satisfied with the project delivery.


However, out of remaining 28% failures, 87% approached a freelancer and 13% approached a professional offshore development company in India.

In a survey where CEOs and Senior Managers were interviewed, they mentioned a few factors they consider while outsourcing the project to India.

  • 56% consider service reliability for outsourcing
  • 43% decide over the cost factor
  • 40% discuss and go with the trust
  • 35% go with the partner who understands their business segment
  • 27% look for company size and past record of working on a similar project
  • 11% prefer a company that can communicate in a common language
  • 10% look for a company’s global presence

Let’s dive in deep to differentiate working with a freelancer and experienced offshore web development company in India.


Scalability & Reliability

Reliability of the service can be put into different buckets such as ideation to deployment, deadlines, sprints, technological strengths, etc.

Offshore Development Company

An offshore development company is well-versed with the development cycle. They follow a process that starts with the sprints, wireframes, demo URLs, and at last, the deployment and support.


It is quite challenging for a freelancer to follow the process and give attention to the minute details as one person is doing all the work. They often prefer not to sign a contract. There are cases where businesses faced communication challenges.


Development Cost

Cost is one of the prime factors for which the businesses outsource the project to India as they save a considerable cost.

Offshore Development Company

Although the cost of the project is less in India, you will find a freelancer less expensive than a professional company.

The cost of hiring an offshore web development company in India is a little higher than the freelancer as it involves the cost of different subject matter experts and the infrastructure.

Cost involves the time and material cost of resources such as project manager, designer, developer, network engineer, etc. However, you get the optimum quality end product.


Since one person is handling all the tasks from design to development, the cost of a freelancer is less. Also, freelancers don’t need an office or infrastructure to work as they mostly manage from home.

Business/Industry Understanding

When businesses plan to offshore the project to India, one of the factors in the evaluation is understanding of the business model or industry.

Offshore Development Company

Agencies work for different industries day-in-day-out. They need to be on the toes when it comes to industry knowledge and trends. Thus, it becomes easy for an agency to understand the requirements.


Individual freelancer might find it difficult to understand your business model as they didn?t get the time to stay with the trend.


It is important for your offshore partner to add value to the product.

Offshore Development Company

Since, different subject matter expertise are involved, you can expect innovative ideas and optimized solutions.


It becomes a challenge for the freelancer to generate new ideas or innovation as he has to work on a huge scope individually within the timelines.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is one of the important factors, especially when you are outsourcing a web application or an eCommerce website.

Offshore Development Company

Almost all the companies while outsourcing the large projects prefer an offshore web development company in India over the freelancer for better maintenance and timely upgrades for avoiding the risks in the project management.

Offshore web development company in India holds the advantage of having:

  • A high-quality project management system
  • A proven process for developing websites and applications
  • Technical skills to redesign or migrate the project from one environment to another
  • Strong project analysis to evaluate the version upgrades and risks in project development.
  • Reliable support throughout the project
  • Experienced SEO team for SEO-Optimized websites


You cannot be sure that a freelancer can prove his expertise in every department. He might be an expert in technical skills but might lack in business aspects. As a result, risk mitigation becomes a concern.

Legal guarantees

You project is important for you and so should be for your outsourcing partner. Thus, signing a legal contract for each project or for a long term association is important.

Offshore Development Company

Every professional offshore web development company in India will always sign a legal document/ contract before starting a project. The contract will reflect all the details of your scope, milestones, payments, process, etc.


Freelancers often avoid to getting into a contract mainly because most of them work part-time and find it challenging to deliver the work in time.


If you are looking for something that will provide you with the highest amount of satisfaction, hire an offshore development company in India.

If you have a project to offshore and discuss, let’s team up to accomplish the project!

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Sachin Patil is the CEO of Aarna Systems. He is a senior digital marketing and MarTech Consultant with 17+ years of experience specializing in leveraging digital marketing techniques. His passion is to research on latest technologies in web design, e-commerce, online marketing & provide value-added solutions to solve real business challenges. Sachin has worked with many SMEs in India, the USA, Europe, UK & Australia. He provided solutions to wide range of industry verticals like automobile, aerospace, elevator to retail, crowdfunding & social networking. LinkedIn



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